Thousands of young people in the Netherlands are forced to commit crime | NOW

Thousands of children and young people in the Netherlands end up committing crime every year, researchers at the Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking (CKM) suspect. Published in a Thursday rapport they write that in the past two years, more than 2,500 young victims have been forced to commit criminal offenses in thirteen cities … Read more

This woman was abducted, raped repeatedly and forced to eat human flesh

loading… A woman in Congo is kidnapped by insurgents, repeatedly raped, then forced to cook and eat human flesh. Photo/SINDOnews/Illustration NEW YORK – A woman Kongo kidnapped twice by insurgents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, repeatedly raped, then forced to cook and eat human flesh . This crime was revealed by the Congolese … Read more

Elon Musk forced his workers back without the necessary conditions – FayerWayer

The teleworking modality is still maintained in many parts of the world, in fact, we ourselves are a FayerWayer “tele” at this time. The measure is convenient for certain types of companies, since the work has been coordinated through the Internet, commute times are saved, workers have more time with their families, and more. In … Read more

Monkey pox | The laboratory that produces the only approved vaccine works at a forced pace

The factory in which the only approved vaccine against monkeypox is produced is currently working at full speed to meet the demand for hundreds of thousands of doses from Europe and the United States. The factory, owned by the Danish laboratory Bavarian Nordic, is located in Copenhagen. Orders not only come from Europe and the … Read more

He forced women into prostitution and was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Reis Pinto June 28, 2022 at 3:14 pm The Aveiro Court sentenced nine men, three of them to effective sentences, for the practice of pimping, forgery of documents and money laundering, following an investigation by the Foreigners and Borders Service into a criminal network that had been operating for several years in the area of … Read more

The story of Rini, a TKW who was treated indecently by her employer until she was forced to sleep with animals

BANGKAPOS.COM — Indecent treatment while being a female worker ( TKW ) has been experienced by this beautiful woman from Indonesia. In order to be able to build a house in his hometown, he is willing to accept the unpleasant attitude of the employernya. She is Rini Khludkova, a woman who works as a domestic … Read more

The strong interest rate hike in the United States has forced Taiwan’s life insurance industry into trouble… A list of 21 life insurance companies, which ones are on the verge of a cliff? | Anue Hugh – Magazine

Written by the editorial team of Today Magazine 2022 will certainly not be a good year for the insurance industry. Taiwan’s property insurance storm is still in the final stage of clearing up the battlefield. In the end, it will pay 60 billion yuan and 80 billion yuan? It is still as high as 100 … Read more

TAP flight to Brazil forced to return due to death on board

A death on board a TAP plane heading to São Paulo, Guarulhos airport, in Brazil, forced the flight back to Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, in Porto, this Saturday. It is not known what the causes of death were. The flight in question, TP81, departed Porto at 12:45 pm, but had to interrupt the journey about … Read more

VIDEO. Alexander Lukashenko has invited the governors to visit him: the guests are forced to have dinner at the table where the dog is

Photo: screenshot President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had invited a number of Belarusian officials, including governors, to his home in Alexandria on the occasion of the harvest day. There are several videos from this dinner on the website, and many are surprised by something really unexpected – a dog lying on the table next to … Read more