VIDEO: HIMARS brought to Liepāja finally fires

The US Embassy in Latvia has published a video showing the systems in action. It has already been announced that the HIMARS high-mobility missile artillery system will be demonstrated at Spilve airfield and Liepāja airport at the same time on Monday. Based on the training request of the National Armed Forces, landing exercises of MC-130J … Read more

Russia promises not to take care of citizens who fled to foreign countries

Russia “has not sent, has not developed, and does not plan to do so”, reports the Kremlin’s propaganda media “RIA-Novosti”, referring to the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan previously announced that Russian citizens fleeing from mobilization to Kazakhstan can be extradited only if they are wanted. On the other hand, a … Read more

No precipitation is expected in Latvia on Wednesday and the temperature will warm up to 16 degrees

A moderate east wind will blow, in Kurzeme its speed will reach 10-14 meters per second in gusts. The maximum air temperature will be +11..+16 degrees. In Riga, the sun will shine between the clouds and it will not rain, a moderate east wind will blow and the air temperature will rise to +14 degrees. … Read more

The European Union will impose new sanctions on Russia

“There will be consequences for all those people who participate in the illegal, illegitimate referendums,” Stano told reporters. “Individuals who are clearly related to the recent steps of these referendums will be included” in the sanctions package, EU Foreign Service official Liks Devin said. 27 EU countries are currently evaluating what sanctions should be imposed … Read more

Will I feed the children at school next Monday? Parents of Riga students are annoyed

Since yesterday, passions have been swirling on social networks about the inability to register on this platform to apply for co-payment in Riga schools. As reported, the Riga City Council decided to continue free meals for all students in September, but from October, a large part of the students will have to pay a co-payment. … Read more

The death toll in the school shooting in Russia has risen to 17

The number of victims has increased with the death of two more people injured in the shooting. It has already been reported that on Monday a 34-year-old man attacked the school he had previously graduated from. He opened fire on students, teachers and security guards of the educational institution and then committed suicide. Russian Health … Read more

The temperature will rise to 18 degrees on Tuesday

A small and variable amount of clouds is expected, mostly without precipitation. A slow to moderate east, south-east wind will blow. A dry and quite sunny day is expected in Riga, the air temperature will rise to +16..+17 degrees. The weather is influenced by a cyclone in the west and an anticyclone in the northeast. … Read more

14. In the Saeima elections, 3,369 voters applied to vote by mail

The largest number of postal voters applied in Great Britain, the USA and Germany. Previous experience shows that after sending election materials for postal voting, fewer votes are returned, that is, not all of those registered for postal voting vote, explained Bērziņa. As reported, early voting in the 14th Saeima elections will begin today in … Read more

Comments on: EM will encourage all companies to compensate 50% of electricity price

The debt that the state will borrow so that central heating users have a comfortable winter will also be paid by wood stove burners. Same with electricity. Someone buys solar collectors, someone else looks for the lowest tariff, but those who continue to heat the house at the exchange price of electricity will also be … Read more

VIDEO: In Yakutia, dozens of women were detained during a women’s protest against mobilization

The action was held as an osuokhai – a traditional Yakut circle dance. It was started by younger women and then joined by older women. At first, the police tried to persuade the protesters to disperse, but to no avail. At one point, a group of police officers was in the center of a circle … Read more