In three parts: this is how the screen of future Samsung phones will fold

A representation of the folding screen model based on the patent registered by Samsung Display, which appeals to the accordion-like design, which had already been previously presented by the Chinese firm TCL Samsung is working on a new foldable mobile device that instead of having a book format, like the ones already launched with the … Read more

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 arrives on the market but … Know the “but” here!

Some time ago We met the Samsung Z Galaxy Fold and we uncovered it. Overall he left a high bar, demonstrating the resilience and diligence of the company in solving initial manufacturing-related problems and bringing the product to market as promised. At first sight We found the Galaxy Fold attractive, made with construction materials that … Read more

Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera, according to ETNews

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a few months of being presented, and even less of having arrived in Mexico, but there is already talk of its successor and, according to the most recent report from South Korea, will take a big leap in the evolution of smartphones.

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Juventus vs Barcelona | Champions League: Matheus is back in the Barcelona fold

Juventus vs Barcelona | Champions League Fit to face Juventus Matheus Fernandes. FCB Matheus Fernandes has been declared fit to play for Barcelona in their Champions League meeting with Juventus on Wednesday. The Brazilian is yet to make his debut for the Blaugrana having joined up with the first team squad in the summer. The … Read more

The Xiaomi folding mobile that most resembles the Galaxy Z Fold

444 In the mobile industry it is very common to find similar smartphones, especially when one of them is very successful and that is what Xiaomi must have thought. One of the latest patents registered by the Chinese manufacturer leaves no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has served as inspiration for the Xiaomi folding … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, price and availability in Spain

The new generation of folding is now official: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has seen all its characteristics revealed after the brand presented it at the event of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It is powerful, it comes loaded with charisma, with dizzying features and at a cost that also causes dizziness.

Following the concept of the telephone, Samsung has presented its Z Fold 2 in two parts: the first during the Note 20 event, the second in the form of a separate release that he just released today, September 1. The new mobile aspires to continue the manufacturer’s path of innovation while fixes problems found in the first version. And it is already on its way to the Spanish stores: prepare your pocket if you plan to acquire the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first folding cell phone, already in Colombia: price | Innovation

The world’s first commercial folding cell phone arrives in pre-sale to Colombia. It is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which will be available from this January 15 in the main distribution channels of the company from $ 8,499,900. (Lea: This is the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s folding screen cell phone) The device has a flexible 7.3-inch Infinity … Read more