When will Forbidden Fruit end? The Turkish series is coming to its finale! The last episode is coming soon

“Forbidden Fruit” is slowly coming to an end. The last episode of the telenovela will be shown soon. What will be the finale of the story about the colorful life of Yildiz and Ender? Check what is already known about the last episode of “Yasak Elma”. In the gallery you will find plenty of photos … Read more

Having a Forbidden Relationship With His Daughter’s Boyfriend, This Woman’s Reason for Plot Twist

Jakarta – The love story of a couple from Beijing, China had shocked the public because of its twist plot and tragic ending. The princess’ lover ends up killing her future mother-in-law for threatening her. Reporting from eva.vn, the man named Yan Zhuo was originally just an ordinary youth. After graduating he did not continue … Read more

Art is not forbidden, and for this reason I do not appear in the media

The artist, Yasser Jalal, was a guest on the DMC evening program yesterday, Thursday, and he talked about the series “A legitimate relationship” that he is starring in, defended his fellow artists, and revealed the secret of his distance from the media appearance. Yasser Jalal: Art is not forbidden, and there is no attack on … Read more

“I met Livia Dushkoff and complained about a campsite that forbids dogs”

“I haven’t been lucky in life” The view is breathtaking, Thursday, 6 p.m., the sun falls on Mons station, the workers have just let go of the grinders. I know Livia “via via” but we have never spoken to each other. I imagine her as David Jeanmotte, falsely crazy and naive. Go figure why, I … Read more

“Forbidden fruit”. First a wedding, then a divorce! Everyone will go their own way. See photos from the 179th episode [STRESZCZENIE ODCINKA]

In Forbidden Fruit, we just saw Ender and Kaya’s wedding. Yigit’s parents got married to appease their son, but viewers will see a divorce in Friday’s episode. Who will take this step? See photos from episode 179. “Forbidden fruit” episode 179 on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 17:15 on TVP2! – check the tv program … Read more

Horizon Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games explains the choice and benefits of a PS5 exclusive for the “Burning Shores” expansion

No PS5, no DLC. Last year, the second part of the adventures of the famous Aloy landed on PlayStation 4 and 5, while offering a visually impressive and solid epic in terms of gameplay. For our part, although we remain marked by the absence of risk-taking in this opus, we still come out smiling from … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez walks around Riyadh in a sexy dress, and followers: “It is forbidden in Saudi Arabia.”

Last updated Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Georgina Model Georgina Rodriguez is still pursuing her work despite moving to Saudi Arabia with her boyfriend, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and their children. In the past few hours, she participated in a group of photos while she was going to one of the photo sessions, and she appeared … Read more

Guerrilla Excited To Get Rid Of PlayStation 4 – Horizon Forbidden West

As you may know, Burning Shores is the name of the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West expansion from Guerrilla Games. Ahead of the release, Adventurer’s game director Mathijs de Jonge spoke about the benefits of not being held back by previous-gen console hardware. With Burning Shores, the old faithful PlayStation 4 is history, and all the … Read more

“Forbidden fruit”. Meet Halit’s greatest enemy! What connects him to Yildiz? We explain the nuances and intricacies of the Turkish series

Hakan Karahan in the series “Forbidden Fruit” plays Halit’s greatest enemy – Nadir. Many questions have arisen in the network: who is the mysterious man and why does he want to bring down Argun? What connects him to Yildiz? We answer the questions that bother you. “Forbidden Fruit” – Sahika and Nadir are the antagonists … Read more

Russian tennis players were given conditions at Wimbledon. Loving the country is forbidden!

The British figured out how to allow the Russians to their main tournament. They promise to give visas, but they scare them with strange rules. Wimbledon was the only Grand Slam tournament last year that did not feature Russian and Belarusian tennis players. The British categorically did not give a damn about the recommendations of … Read more