what is best for health?

Capsule coffee has overtaken ground coffee. “Knowing all the same that coffee beans are also more and more appreciated. But without a doubt, it is coffee in capsules that wins the vote”, explains Patricia Chairopoulos, journalist at 60 million consumers. “The big winner is Nespressoafter, behind, there are the soft pods Senseo for example, and … Read more

5 foods to take care of your liver

Organ essential to the balance of the metabolism, our liver stores nutrients and transforms toxic substances that circulate in our body, as reminded Health passport. These functions make it an important component of our digestion and the activity of our body. Keeping your liver healthy is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Too rich a … Read more

symptoms, treatment, test… What are the differences with Covid?

Covid-19, bronchiolitis, flu… Epidemics are numerous this winter. Good news as the New Year approaches, the peak of Covid would now be behind us. At least that’s what Brigitte Autran, the president of the Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks (Covars), says, invited this Tuesday, December 27 on RMC. However, according to him, the … Read more

what explains the fall in gas and electricity prices in France

The end-of-year celebrations come with good news on the energy side: the prices of gas and electricity on the French wholesale market are down sharply. The price of electricity was almost halved in the month of December alone, reaching 288 euros per megawatt hour. Gas prices have also almost halved. Behind these unprecedented drops, bringing … Read more

Apple, Sony, JBL, Jabra… Which headphones to offer from 25 euros?

Popularized by Apple and the first AirPods six years ago, wireless headphones have enjoyed phenomenal success in recent years. More discreet and practical than wired headphones, they have won over a wide audience thanks to their ease of use, their comfort of use and their sound quality which has improved over the years to become … Read more

new pass of arms between the deputy and the host

Saturday November 26, Louis Boyard handed over a coin in the clash opposing him to Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the latter had announced in his program Do not touch My TVthat the Alain Chabat’s new late-showbroadcast on TF1 the week after the World Cup match, cost 500,000 euros per episodeof which 100,000 were dedicated to guests. … Read more

pleasantly surprised, some French supporters denounce a “Qatar bashing”

No respite for our Blues who will play Saturday at 5 p.m. against Denmark. In the meantime, the supporters who have come to Qatar take advantage of it and are surprised. They had been predicted an overpriced Arabian Peninsula and poor reception conditions, but they are pleasantly surprised. Some supporters do not hesitate to shout … Read more

6 p.m. news – A study shows the extent of “invisible” sexual violence

A large survey was conducted by the Ministry of the Interior on sexual violence. 120,000 people were interviewed, and the results show that the facts are still rarely reported. Among those surveyed, 92% of victims of sexual assault within their family before the age of 15 never stated the facts to the police or the … Read more