Feel the power of the Force! Seagate launches new Star Wars design hard drive again |

Seagate today announced the launch ofBrand new Collector’s Edition Hard Disk Drive (HDD), with a design inspired by the heroes and villains of the Star Wars galaxy. The special edition hard drive comes with Seagate’s 3-year limited warranty and 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services (data rescue service), and the three hard drives will be listed … Read more

The CCP’s rotten tactics of throwing the pot didn’t work this time Wang Dan: The biggest foreign hostile force is Marxism | China | Newtalk News

China’s Minjiang University Xi Jinping’s billboard was pasted with white paper to protest.Picture: Taken from Teacher Li is not your teacher Twitter A fire accident broke out in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China on the 24th. Because the authorities’ epidemic prevention and control blocked escape and rescue, 10 people were killed. With the help of the official … Read more

North Korea, Kim: we will have the most powerful nuclear force in the world – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SEOUL, NOVEMBER 27 – Nuclear-armed North Korea intends to have “the most powerful strategic force in the world,” its leader Kim Jong-un said at a ceremony celebrating the launch of a new ICBM, during which his young daughter appeared in public for the second time. Kim has awarded a massive series of promotions … Read more

[정치]North Korea’s 5th anniversary of ‘completion of nuclear force’ is just around the corner… Should we take out the 7th nuclear test card?

[앵커] There is a possibility that North Korea will continue to carry out additional large-scale provocations on the 29th, marking the 5th anniversary of the declaration of nuclear force. As it has recently been widely advertised for successfully test-launching a new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17, there are also observations that it may go ahead … Read more

Putin wants to force the Ukrainians to surrender. The Kremlin’s latest plan has been leaked

Instead of the three days that the Kremlin originally expected, the war in Ukraine has been going on for nine months. According to recent statements, Vladimir Putin is not going to accept that Russia may not succeed in the end. There is allegedly a brutal plan in play to force Moscow to capitulate. It would … Read more

Feel the power of the Force! Seagate Returns With New Star Wars Design Hard Drive – BenchLife.info

Three new collectible external hard drive skins include Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Seagate announced the launch of a new collector’s edition hard drive (HDD),Star WarsFans can use three Seagate® Hard Drive Feel the power of the Force.Hard drive design is inspired byStar WarsHeroes and villains across the galaxy.Featuring Luke Skywalker™, Darth Vader™ … Read more

Syria, Turkish drone strikes base with Kurdish and US soldiers. Erdogan: “Ground invasion soon”. Russia: “Ankara limits the use of force”

The new Turkish military operation against the Kurdish militias in Syria threatens to unleash a new one international crisis in the Middle East. The violence with which the missiles of Recep Tayyip Erdogan they lashed out against what he considers his main enemies in the Rojava Syrian has also provoked the reaction of the Russiaa … Read more

Mazzette to join the Air Force, three Foggia soldiers are also under investigation. Among the allegations is corruption

There are three soldiers under investigation in the investigation into the alleged round of bribes and luxury goods in Amendola (in photo). It’s about the marshal Aldo Caurio48 years old, of the lieutenant colonel Francesco Antonio DiPaola, 57 years old and of the lieutenant Gennaro Source, 55 years old, all born in Foggia. In addition … Read more

Law comes into force in Australia obliging priests to violate the secrecy of confession

SYDNEY, 17 Nov. 22 / 04:11 pm (ACI).- On November 1, a law entered into force in the state of Western Australia obliging priests to violate the secrecy of confession if they receive information about the sexual abuse of minors in the sacrament. According to the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Catholic Weeklynot denouncing … Read more

The Kremlin explicitly admits this. This is how they want to force Zelensky to negotiate – o2

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the missile attacks were aimed at Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities “directly or indirectly related to its military potential.” Consistently blaming the victim for Russian crimes, Peskov emphasizes that the lack of light and warmth in a large area of ​​Ukraine is nothing more than the effect of the actions of the … Read more