Chief of the Norwegian Air Force: – Combat aircraft can decide the war

Major General and Commander of the Norwegian Air Force, Rolf Folland, is sure that new combat aircraft for Ukraine can be the big difference, and ultimately decide that war. – Fighter aircraft can decide the war, states the major general. In the NATO countries, there has been a debate in recent weeks about providing Ukraine … Read more

[Video Game Crazy]Episode 641 Valve announced that “Absolute Force 2” will come out this summer, and the indie game was accused of plagiarizing “Elden’s Circle”?

Bahamut Video Game Mania this week introducesEvil Castle 4 Remake“Launched the retro animation “RE Masterpiece Theater: Lyon in the Unbelievable Village”, the independent game team fell into the trap of EPIC and was blasted for plagiarism “Elden’s Circle“, Valve announced “Absolute Force 2“Coming out this summer, the final chapter of Summer Adventure”Atelier Ryza 3 ~The … Read more

The plug-ins are scattered! The limited test of “Absolute Force 2” will exclude cheating players blocked by “CS:GO”, and the competitive cooling penalty will also be the same | 4Gamers

“Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)” (Counter-Strike 2; CS2) built with the Source 2 engine upgrade is expected to be released this summer. At present, only the “CS:GO” players selected by Valve can join the limited test, which may be The most peaceful CS time for players, because players who cheated in “CS:GO” in the past will not … Read more

Valve announced that “Absolute Force 2” will come out this summer, and “CS: GO” players will upgrade for free at that time | XFastest News

Valve today officially released the long-rumored latest work “Absolute Force 2”, emphasizing that it is the biggest technological leap since the launch of the “Absolute Force” series. “Absolute Force 2” starts limited testing today, and it is scheduled to be released on the Steam platform this summer. Players who play “Absolute Force: Global Offensive (CS: … Read more

Valve’s “Absolute Force 2” is officially released! “CS:GO” will be released for free this summer | 4Gamers

The new first-person competitive shooting game “Counter-Strike 2” (CS2) developed by Valve was officially released today (23), which also proves that many overseas data mining (Datamining) revelations this month are true. It is expected to debut in the summer of 2023, and the “Limited Test” will start today (Limited Test)。 According to the official website, … Read more

Air Force paid party and household expenses for officers and wife

Indictment Facts occurred at the Maceda Base, in Aveiro, between 2018 and 2021 Seven men with ties to the Air Force, including officers, and the wife of one of them were accused by the Public Ministry of Aveiro of various crimes, including undue receipt of advantage, embezzlement, abuse of power, denial of justice and prevarication. … Read more

It happened while you were sleeping. China wants to force Ukraine. Pressure on Kuleba – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet Anger shook Paris after French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne used a special procedure to push an unwanted pension bill through the National Assembly without a vote on Thursday, Putin appeals to his rich friends, and American California is flooded with rains and mudslides – it was happening in the world overnight from Thursday … Read more

Master in medicine at UMons: Magnette evokes an alternative majority to pass in force, Bouchez calls for calm

Could the master’s project in medicine at the University of Mons get the better of the current government? At this stage, faced with the lack of consensus, discussions relating to authorizations in higher education have been postponed within the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. However, a decision will have to be made. And for Paul … Read more

On the eve of the strike, the “Teaching Force” educational project will try to attract 100 new applicants

Currently, 34 applicants have successfully passed all three rounds of the teacher education project “Mācītspēks”. Until today, 146 candidates applied for the selection, 52 candidates participated in the second selection round, 45 candidates – in the third, of which 34 have already passed the selection. In general, the project plans to attract 100 applicants by … Read more