ArgenCarne moves to Patagonia and focuses on the traceability and sustainability of livestock

28ofSeptemberof2022at09:26 The CRA initiative that brings together the meat chain will take place in Patagonia. A new edition of ArgenCarne will take place from November 18 to 20 in Viedma, Río Negro and will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. with free admission. There will be three days with specialists, producers and referents … Read more

the chain focuses on motorways and airports –

Autogrill model for Eataly. The food & catering chain, after the entry of Investindustrial, the investment company of Andrea Bonomi which on 21 September announced the acquisition of 52% of the group founded by Oscar Farinetti, adjusts the format to continue expansion in Italy . Without giving up traditional shops, in our country (but also … Read more

Grupo Angelini puts up for sale its last mining asset in Chile and focuses on Peru

At the time, copper mining was seen by Empresas Copec as the area where they had to diversify in Chile: after forestry, fishing, ports and energy, copper seemed the obvious path. But they looked, they bought, and now they’re out. Since this year, Empresas Copec, through its mining subsidiary Alxar, decided to put its emblematic … Read more

Letta focuses on the expansion of compulsory education and green – Politics

To participate in the Chamber’s work on the Aid bis decree, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni put the electoral campaign on standby for a few hours. But they did not stop the clash in view of the vote, at least on social media. “I tell Giorgia Meloni: being a woman is not enough to make … Read more

How the brain focuses on what’s on its mind

Working memory, that practical ability to consciously hold and manipulate new information in mind, takes work. In particular, participating neurons in the prefrontal cortex must work together synchronously to focus our thoughts, whether we’re remembering a set of instructions or tonight’s menu items. A new study by researchers based at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning … Read more

A study reveals the impact of video games and focuses on Xbox players

designed Video games It is easy to get caught up in the moment when you lose a level or not win at the highest numbers, to the point that a recent study revealed that nearly 56.3% of regular players experience outbursts of intense, uncontrollable anger all at once. least a week. According to the British … Read more

How long will the chip crisis last for the CEO of STMicro, which focuses on Italy

Listen to the audio version of the article After a quarterly report, the latest, which beat analysts’ estimates with 3.84 billion in revenues, it is time for STMicroelectronics to look forward. For example, the recent partnership with GlobalFoundries. Or the new plant that is being built in Brianza. Jean-Marc Chery, who is President & CEO … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope Focuses On Exoplanet Atmosphere

The James Webb telescope is said to be looking for gems on earth. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PASADENA — Astronomers will be hoping for cloudy skies when Space Telescope James Webb (JWST or Webb) turns his attention to the atmosphere exoplanet which is loaded with rocks and crystals that evaporate like corundum and perovskite, which make up the … Read more

PSSI Confirms Shin Tae-yong Returns to Indonesia This Month, Focuses on the Senior Indonesian National Team or U-19? : Okezone Ball

CHIEF General PSSIMochamad Iriawan, ensure Shin Tae-yong will return to Indonesia in the middle of this month, namely August 2022. Now the question is, upon arrival in Indonesia, Shin Tae-yong focuses on handling Indonesian National team which one, senior or junior? Previously, Shin Tae-yong had left Indonesia for more than two weeks to spend the … Read more