“Huge advantage” for Munich: penguins drive the bus – the opponent flies

Stand date: March 18, 2023. Authors: Karsten Lübben and Niko Schleicher Bild: Imago | Eibner Money also plays an important role in the playoffs. While the people of Bremerhaven travel to Bavaria by bus, the people of Munich always get on the plane in comfort. “Ooh, how is that beautiful!” chanted Fischtown Pinguins fans as … Read more

The bird refuses to leave its rescuer. She also flies after his motorcycle

Thirty-year-old Mohammed Arif works as a combine harvester and about a year ago he found an injured crane while working in the field. “He was bleeding profusely and you could see he was in a lot of pain,” Mohammed described their first encounter. He did not hesitate for a moment and took the bird home, … Read more

A drone flies over the Martian mountains. NASA showed the video

Astronomy Thursday, March 16 (8:28 pm) An American drone flies over the Martian mountains /NASA /press materials The first-ever drone on Mars called Ingenuity is spectacularly successful. During its 47th flight, the rover photographed it in the background with mountains. NASA astronomers are delighted with the achievements and capabilities of this small flying device. Drone … Read more

Brain Surgery of Flies, Scientists Find Similarities to How AI Works

Flies. ©2013 Merdeka.com Reporter: Merdeka Merdeka.com – Scientists have uncovered the first detailed description of the fly’s brain. The results of this study indicate that the fly brain has similarities with artificial intelligence (AI) networks. This discovery is a major advance for the field of neuroscience. This study managed to provide a complete picture of … Read more

Antonov, the world’s largest plane, flies again thanks to Microsoft

A year has already passed since the famous An-225 model was destroyed. And while work is being done on his recovery, Antonov, the world’s largest plane, has already begun to fly again, thanks to Microsoft and its simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator. On February 27, 2023, new content was made available to X-Box users that allows … Read more

Strong gusts in Liège: part of the roof of a nursery flies away in Waremme

Part of the roof of a crèche blew off on Friday afternoon in Waremme, in the province of Liège, said the Hesbaye rescue zone. The waremmiens firefighters were called to intervene, Friday shortly before 2 p.m., in a crèche on rue du Rêwe. Due to the strong gusts of wind that blew over the Hesbignon … Read more

US flies nuclear-capable bomber near North Korea

The United States carried out military maneuvers this Monday, March 6, with a B-52H strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear bombs. This exercise was done in conjunction with the South Korean Armed Forces. The South Korean Ministry of Defense was in charge of delivering information on these maneuvers, carried out in the Yellow Sea, in … Read more

After a third attempt, NASA’s Crew-6 mission successfully lifted off and flies to the International Space Station

The crew will stay on the International Space Station for about six months, during which time they will carry out more than 200 scientific experiments in microgravity and maintenance tasks. The mission Crew-6 from NASA took off early this Thursday from Cape Canaveral (USA) heading to the International Space Station (EEI), on board one nave … Read more

Europe starts the week on the right foot, Unicredit flies to Milan

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The European stock exchanges they start the week on the right foot, shrugging off the fears related to US inflation and monetary policy tightening that had pushed stock prices down last week. The indices, which had already risen sharply right from … Read more

Plane flies from Dubai to New Zealand but lands again in Dubai 13 hours later | Abroad

Halfway through the journey, the pilot had to turn around over the ocean. The plane had been underway for more than seven hours when it was told that it could not land in Auckland, New Zealand. Due to the extreme storm, which has been plaguing the northern island for days, the airport was closed. All … Read more