Humberto Tan: ‘My role in Holland’s Got Talent is similar to that of a flight attendant’ | NOW

For Humberto Tan, it was natural that he would say yes to presenting a second season of Holland’s Got Talent. Ali B is also very enthusiastic about his role as a jury member. In a conversation with, they tell more about the new season of the talent show. “When you fly, you hope that … Read more

Follow the evolution of hurricanes thanks to a video game? It’s possible with Flight Simulator

Twitter @Berduu Microsoft’s new game, Flight Simulator, is a little nugget. It allows you to travel around the world aboard the plane of your choice and even … track down real hurricanes. Flight Simulator is the new nugget created by Microsoft. You can fly over the whole world aboard an airplane and admire the planet … Read more

Flight from Bayern Munich: The mystery of Qatar Airways’ missed opportunity

After the Champions League victory, FC Bayern Munich flew with Lufthansa instead of with sponsor Qatar Airways. How it came about. A winner was actually certain from the start. Qatar Airways is sponsoring both clubs that faced each other in the final of the Champions League on Sunday evening in the Estádio da Luz in … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator versus real images with a drone

Everything that surrounds lately Microsoft Flight Simulator amazes. And is that Microsoft’s new flight simulator includes, among other things, 317 million square kilometers of land and water, two million cities and towns, and more than 40,000 airports. A successful mix of AI satellite images that produce amazing photorealistic graphics of the Earth. They tell Microsoft … Read more

Bars will be able to sell liquor from September 1

As of September 1, the mayors may request pilot plans for bars with liquor, as announced by the Vice Minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios. In an interview with Blu Radio, Palacios assured that the “philosophy of this decree, which is individual distancing and selective distancing, establishes a general opening with a few exceptions. In … Read more

Etihad: Up to six months unpaid leave for flight attendants

ETIHAD: UP TO SIX MONTHS OF LEAVE WITHOUT PAY FOR AIRCRAFT STAFF DUBAI (Reuters) – Etihad Airways to ask its flight attendants to take up to six months of unpaid leave from September to try to contain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shows an internal note that Reuters has could consult. The Abu Dhabi … Read more

Book your flight to Spain yesterday, fly this morning and then … code orange

Wait as long as possible to book your holiday to Spain, eventually book a plane ticket on Sunday afternoon, sit on the plane this morning and be told this afternoon that the country will receive an orange travel advice. It sounds like a bad movie, but it happened to the Dutch Kirsten. Kirsten landed in … Read more

Jordan Haj finally spoke about his wife’s flight: “It’s an insidious intervention from the outside!”

“How has it affected us? That false external information can’t really affect reality,” Jordan Haj shocked in his words on CNN Prima News Showtime! Without thinking, he defended his partner Emmy Smetana and questioned even the existing photographs, saying that it was an insidious intervention against him and his family! “The moment it would affect … Read more