Jordi Martín defended himself before a judge after a lawsuit filed by Piqué and Clara Chía

people The couple commented that Martín has done many reports on them and taken too many photographs. The meeting was behind closed doors. 8/6/2023 Documenting the life of former soccer player Gerard Piqué with his girlfriend Clara Chía, like that of the Barranquilla star Shakira, is part of the work that Jordi Martín carries out. … Read more

Constant sexual harassment, coercion: Actress Samyukta has filed an allegation against the actor

Entertainment desk June 2, 2023 The separation between television stars Vishnu Kanth and Samyukta has led to huge controversies. This marriage lasted only 15 days. Actress Samyukta’s revelation that it was a love marriage but she experienced great torture in her married life led to discussions. But now Vishnukanth alleged that the problems started when … Read more

After a judicial marathon.. Al-Nasr Club loses a case it filed against a journalist

AL-Nasser club ) Al-Nasr Club lost a case in favor of a media person, after a lawsuit that lasted for a while. The journalist, Ahmed Al-Fuhaid, announced that the Appeal Committee for Publications, Publishing, and Audiovisual Media had dismissed Al-Nasr Club’s lawsuit in the case filed against him, after he was accused of publishing false … Read more

MA Secretary Hasbi Hasan Filed a Pretrial Lawsuit Regarding the Determination of a Suspect by the KPK

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Secretary to the Supreme Court (MA) Hasby Hasan filed a pretrial lawsuit at the South Jakarta District Court (PN) regarding his designation as a suspect by KPK. Based on data from the South Jakarta District Court Case Tracing Information System, Hasbi’s lawsuit was filed on Friday May 26 and registered with case … Read more

New explosion at the Keyser company in Courcelles and new complaint filed with the Department of Police and Controls (DPC)

“The explosion was violent. We felt the explosion in the neighboring buildings and also saw a column of smoke escaping at the level of the company. As usual, Keyser does not respect the local residents and does not respond to the members of the Committee”, protests José Piquin, member of the support committee of the … Read more

I filed a whistleblower and the reward was 370 billion won… Greatest ever: Seoul Economic Daily

Reuters reported on the 5th (local time) that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) paid a record $279 million (approximately 368 billion won) to a whistleblower who helped in the investigation. The bounty is 2.4 times the previous highest amount of $114 million paid in October 2020. The SEC did not say in which … Read more

“There is a real admission of weakness and authority in the refusals” (video)

******* ** *** ** ************** ******* ** ******** ** ********* ********** ******* ** ** ** ************* ** ************ ************** ************ ************* ***** ***** ************** ****** ** ** ********** ** ******** ** ********** *** ** ******* *** ********** ********* ******** **** ** ***** *** *** **** ******* ** ***** *** ***** ******* ***** **************** ******** ***** … Read more

45 lawsuits filed during COVID: his scheme to fill his pockets backfires

A man who got kicked out of public places by refusing to wear a mask filed 45 lawsuits during the pandemic, hoping to line his pockets. Rather, he saw his scheme backfire. ” Obviously, [Gino] Rouleau thought he had found a way to easily obtain money by abusively invoking a still unknown medical condition in … Read more

The Estonian Prosecutor’s Office filed charges in the Danske Bank money laundering case

The Estonian Prosecutor’s Office announced on Monday that it has filed charges against six people for participating in money laundering through the Estonian branch of Danske Bank. According to the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office, the indictment states that these six persons in the years 2007-2015 in the Estonian branch of “Danske Bank” jointly … Read more