why the film based on “Matchmakers” will not find fans

18 January 2022 10:00 Domestic cinema already has a sad experience of transferring the series to the big screens. There have long been rumors on the Web that the producers of the series “Matchmakers” plan to please the public with a full-length film with their favorite characters. It would seem that the idea sounds advantageous, … Read more

Ancient life, a possible explanation for Curiosity’s latest find

Was there life on Mars? 1:39 (CNN) — In the search for life beyond Earth, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been on a nearly decade-long mission to determine whether Mars was ever habitable for living organisms. A new analysis of sediment samples collected by the rover revealed the presence of carbon, and the possible existence of … Read more

Rangnick:Pogba is very motivated even to find a good next home – yqqlm

Original title: Rangnick: Pogba is very motivated even if it is to find a good next home Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba’s contract expires this summer, and Manchester United manager Rangnick has said that Pogba will not be blocked even if he does not renew his contract. Pogba is motivated to prove himself and will … Read more

Kansas Astronomers Find Water Vapor in Another Planet’s Atmosphere

LIMAPAGI – University of Kansas astronomers detected the presence of water vapor in the atmosphere of an exoplanet the size of Neptune. The exoplanet is 150 light years from Earth. “This planet is a little bigger than Neptune, but very different. So the question is how did this planet form and get to where it … Read more

Yannick, miraculous after being hit by a fleeing driver in Beauraing, is desperately looking for his dog: “I’m offering 500 euros to the person who will allow me to find Smoky”

The driver reversed and fled. Shocked, the walker’s dog disappeared. Dutch tracking dogs are looking for him. Monday evening, Yannick Houbion walks his dog Smoky, a two-year-old Amstaff cross he adopted with his girlfriend. “It was black. We were on a narrow country road, in a village in Beauraing. I heard a car coming at … Read more

Find out the price of the 2022 Lexus NX in Saudi Arabia during its launch at the Autoville Carnival in Riyadh

Find out the price of the 2022 Lexus NX in Saudi Arabia during its launch at the Autoville Carnival in Riyadh Lexus officially launched its flagship NX 2022 SUV, during its attendance at the Saudi International Autoville Exhibition, a completely new generation model with a luxurious and innovative design that emulates the best in luxury … Read more

Oppo Find N, the most dangerous rival for Samsung’s folding mobile

The Oppo Find N is the first folding mobile bet that fights you against the Samsung Galaxy z Fold with options to win For Juan Castromil @castromil Oppo has broken the tranquility of the market with its Find N folding mobile. A mobile that undoubtedly reminds the Samsung Galaxy Fold but that can be an … Read more

Johar Baru Sub-District Head Surprised to Find Many Mosquito Larvae in Pemulung Settlement

Photo: Inspection of mosquito larvae in Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta. (ist) Jakarta, HanTer – Anticipating the breeding of the Aedes aegypti mosquito that causes Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), Tanah Tinggi residents are asked to actively work to eradicate mosquito nests (PSN) Johar Baru Sub-District Head, Nurhelmi Safitri, who leads PSN in RW 09 Tanah Tinggi, … Read more