Jennifer Steffens, director of RTVC, mentioned in the Córdoba file

Jennifer Steffens will be appointed manager of RTVC. This was confirmed by the former senator gustavo bolivar, after Darcy Quinn first told it on La FM. Steffens is a renowned Colombian actress who has stood out for her performances in soap operas and television productions for several decades. She and she recently directed a documentary … Read more

File manager “Operation Center” now also for ARM processors

Austria – The well-known file manager “Operation Center” is now also available as a variant for ARM64 processors. Anyone who owns a device with such a processor and the Windows 11 operating system can now run the software natively. The regular version of “Operation Center” is optimized for classic x64/x86 processors. Thanks to an emulation … Read more

Windows 11 File Explorer will have a new design, and the new UI is simply prepared for Microsoft 365

Microsoft has previously launched a new tab file manager in Windows 11, which is one of the major improvements to the basic application design of the system for a long time. According to the latest news from Windows Central, Microsoft also intends to make more UI improvements to Windows 11’s file manager, which is intended … Read more

An attempted coup against the Lebanese investigation into the safety file

Al-Akhbar wrote: The mission of the European judicial delegation (France, Germany and Luxembourg) should be considered to follow up on the file accusing the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and his partners of embezzlement and money laundering. The European delegation justified its mission with international agreements that allow it to request aid … Read more

Microsoft secretly returned to Windows 11 the old file system – the “killer” NTFS, which everyone had long forgotten about

<!– Евгений Черкесов –> 23 January 2023 14:2423 Jan 2023 14:24 | Share Microsoft has introduced support for its new ReFS file system in Windows 11, designed to destroy the popular NTFS, which was created by the same Microsoft together with IBM. ReFS is in many ways better than its predecessor, but it has not … Read more

Al-Ahly puts the final frills on the foreign striker’s deal, after closing the “Molica” file

put club officials Al-Ahly Currently, the final frills are on the deal for the new foreign striker, who will be contracted within the next few days, as Al-Ahly coach Marcel Kohler, the Swiss coach, approved one of the foreigners who were nominated for the team in order to support the attack in the coming period. … Read more

Fayyad to Al-Jumhuriya: The ministerial committee to follow up on the electricity file does not need a cabinet meeting, as some have claimed

The Minister of Energy and Water in the caretaker government, Walid Fayyad, saw that the most important thing that happened in the cabinet meeting was the signing of a decision to give the Ministry of Energy the full required advance, i.e. $300 million, which was documented in a letter he sent on January 13 to … Read more

new things are coming in File Explorer

Windows 11 may get another File Explorer refresh soon. This is, of course, good news, although surprising due to how consistently this topic was previously ignored and how long it took Microsoft to implement cards that were talked about in various ways shortly after the release of Windows 10. On refreshed File Explorer items in … Read more

The repercussions of Noun’s arrest reopen the file of the port explosion and deepen the division of the judiciary

The case of the arrest of activist William Noun ended with his release yesterday afternoon after his arrest for more than 24 hours pending investigation, and the popular movements and positions that accompanied this arrest, which indicates that the issue of the Beirut port explosion has returned strongly to the forefront politically and popularly.. A … Read more