Effect of environment on gut flora and antibiotic resistance genes

The gut microbiome is a storehouse for both pathogenic bacteria and genes responsible for making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Paul Stege (UMC Utrecht) discovered this during his PhD research. By analyzing the composition of the microbiome of healthy Dutch people on different diets, Stege determined that vegans had a microbiome composition that differed slightly from … Read more

The intestinal flora as storage for super bacteria

The gut microbiome is a storehouse for both pathogenic bacteria and genes responsible for making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This finding is important because it provides more insight into the development of antibiotic resistance. Paul Stege carried out this project and he obtained his PhD on 9 November 2022 at Utrecht University. The intestinal tract … Read more

A Date Tree from the Time of Jesus Successfully Revived

Jakarta – An extinct date palm, whose ancestors existed and thrived at the time of Jesus was still alive, has been revived through a biotechnology engineering. Scientists grew a tree from a 2,000-year-old seed found by Israeli archaeologists at Masada, an ancient fortress located in southern Israel. Called Methuselah, after Noah’s grandfather, the oldest man … Read more

She is Flora, the first Colombian digital ‘influencer’ created with Artificial Intelligence – FayerWayer

“Nothing like a day in the park and a good book to raise our grade.” This was the message of the first post of Flora on Instagram, which is defined as the first Colombian digital ‘influencer’ created with Artificial intelligence. What is this novelty about? Behind Flora stands Juan Camilo Rodriguez, of Dirty Kitchen and … Read more

Sweeteners affect both your blood sugar and gut flora

Sweeteners, which you e.g. you get from soft drinks and other sweetened drinks, changes both the intestinal flora and affects the blood sugar levels in us humans. A new high-quality study (randomized control study) shows that consumption of the sweeteners apartam, stevia, sucralose and saccharin can both change the intestinal flora in people and affect … Read more

Irene kicks Flora out of the ranch, says she’s going to cancel the contract to sell the mansion, but finds out that she no longer owns it: “it can’t be!”

(Photo: Reproduction) Em to favorite, Irene (Glória Menezes) will be deceived and will end up losing the ranch to Flora (Patricia Pillar). In the next chapters, the villain will have raised 500 million dollars with the merger between the Fontini Group and the bankrupt American company WPaper and will expel the Fontini family from the … Read more

Show off the flora and fauna for a chance to get an in-game reward!

Summer is over, but nature’s miracles never end! Express your creativity and become a source of inspiration for other players by showing the fauna and flora in the Fortnite Nature Contest. The rules are simple: create any island in Fortnite with the theme of ” fauna and Flora (i.e. animals and plants). We’ll see what … Read more

How sweeteners mess up your gut flora and metabolism – Wel.nl

Sugar substitutes are popular and found in many foods. But whether they are really “healthier” and help you lose weight was already questionable. Scientists are now also presenting evidence that consumption can alter gut flora and metabolism. Research is sometimes hard work. The scientists around Eran Elinav of the Israeli Weizmann Institute wanted to know … Read more

Higher risk of death after kidney or liver transplant with abnormal intestinal flora

The composition of the gut microbiota of patients undergoing kidney or liver transplantation differs greatly from their gut microbiota before transplantation and that of the general population. The microbiome is less diverse and this difference is associated with a higher risk of death. Researchers from the UMCG write this in their article that appeared in … Read more

Risk of death after organ transplantation associated with abnormal gut flora

This is apparent from a large, long-term study by researchers from the UMCG The gut flora (also called microbiome) of patients who have had a kidney or liver transplant is less diverse after transplantation than in the general population. This change in gut microbiota is associated with poorer health status and a greater risk of … Read more