The Swedish parliament votes on the country’s accession to NATO

“Membership in NATO is the best way to guarantee Sweden’s security and contribute in solidarity to the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic space,” Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström told parliament in a debate before the vote. Among the NATO countries, only Turkey and Hungary have not approved the requests of Finland and Sweden to join … Read more

Scientists are trying to find answers to why the diagnosis of bowel cancer is increasing so much in young people

Nikki Lawson suffered the biggest blow of her life at just 35 years old. A couple of years ago, she noticed discomfort in the digestive tract, occasionally blood appeared during a visit to the toilet. The doctors diagnosed a stomach ulcer. The young woman changed her menu, eliminating red meat from it and including more … Read more

The return of Russian deported children to Ukraine should be an international priority, says Kalniņa-Lukaševica

The member of the Speaker of the Saeima welcomed the arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court for Vladimir Putin of Russia and “children’s legal guardian” Maria Lvova-Belova for the deportation of Ukrainian children. “We must cooperate so that the children deported from Ukraine return to their homeland as soon as possible to their … Read more

The World Athletics Federation bans trans women from participating in women’s competitions

Based on this decision, transgender people who were men at the age of puberty will not be able to participate in the competition, although there are currently no such athletes in the highest level competitions. Also, new rules have been adopted regarding the differences in sexual development, which currently affect 13 track and field athletes, … Read more

The Latvian tells about the deals of the Putin family, in which she herself participated

Two villas linked to Putin in Biarritz, southwestern France. One of them is in the possession of the dictator’s ex-wife Ludmila Ocheretnaya, the official owner is her current husband Artur Ocheretny. In December 2013, half a year after the official announcement of the divorce of the Putin couple, a 5.3 million euro villa in Anglet, … Read more

Lukashenko: weapons intended for “terrorists” were found

Belarusian security services shot dead a foreign citizen in Grodno near the Polish border on Sunday, who Minsk claims was planning a terrorist attack. The security service announced that the “terrorist” was killed in the shooting. Belarusian television, controlled by the Lukashenko regime, reports that a fake Russian passport was found near the body. “The … Read more

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has revealed a great architectural secret

During the restoration works of the cathedral, the former architectural innovations were revealed, which allowed the building to become the tallest cathedral of its era in the 12th century – at that time it reached a height of approximately 32 meters. This height, it turns out, was largely achieved thanks to the use of iron … Read more

Israeli Prime Minister suspends bill against conversion to Christianity

The proposed bill has sparked outrage among evangelical Christians, who are among the strongest and most influential supporters of Israel in the United States. The bill was proposed in January by several ultra-orthodox Jewish members of the Knesset (parliament), including the head of the parliament’s Finance Committee, Moshe Gafni. It says that an attempt to … Read more

Nick Cannon had pictures of his future wife, Mariah Carey, on his wall when he was a teenager

Father-of-12 Nick Cannon describes his ex-wife as a ‘gift from God’ and the ‘greatest’ love of his life – despite the couple ending their relationship in 2014 and officially divorcing two years later. Nick Cannon admitted that he already had photos of the legendary singer on his wall at the age of 12. Singer Mariah … Read more

A confrontation between US bombers and a Russian fighter over the Baltic Sea

Monday’s confrontation over the Baltic Sea follows a diplomatic row last week when a US drone crashed into the Black Sea. It is known to have been damaged by two Russian Su-27 fighter jets. It was the first known direct military contact between Russia and the United States since Russia invaded Ukraine last February. Russian … Read more