Gunfire broke out, Moro Muslim Militia massacred Filipino soldiers

Thursday, 10 November 2022 – 13:26 WIB VIVA – Armed Forces Filipina (AFP) was involved in a shootout with Muslim militia from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan Province, since Wednesday 9 November 2022. In this incident, seven people were declared dead. In the quoted report VIVA Military from ABC NewsPrior … Read more

“The fifth quarter”: who was behind “Žalgiris” in Belgrade, the lost million and betting on the Filipino

In the “Fifth Quarter” show this week, manager. editor Edgaras Pulkovskis, portal journalist Tautvydas Kubilius and TV3 sports news face Vilius Stalgaitis discussed the current events of the week. The first part of the show talked about the defeat of “Žalgiris” Kaunas in Belgrade against “Partizan” – the good things were singled out and … Read more

Religion of Filipino Citizens and Percentage

loading… Catholics hold mass at a church in Manila, Philippines. Photos/REUTERS MANILA – The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is famous and a tourist destination. The Worldometers page says, the Philippines has a population of up to 112 million as of July 2022. Meanwhile, the average population is around 25.7 … Read more

Park Mi-kyung “Filipino home? Italian-American husband for work” (Along with the Gods 3)

Park Mi-kyung “Filipino home? Italian-American husband for work” (Along with the Gods 3) 2022-05-14 09:46:34 [뉴스엔 송오정 기자] Singer Park Mi-kyung answered a question about her husband answered. Singers Park Mi-kyung, So Chan-hwi, and Kim Hyeon-jeong appeared on Channel S ‘Along with the Gods Season 3’, which was broadcast on May 13. Seong Si-kyung said, … Read more

USA: “Nochebuena” – Christmas traditions of Latin American and Filipino Americans

As Jordan Mendoza writes in an article on this subject in “USA Today” – “December 23, while in the average American family, Christmas Eve means primarily giving gifts, especially to children, for Latin American and Filipino Americans, who share a strong Catholic tradition, Christmas Eve it is a very important family gathering, which you simply … Read more

Sad young Filipino actor Missed the opportunity to play “Ali” in Squid Game.

Filipino actor Carlo Aquino is another person wholost opportunityimportant to abstain from participating inseriesthat is becoming a global trend In which he posted a picture of the director’s handwritten message card. Hwang Dong Hyuk looking forward to working with him with the belief that the role that he will receive is to be a part … Read more

Famous Filipino boxer Pacquiao is finishing, concentrating on the presidential election

Famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao announced the end of his career at the age of 42. The former professional champion, who was the only one to win championships in eight different weight categories, is a senator in his country and intends to run in the presidential election next year. His last match in the ring … Read more