Strange forced sales in Switch stores continue: “My wife came back with € 4,272 in subscriptions”

While Valérie, Christophe’s wife, simply wanted to transfer data from one iPhone to another, she came out, unknowingly (but signing on a tablet …) she says, with an exhaustive list of subscription of all kinds. Switch stores downplay the problem and talk about an isolated case. A few months ago, we were talking about vanessa’s … Read more

Successfully escaping from Kim Jong Un, this beautiful North Korean defector ended up tragically as soon as he arrived in China, sold until he was forced to become a prostitute

Sosok.ID – It is common knowledge that the public North Korea living in misery in the country led by Kim Jong Un. Not infrequently, many become traitor and choose to run away from North Korea. However, running away from North Korea is not always a good choice. As experienced by traitor North Korea this one. … Read more

Krisdayanti Confesses to the Minister of Health: My Child’s School Is Forced by PTM, Makes Me Tired

“Currently PTM is included in the PPKM level 3 area, because it is very important to supervise, mentoring in schools to ensure that there are no new clusters. eligible to be vaccinated. What indicators need to be tightened for PTM?” asked Krisdayanti during a working meeting with Commission IX with Minister of Health Budi Gunadi … Read more

Official Blocking Posts Stopped, Thousands of Vehicles Forced to Turn Back

PALANGKA RAYA – The post blocking activities for monitoring and checking the inflow of people as well as the transportation of goods and passengers at the Palangka Raya-Pulang Pisau border has officially been stopped. During operation, the post has forced thousands of vehicles of various types to turn around because they do not meet the … Read more

Another lawsuit for forced liquidation against Monserrat supermarkets

The Montserrat chain announced its closure, but that has not been an obstacle for a series of creditors to sue the supermarket linked to the Bada family. Now it was the turn of the Santiago Fishing Logistics Center, which asked the courts for the forced liquidation of the company. The company said that, at the … Read more

A plane locked in a toilet was forced to land in Austria due to a locked passenger

The 51-year-old man spent the entire flight in the toilet. The pilot of the aircraft decided to land the plane from Cyprus to Zurich on Saturday in Grace, Austria. The incident was reported by Austrian police on Sunday. According to police, the passenger obeyed the border guards and agreed to leave the toilet when the … Read more

Fear of Forced Marriage by Taliban, Many Families Leave Afghanistan

Jakarta – Khalid Shinwari (25) felt relieved after successfully escaping from Afghanistan which is now controlled by the Taliban. He managed to reach Pakistan in recent days. Shinwari said she and her family first moved to Pakistan in the 1990s, when the civil war in Afghanistan finally brought the Taliban to power. “My father thought … Read more

Monviso without water, never happened before: the Quintino Sella refuge forced to close

Even at the foot of the Monviso, water is scarce, so the Quintino Sella refuge closes early: it had never happened before. The managers announced it: “The winter reserves are exhausted soon. We close early because we are without water. With the King (the King of stone that is Monviso, ed) in the heart and … Read more

“I was forced to accept everything, often illegally. Thanks to the citizenship income I got out of blackmail and I have a regular job. It’s not methadone, it’s civilization”: Massimo’s story – VIDEO

“Before taking the income, I was forced to accept any job even in black or poorly paid. But the citizenship income allowed me to get out of this blackmail. I have regained my dignity ”. Maximum he is 58 years old and lives in Bergamo. After working for a long time in acompany in the … Read more

how he is forced to work – Libero Quotidiano

Per Luca Zaia there are no discounts or exceptions for anyone. If you are not in compliance with the green pass and the double vaccination, you do not enter the Region. So a manager of the Veneto Region recovered from Covid and vaccinated with a single dose was forced to work from outside a window … Read more