The National Confederation of Crédit Mutuel wants to force Arkéa to link this name to that of Crédit Mutuel | ESS, Employment, Training, Integration and many other things. | Michel Abherve

In its crusade to gain recognition of their independence from the Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel, the leaders of Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, and the only allies they have left, those of the South West, have spent a lot of energy, and especially a lot of money. energy to try to impose the brand Arkea, … Read more

Will Boris Johnson Force Rishi Sunak to Maintain the Highest Universal Credit Rate?

Rishi Sunak is trying to avoid demands to maintain the highest rate of universal credit, which will be lobbied by the Labor opposition in the Commons today. The Chancellor has devised a scheme to give claimants a lump sum of £ 500, which is equivalent to six months of the additional £ 20 a week, … Read more

Nike Air Force 1 B “3M Snake”: price, photos and release date of the most stylish 100 euro sneakers of 2021

If photography has taught us anything, it is that the world in color is more beautiful, but in grayscale is more elegant; and the Nike Air Force 1 that we bring today show us. The model, which looks like something out of a camera from the early 20th century, is not new. It’s actually a … Read more

Coronavirus deaths force UK to improvise morgues

Tent installed in the town of Epsom to accommodate victims of coronavirus. | // REUTERS A Coruña / London Dozens of bodies arrive every day in a white tent, a makeshift morgue installed in the middle of an Epsom esplanade, in southern England, in a country with hospitals overwhelmed by the new coronavirus. The United … Read more

information provided by MITMA on the entry into force of the new regulations before the agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom – ASETRA SEGOVIA

He Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has reached the CETM information from the Spanish Embassy in Great Britain on land transport of goods from the United Kingdom to the European Union. They warn that vehicle traffic delays are likely until carriers become familiar with the new customs and transit procedures. They also highlight … Read more

Film festivals reinvent themselves (by force)

What is the function of a film festival today? The pandemic forced its organizers to seek answers in 2020 and, from the outset, it seems that streaming is also imposing its law here. From the outset, the Berlinale in 2021 has been reduced to little more than a few days ‘online’. Considering that the pandemic … Read more

“Let music be my driving force”

To conduct an orchestra, in addition to having extensive musical training, general culture and techniques to achieve a coherent and orderly performance, one must know how to guide to transmit emotions through melodies. Orchestral conducting is one of the great passions of Pedro David Ortiz Ramírez, the only man from Pinar del Río currently studying … Read more

Association Agreement with the United Kingdom already entered into force

This instrument supports the benefits that Costa Rican exports had had since the entry into force of the trade pillar of the Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (Aacue), on October 1, 2013. The same applies to access under Preferential conditions for British products to the Costa Rican market, detailed Comex.

The new restrictions due to Covid in Catalonia come into force today

In the first place, the Government has decreed a municipal perimeter confinement of 10 days throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday. This prohibits moving beyond the perimeter of the municipality of residence, except for justified trips. The perimeter closure of the entire region is also maintained, so it is not allowed to travel to … Read more

Lawyer Insists On Rizieq Presentation At Preliminary Hearing, Judge: There Are Rules, Don’t Force It

JAKARTA – Rizieq Shihab’s team of lawyers have asked the judge to present Rizieq as a plaintiff at his next preliminary hearing. The reason, so that all lawsuits brought can be presented clearly and clearly. “We ask that habibnya (Rizieq Shihab) be presented to be clear and satisfied,” member of the team of lawyers, Alamsyah, … Read more