“Forbidden exhibition” reveals the murder of Czech teachers in Stalinist Russia. Because of Sandarmoch, arrests are still being made today — HlídacíPes.org

They executed over 6,000 people of 56 nationalities here. Sandarmoch – a remote place in the forests of Russian Karelia – was supposed to be forgotten forever under the Russian regime. But in 1997, its existence and the massacre committed there by the Soviet NKVD in 1937-38 were revealed to the world by Yuri Dmitriev … Read more

Revealed, This Respected Doctor Has Forbidden Relationships with Patients

loading… Nicholas Forgione, a respected doctor in Australia, was caught having sex with his female patient on the practice floor. Photo/via New York Post PERTH – A respected doctor in Australia has been revealed have sex with a patient on the practice floor. In fact, the two continued their love affair for many years. The … Read more

Forbidden to Choose Non-Muslim Student Council Chairs, High School Teachers in DKI Mutated

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head education authorities DKI Jakarta Nahdiana confirmed that it was the teachers of SMAN 58 Jakarta who asked students not to choose a chairperson student council non-Muslims in 2020 have been transferred. “When there was a prohibition against choosing non-Muslim OSIS chairmen, the teachers were disciplined and now there is a … Read more

A woman in her twenties takes off her robe of shame.. My husband is asking me for something forbidden by Sharia and has threatened to divorce if I do not do it.. You will not believe what he boldly wants to marry!

2022/08/10 It’s 09:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Kotb, family relations consultant, discusses during her weekly meetings with the media Amr Al-Leithi, in his program clearly broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, many issues and inquiries related to marital relations. The discussions include many bold questions, which in the eyes of some may be … Read more

Bathing in this beautiful Hungarian mine is dangerous and forbidden

A hvg.hu reported how dangerous it is to bathe in one of the country’s most beautiful mine lakes. Based on the heol.hu article, the portal writes that due to the heat, more and more people are bathing at the Apci “Ocean”, even though abandoned mining tools and sharp rocks under the surface pose a danger … Read more

Don’t spit carelessly in these 2 forbidden places, it can make your sustenance run out, says Mbah Moen

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Here is a review on don’t spit carelessly in these two forbidden places said Grandma Moen. As known, spit recklessly showing bad behavior. In fact, said Grandma Moen if spit carelessly in these two forbidden places can make sustenance clogged. Read Also: Died during Hajj, Mbah Moen’s body will be buried in Makkah … Read more

When they asked Kinda Alloush: What is forbidden in the sleeping room?.. She replied without an iota of shame and with all boldness.. You won’t believe what she said!!

An embarrassing question was asked by the famous doll, Abla Fahita, to the Syrian star Kinda Alloush, while she was a guest on the Duplex Live program earlier. In response to the question of what is forbidden in the bedroom, Kinda Alloush said that her husband prevented her from speaking, especially in the bedroom, and … Read more

M5s parliamentarians, self-nominations from 5 to 8 August. Conte has the right to “indicate the criteria” for the lists. It is forbidden to apply to multiple colleges

“The Parliamentarians? We absolutely have to do them“. Host of the broadcast Agoraon Rai 3, Giuseppe Conte solves one of the main knots of the electoral campaign of M5s: the candidates in Parliament, or at least most of them, will be chosen by the subscribers with an online vote, as already in 2013 and 2018. … Read more

Watch… His Excellency Zayed confesses in a moment of weakness and fear, and after insisting that the scene in this forbidden film was not acting, and the director enjoyed watching it with the hero until the end!

You are now following the news of watching: His Excellency Zayed confesses in a moment of weakness and fear, and after insisting that the scene in this forbidden film was not acting, and the director enjoyed watching it with the hero until the end! And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – … Read more