THE GREAT SCAM | They sold “cloned” subscriptions to see Sky, Dazn, Netflix. Clan in handcuffs. Kidnappings and suspects also in Perugia

A pool of 900 thousand customers – many loyal others instead occasional -, a turnover quantified in 10 million euros, a criminal structure divided into 5 cities in the South, with Catania as the main center and from where the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza started. A rich and growing business: spreading cloned and … Read more

Electricity and gas scams, over 3 million victims, damage of 505 million – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 25 – There are about 3.1 million Italians who in the last 12 months have suffered a scam in the field of electricity and gas, with an estimated overall economic damage of over 505 million euros (average damage equal to 162 euros per defrauded). This is the result of a survey … Read more

The paradox of sanctions: Trade continues to flourish, but the Germans pay the Russians more for less goods

Germany, like the rest of the European Union, advocated for restrictions on the import of Russian goods after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the rise in the prices of gas and other fuels or energy raw materials caused this effort to be largely wasted, Reuters wrote with reference to the Federal … Read more

Maxi EU fraud, Veronafiere and the Italian Wine Union – Veneto investigated

Gdf Milano carries out seizure of 2 million. Investigation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (ANSA) – MILAN, SEPTEMBER 16 – The Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Gdf of Milan has carried out a seizure for over 2 million euros for an alleged fraud against the European Union as part of an investigation … Read more

ITALY RIDES THE WAVE! Bruni, Taddeucci, Paltrinieri and Acerenza close with a flourish and are tinged with gold in the relay race in open water!

The Italian national team riding the wave of success. This is theItalfondo which concluded the European review of open water in the stormy sea of ​​Ostia with 3 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. The last gold came from the mixed relay where Rachele Bruni, Ginevra Taddeucci, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Domenico Acerenza they made a … Read more

Listen to TV | Monday 9 May 2022. Nero a Magno closes with a flourish (24.8% – 4.8 million), Isola 18.8% (2.5 million). Made in Sud does not improve (5.5%). Men and Women 2.9 million (28.5%)

Half Black Yesterday evening, Monday 9 May 2022, the last episode of the fiction was on Rai1 Half Black it thrilled 4,780,000 spectators equal to 24.8% (first episode: 4,983,000 – 23.4%, second episode: 4,587,000 – 26.4%). On Canale 5 – from 9.47pm to 1.26am – The Island of the Famous 16 it collected 2,528,000 viewers … Read more

From “Inventing Anna” to “Norbourg”, these crooks who flourish on the screen

By their audacity, their manipulation and their lack of scruples, scammers fascinate us as much as they repel us. A detail that did not escape the cinema studios and digital platforms, who multiply the stories of scam inspired by very real stories, from here and elsewhere. Overview of a successful phenomenon. Who does not remember … Read more

Tao Wen: Taiwanese stocks must operate in the Year of the Tiger “seven ups and eight downs”, and the housing market will continue to flourish until 2024 | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stocks News

Taiwan stocks opened higher and lowered in the first week of 2022. Not only did they fall below the 18,200 mark today (7), they also fell below the low of last year’s closing day. Looking ahead to the stock market in the Year of the Tiger, Tao Wen, an expert in managing finance, said that … Read more

Verstappen sees Albon flourish without pressure at Williams

Next season Alexander Albon will return to the starting grid in Formula 1, this time outside the Red Bull family: the Anglo-Thai benefits from the promotion of his compatriot George Russell at Mercedes to grab his seat at Williams, despite the reluctance of Toto Wolff (Mercedes AMG F1 manager) given the fact that Albon is … Read more