Find a Stone Containing Gold Worth IDR 3.6 Billion, Sudden Rich Amateur Digger

VICTORIA, – An Australian man with a simple metal detector got an unexpected surprise, he found a stone weighing 4.6kg and containing gold worth 240,000 US dollars (Rp 3.6 billion). The man, who wished to remain anonymous, made the find in the Victorian gold fields – which were at the heart of Australia’s gold … Read more

The most popular vegetable of the year: find out what it is and try an incredibly delicious recipe | Business

Vitamin bouquets at home Eating radishes is really worth it and should be done as often as possible. This is what Rolandas Vestartas, the manager of Rolandas daržovės store located in the largest outlet in Northern Europe – Vilnius Outlet – says. According to him, radishes are especially rich in useful fibers, vitamins and minerals. … Read more

Find out about the automotive anniversaries of 2023 in our quiz. Škoda, Trabant or Ferrari are celebrating the anniversary

Can you correctly guess the age of these birthday boys this year? 1. Let’s start with the Italian beauty. The tiny Alfa Romeo 4C was the brand’s first modern car after it decided to return to its sporty roots. She even produced a light driving toy from extremely expensive carbon, and it is still the … Read more

Chinese Scientists Find 297.6 Billion Tons of Water on the Moon

Illustration of water on the moon. Photo: Special JAKARTA – Scientists from China discovered small glass grains on the moon, where water is located. The droplets can store as much as 270 trillion kilograms (297.6 billion tonnes) of water. According to The Space Academy, the new findings are based on samples brought back from China’s … Read more

Luxembourg: find out which municipalities will keep, turn off or limit public lighting (video)

Following the energy crisis that we have been facing for several months, the operator ORES had proposed to its associated municipalities to limit the electricity consumption of public lighting. The measure consisted in purely and simply turning off street lighting between midnight and 5 am. On the other hand, lighting was provided between sunset and … Read more

Hungarian demolition of the Polish champion? We’ll find out in a few days

There is still no information about the future of Industria Kielce. On Wednesday, the players were informed about the club’s current situation. The real bomb, however, came from Hungary. Local media write that coach Talant Dujshebaev and six players may move to Picku Szeged. As we’ve found out, it’s true. The Polish champion has gigantic … Read more

Verviers: the Kiddy Chouette nursery closes, 49 children find themselves without a reception environment

Kiddy Chouette, like all the crèches and other reception centers in the region, is however much needed. There is a severe shortage of places:we made phone calls last night, nothing but refusals“, explains Sophie, Clémentine’s mother, desperate ” we both work, we have no solution; Besides, the project here is awesome. They do lots of … Read more

“Valheim” Xbox is updated synchronously to spread the disaster situation. Players go online and find that their homes are forced to become world wonders | 4Gamers

Although the Viking adventure is very fun, for many players, “Valheim” (Valheim) is basically a real building game, but if you go online one day and find that the home you built with your hard work is forced to What’s more, it may not feel good, this situation happened in the recent Xbox revision update. … Read more

Alejandra Baigorria boasts the exclusive toilet that her bathroom will have: “It is very difficult to find”

Alejandra Baigorria He is preparing all the details to move to the Miraflores apartment that he bought with Said Palao. In a recent interview, the “Gamarra blonde” told details of how her “love nest” would look and she surprised by talking about the luxury bathroom that she hopes to have. “There is a detail that … Read more