This Is What the Flight Attendant Rest Room Looks Like on an Airplane, Like a Coffin?

Jakarta – There are so many flight attendants on board. There will be more if on a large plane that serves long-distance flights. Then, is there a comfortable place for them to rest? The answer is there. Launch CNN, Sunday (19/3/2023), crew rest areas are in all aircraft. But whether the rest area is adequate … Read more

Airline flight attendant caught carrying 10kg of drugs in a tube of toothpaste

▲ Photos of drugs found in toothpaste tubes: Yonhap News Female flight attendants of Vietnam’s state-owned airline have been arrested and arrested for smuggling drugs. VN Express, a Vietnamese media outlet, reported that Ho Chi Minh City police arrested four female flight attendants on board Vietnam Airlines flight VN10 departing from Paris at Tan Son … Read more

The passenger asked to change seats, but the flight attendant got into an argument

Jakarta – SkyWest Airlines conducted an investigation because of a fight between fellow flight attendants and it went viral. The argument started when passengers wanted to change seats. reported NBC News, Saturday (18/3/2023) the bickering dragged on and caused the take off to be delayed. The fight also made one of the flight attendants cry … Read more

The dollar is falling apart. took flight

The dollar/TL, which saw the lowest 18.7925 and the highest 19.2213 yesterday, completed the day at 19,0014, just above the previous close. Dollar/TL is traded at 19,0050 after starting the new day flat. Euro/TL is sold at 20,2740 with an increase of 0.5 percent, and at 23,1320 with an increase of 0.4 percent. While the … Read more

Perseverance records the takeoff of Ingenuity on its 47th flight on Mars

Ingenuity takes off on its flight 47 on Mars – NASA/JPL-CALTECH/ASU/MSSS MADRID, 16 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) – NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has been recorded by one of the cameras of the Perseverance rover at the starting point of its Flight number 47 in the Jezero crater of the Red Planet. This video It shows … Read more

Ryanair presents flight schedule from Klagenfurt

All in all, Ryanair is offering three exciting destinations, including two new connections to Alicante and Mallorca and an extension of the existing winter route to London Stansted. Ryanair’s summer 2023 flight schedule for Klagenfurt offers: 3 routes incl. 3 new summer routes to Alicante, London & Mallorca 14 weekly flights 131,000 passengers to/from Klagenfurt … Read more

a Ryanair stewardess sells lottery tickets on a Madrid-Tangier flight

In the video posted by user @nataliamorenoyoga on TikTok, the Irish airline’s hostess is seen breaking all established codes and selling lottery tickets to passengers on board, without any discretion. To try to convince them, she did not hesitate to make an adaptation of the song by Bizarrap and Shakira, reports ok diary. To read: … Read more

Will “Žalgiris” make it to the EuroLeague playoff flight?

Passenger check-in, boarding and boarding for the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague playoff flight will end exactly one month from now, on April 14, when the final round of the regular season is played. And the aircraft itself for the flight to the Final Four, which will take place in mid-May in Kaunas, will take off on … Read more

the next repatriation flight for Burkinabe nationals set for March 14

AA / Tunis / Hajer Cherni The Embassy of Burkina Faso in Tunis called on its nationals residing in Tunisia and who wish to return to their country, to go to the premises of the Embassy. This is what emerges from a press release published on Sunday by the Burkinabè embassy, ​​indicating that “those registered … Read more

The flight was delayed for 1 hour and the passenger asked to “drive faster” and the ending was revealed…Arrived 20 minutes earlier | International | CTWANT

Some people in China want the plane to go faster because of the flight delay. (Picture / flip from Weibo) this is okay too? There is a man surnamed Zhao in China. Recently, he took a Shandong Airlines flight and wanted to transfer to Jinan. Because the flight was delayed for one hour, he was … Read more