Commemorating 10 Years of Steve Jobs’ Departure, This is the Footprint He Left

MALANG TERKINI – Steven Paul Jobs is known as one of the founders of the most prestigious gadget products, Apple. After seven years of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, finally Steve Jobs succumbed to his illness and died on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56 years. Steve Jobs born on February 24, 1955 … Read more

Denise Pipitone, Maria Angioni “More leaks” / And the yellow of the footprint …

One of the key characters in the story relating to disappearance of Denise Pipitone And Maria Angioni, former prosecutor who first investigated the case. Speaking to Fourth Degree, exposed his suspicions: “Immediately after she was interrogated, the news of the interrogation came out. When immediate judgment was asked, it was known immediately. So there are … Read more

Oldest human footprint in North America found in New Mexico

Ancient “ghost trails” were found in the southwestern United States and have a significant impact on human history in North America. Scientists have found footprints dating back nearly 23,000 years in New Mexico’s White Sands National Park, providing evidence that humans have lived on the continent longer than previously demonstrated. A study begins by following … Read more

Standard Chartered expands its footprint in Africa and beyond

World renowned financial institution, Standard Chartered recently took a new strategic step by joining the Board of Directors of Global Digital Finance (GDF). It is an alliance of ‘companies working collaboratively to raise the standards of custody, settlement and brokerage in the crypto and digital asset landscape. Thanks to GDF, the banking group completed its … Read more

The best photos from conquering the universe: This is how billionaires compete for a footprint in the sky

Billionaire Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic overtook nine days in the battle for a manned space flight of Amazon founder and Blue Origin company Jeff Bezos. The two billionaires have been told that they are not competing with each other, but the short pause between the two years speaks for itself. Bezos’s Blue … Read more

Do we need space trips? Billionaires should reduce their carbon footprint

Suborbital flights will not be for everyone. The article continues under the video ad HOUSTON. They could compete to protect the planet from climate change or help tackle poverty. Instead, billionaires are arguing over who will start selling tickets for sightseeing flights to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere to the rich. The richest man … Read more

Bitcoin transaction leaves a huge carbon footprint

Photo: Bitcoins increase the amount of greenhouse gases The main reason for this impact is transaction authentication, during which miners must solve a mathematical equation It was found that one Bitcoin transaction leaves a huge carbon footprint that exceeds 100 thousand hours of YouTube viewing. This became clear from the Digiconomist Bitcoin Energy Index, … Read more

Hidden object! You have 15 seconds to find the only wolf footprint among the #sfidevisive dog footprints

The wolf and dog footprints look a lot alike and it is not easy to distinguish them. In this visual challenge only one footprint is of a wolf and you need to locate it in less than 15 seconds. Almost impossible challenge! For you too? Hidden object, set the stopwatch and test your skills, without … Read more

They discover in the genome of modern humans the footprint of an enigmatic archaic ancestor ›Mundo› Granma

Some humans carry genes from an unknown “super archaic” hominin, whose genome has never been sequenced from remains. This is the conclusion reached by a team of American geneticists and computer scientists who have studied gene flow between different populations of modern man and their ancestors, reported RT. A new algorithm, which the researchers describe … Read more