Assisted suicide, the last video message from Massimiliano: “Why can’t I do it in Italy? Forced to leave, to leave”

“I am almost completely paralyzed and I find it hard to even speak. Since a couple of years since I can’t take it anymore, this body is broken, it can’t take it anymore so I started to read up on the internet about painless suicide methods. And I finally achieved my dream. Too bad I … Read more

Response of the Valentino Rossi Team After Being Forced to Quit from Ducati to Yamaha in the MotoGP Event: Okezone Sports

TIM Valentino Rossi, Mooney VR46 Racing gave their response after being forced to leave Ducati and move to Yamaha in the event MotoGP. Uccio Salucci as team manager Mooney VR46 Racing said he had no plans to move. As is known, Yamaha will only have two racers to wade through the upcoming 2023 MotoGP. Because … Read more

Euroapi: Forced to suspend part of its production, Euroapi collapses on the stock market

(BFM Bourse) – The active ingredient specialist has noted deviations from good manufacturing practices for certain hormones on its site in Hungary. The group has lowered its financial forecast for 2022. While he was so far among the big winners of the year 2022, since its IPO in MayEuroapi suffered a violent warning shot on … Read more

‘Galatasaray and Fenerbahce forced us’

The coach of Villarreal, the representative of Spain, who defeated Galatasaray 4-3 in the last match of the Friendship Tournament organized by the Clubs Union Foundation and La Liga. Quique SetienHe said that Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray forced them. Speaking at the press conference held after the match played at Nef Stadium, Setien said:We had some … Read more

Cunning ploy by Major Bagas Firmasiaga before being forced by Letda GER at the hotel, the victim was shocked when he woke up

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – In the end, the Infantry Major’s cunning scheme was revealed Firmasiaga Berries Members of Paspampres Rudapaksa TNI Soldier Lt. GER. Complete chronology, mode and conditions Lt. GER when conscious it was also revealed when the perpetrator was detained. Major Bagas has a surefire way to get into the hotel room Lt. GER. The … Read more

A witness to a massacre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo tells how he was forced to bury the dead

Frightened, Rukundo recounts how the rebels forced him to bury the dead in the village of Kishi in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the massacre was committed on Tuesday, with the authorities estimating that the number of victims exceeds 100. Mukiza, a resident of the town, contacted by “Agence France Presse” by … Read more

Scheinpflug waited 15 years to get married, her mother-in-law forced her to have an abortion

The writer and only wife of the famous writer Karel Čapek, Olga Scheinpflugová was outwardly a very gifted and successful actress, but her privacy was marked by forbidden love. Karel Čapek’s family refused their marriage for many years. When Olga and Karl became pregnant, more problems began. She started acting at the age of 15 … Read more

Analysis of how serious the shortage of goods in Russia is based on the production statistics released by Russia Automobile production forced to reduce by more than 40%, labor supply decreased due to conscription and youth exodus (1/4) | JBpress ( JB Press)

Automobile production forced to cut by more than 40%, labor supply dwindling due to conscription and exodus of young people Economic and financial sanctions are definitely hitting Russia’s production base (Photo: Representative photo/Reuters/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Yosuke Tsuchida: Deputy Chief Researcher, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting) Verifying the shortage of goods in Russia from … Read more

[스포츠]’Iron Wall’ Kim Min-jae forced to participate?…Hwang Hee-chan is also expected to make his first sortie

[앵커] It is still unclear whether Kim Min-jae will appear in the third round of the group stage. On the other hand, Hwang Hee-chan, who has been absent due to injury, is also expected to step on the ground for the first time in this tournament. Reporter Ahn Dong-jun reports. [기자] Kim Min-jae, who moved … Read more