Dollars Mandatory Parking in RI, This is the Reaction of Mining Entrepreneurs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo will revise Government Regulation (PP) No. 1 of 2019 concerning Export Proceeds of Foreign Exchange (DHE) from Exploitation, Management and/or Processing of Natural Resources. There are several things that will be regulated further, namely regarding the rules for how long and how much DHE must be parked within … Read more

how much money do you earn with $200,000

With the risk of an eventual rise in the dollar, many savers wonder if it is time to make a fixed term or go for the US currency. For Ian Muñoz Pederzoli 09/01/2023 – 16,24hs With only 2 weeks to start a new year, the expectations on the part of savers regarding the evolution of … Read more

What can be done with 100 thousand Argentine pesos?

Argentina is going through one of its worst economic crises with a inflation which in 2022 almost reached the 3 figures, a phenomenon that many years ago did not occur in our country, added to the constant rise of the dollar which, although it did not reach inflation, was very close, with a price of … Read more

what is the 30 day interest?

The fixed term It’s one of the easier instruments to operate y yields a return that is known at the time of incorporation, turning it into one of the favorite investments of Argentine savers next to dollar hoarding. To reduce the demand for the latter, the government has increased the rate of fixed terms for … Read more

The price of the dollar with which the Petro Government accounts for 2023 – Financial Sector – Economy

The Government of Gustavo Petro presented the Financial Plan for 2023, in which it updated its goals and projections for the next year in terms of growth, inflation and also in relation to fiscal perspectives. The document shows several of the Government’s forecasts regarding the most important economic issues for the country. Among themthe price … Read more

how much do you earn if you invest $120,000

The fixed term is one of the favorite savings instruments of Argentines, since it can be set up very easily and is low risk By Ian Muñoz Pederzoli 12/12/2022 – 18,58hs The fixed term It is one of the classic alternatives for the average Argentine saver. Among the arguments in favor of this type of … Read more

Volkswagen believes that it will not lack foreign currency to import in 2023 and will launch three new models

They are confident that the dollar sales system will allow them to reach sales (between local and imported production) of 74,000 units, somewhat above the end of this year. The news. The Argentine subsidiary of Volkswagen projects for 2023 a year with slight variations in terms of production and sales: they point to some 74,000 … Read more

Dollar Yen “Possibility of Falling to 130 Yen” Mid-term Technical Analysis Shows Future US Dollar Outlook 2022/11/25 – Money Education Channel

table of contents ▼Plummeted to the 139 yen level following the results of the November manufacturing/service industry PMI▼ Check the dollar-yen exchange rate with technical analysis▼Points to be aware of when trading USD/JPY Plunge to the 139 yen level in response to the results of the US manufacturing/services PMI in November The US dollar/yen pair … Read more

The US Dollar Is Rare in Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Says This

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the domestic financial market, Indonesia is reported to be experiencing a shortage of foreign exchange (forex) liquidity, especially the United States (US) dollar. The Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani said that her party would immediately coordinate with Bank Indonesia (BI). “We and BI will look at the supply of currency, … Read more

Dollar price and a ‘perfect storm’ that shot it up

According to Luis Fernando Mejiadirector of Fedevelopmentthe depreciation of the dollar in the countries of the Americas so far in the second half of the year has been an average of 5.4%, while that of Colombia is 12.8%, that is, more than double what was observed in the rest of the countries of the region. … Read more