PDIP Thinks It’s Funny The Deputy Governor Talks of DKI Not Flooding for Days: Go to the Field!

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria claimed there were no puddles or flood that happened for days in Jakarta. The chairman of the PDIP faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Gembong Warsono, asked Riza Patria to start going to the field and monitoring the floods. “Tell the Deputy Governor to come down … Read more

on the contrary, they make it possible to “slow down the water” during flooding, according to the DNF

Stupor in Esneux this Saturday, November 13 after the discovery of the corpse of a beaver nailed to a panel next to a placard where the manager says the animal “caused deaths with the floods.” The Department of Nature and Forests (DNF) does not deny that the beavers, whose numbers have greatly increased, can cause … Read more

La Nina threatens Indonesia, potentially causes flooding and ‘threats food security’

Incandescent Award BBC News Indonesia November 1, 2021, 08:51 WIB Image source, Francisco Carolio/Antarafoto Caption, Some areas are already flooded due to increased rainfall as La Nina begins. For example, in the city of Medan, heavy rains since Saturday caused the Deli River to overflow, submerging residential areas with water levels reaching 1-1.5 meters. The … Read more

Heavy flooding hits the east coast of the United States

Heavy flooding hit the east coast of the United States on Friday, especially the coastal areas around the capital Washington and Baltimore. The region is undergoing what could be “one of the biggest tidal floods in the past 10-20 years“, warned the American meteorological services (NWS), adding that in some places, the damage could be … Read more

It’s been raining for hours, the deputy governor of DKI claims that Jakarta is free from flooding, even though it’s the other way around

Suara.com – DKI area Jakarta is raining from Wednesday (27/10/2021) afternoon to evening. Nevertheless, the mainland of the capital is claimed to be safe from harm flood. It is said Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria. He admitted that he had not received any reports of inundation or flooding. “Alhamdulillah, even though it … Read more

Severe weather in Northern California, danger of flooding and mudslides

“There have been several collisions with cars skidding, falling trees and flooding,” Oroville Police said on Twitter. “If you can stay home today, then do so. If you’re on the road anyway, be extremely careful.” Also south of San Francisco, people are advised to leave if the authorities recommend it. Residents of the San Francisco … Read more

German woman who was missing after flooding washed ashore in Rotterdam

The body of a German woman who had been missing since the floods this summer washed up in Rotterdam a few weeks ago. The Rotterdam police confirm this after reports in German media. The remains of the woman of more than 60 years from Bad Neuenahr probably ended up in the Rhine via the river … Read more

Perseverance rover finds evidence of ancient flooding on Mars, researchers say

The Perseverance rover, which spent months traveling to Mars, could hardly have landed in a more interesting location. Jezero Crater – a chunk of dry, windswept Martian rock where the rover landed in February – It was once a lake bed fed by an ancient river with floods so powerful they could move rocks, scientists … Read more

Severe weather report: Eupen dam is not to blame for flooding in Wallonia. “Without it, the havoc would have been even worse” | Inland

“The managers of the Eupen reservoir cannot be blamed for the devastating floods in Wallonia last summer,” reports a team of independent researchers. Walloon Climate Minister Philippe Henry (Ecolo) started the investigation after many questions were received from affected local residents. NDBG Oct 11 2021 Latest update: 11-10-21, 19:29 Source: Belgian The dam managers were … Read more

“It would have been even worse without the dam”: striking research

© BELGA “Without the Eupen dam, the situation would have been even more disastrous.” That is the conclusion of an independent investigation that was conducted after the deadly floods in Wallonia last summer. Remarkable, because it was the management of that dam that had raised many questions among the affected local residents. Michael Temmerman Monday, … Read more