Barcelona does not find buyers for luxury apartments of more than 2 million

25/11/2020 13:56 – Updated: 11/25/2020 4:34 PM The strict limitations on mobility caused by the coronavirus are beginning to have a direct impact on the luxury residential market in Barcelona. The real estate supply with prices above 2 million euros does not find a buyer among the national demand. This has been confirmed by the … Read more

all the offers you will find

Black Friday floods the stores this week and of course, Operators also sign up for this party. It is true that in many brands the offers never end, almost always focused on offering several months of their different rates at discounted prices, but on Black Friday they go up one notch more. There are many … Read more

The vehicle product finder – everyone can find their own individual offer here

When it comes to mobility, you can rely on the products of the R + V insurance group. With the brands R + V, KRAVAG and Condor, a high level of industry expertise is guaranteed for your private and corporate customers. From motorcycles to cars and trucks to fleet business – with the vehicle product … Read more

What pokémon is that! They find strange creature in the sea: VIDEO

Despite the fact that man is exploring the universe and its stars, he still has many things to discover in the Earth. Although many species are classified on the blue planet, the truth is that there are still animals to be known. This time a man identified as Lawrence Scheele managed to capture a mysterious … Read more

Pokémon GO dataminers find news on the way to Mr. Mime, Christmas and more – Nintenderos

The dataminers of Pokémon GO They continue to dive through the game code to bring us the news that is on the way and has not yet been officially announced. They have recently come up with some interesting findings. In the game code, they found the following data: A new application icon is now available … Read more

FIND OUT IN PHOTOS | The stars reveal the compatibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

FIND OUT IN PHOTOS | The stars reveal the compatibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The physical is not everything in this relationship, it goes beyond the visible. Like his mother, Lady Di, the prince harry He has always been a “rebel” of royalty, but everything went further when he fell in love with … Read more

Where to find Druddigon on the island of armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield – Nintenderos

Drudigon was one of the dragon Pokémon introduced in the 5th generation of the video games of the saga with the editions black and white. Furthermore, it was also one of the many creatures that were left out of the Pokédex of Sword and shield. However, this was included in the first part of the … Read more

Overwatch users who play less popular roles will find games faster

One of the main drawbacks that online games often experience is waiting times before finding a game. Since Hearthstone until Call of Duty: Warzone, there is no multiplayer genre that is exempt from this dynamic, so the developers do everything possible to reduce the duration of these intervals. For its part, Overwatch is no stranger … Read more