DSB ends the emergency response with the forest fire helicopters

It informs the forest fire helicopters on Twitter. The state’s forest fire helicopter is located at Torp in Sandefjord and is normally on standby from 15 April to 15 August. This year, emergency preparedness was extended until 16 September because little precipitation led to an increased risk of forest fires. .

The rain helps in the fight against Spanish “mega fire”

7,700 hectares have been destroyed by the fire in the Sierra Bermeja mountain range in the province of Malaga during the last five days. – We are facing the most complex fire the forest fire crews have seen in recent years, says Juan Sánchez, who heads the forest fire service in the region of Andalucía. … Read more

Greece: Peloponnese fire, eight injured – World

The number of people injured in the large forest fire that has been spreading since yesterday in the northwestern Peloponnese, in southern Greece, not far from the city of Patras, has increased to eight. So far around twenty houses have been destroyed and five villages have been evacuated. This morning at dawn nearly 300 firefighters, … Read more

Historic forest fire in Finland out of control

The flames are raging in an area of ​​Kalajoki in northern Ostrobothnia. The situation is described on Friday as fairly stable, but residents in the area have been told to prepare for a possible evacuation. The fire is spreading along the ground and covers an area of ​​300 hectares, according to the broadcaster Yle. Rain … Read more

Major devastation in Siberia – forest fires continue to ravage

Russian media have for several days shown pictures from the city of Yakutsk, as well as other surrounding cities, which are totally engulfed by smoke from the fire. The Russian civil defense estimates that values ​​of more than 120 million kroner have been destroyed in the sub-republic of Sakha so far. Gives up to put … Read more

Wildfires have already declared a state of emergency in ten areas of Russia – Abroad – News

The most devastating fires to date have affected the Sahrawi Republic, also known as Yakutia, and the Forest Aviation Service reports that fires continue to spread there on Wednesday. At present, fires rage in 745,000 hectares in Yakutia alone. In Russia, due to large areas, fires are usually actively extinguished only if they approach populated … Read more

More than 1.5 million hectares of forest burn in Russia

Photo: video screenshot A forest is burning in Yakutia Fires in Yakutia are visible even from space. More than 200 fires have been recorded, and more than 2 thousand people are extinguishing them. In Yakutia, Russia, more than 1.5 million hectares of forest are burning. About it informs Telegram channel Baza on Monday, July 19. … Read more

In Karelia, Russia, a village of a thousand people is being evacuated due to a forest fire

“A forest fire was approaching the village of Naistenjarvis, and the house and barn standing on its edge were already on fire. All the villagers are being evacuated, “the source said. He noted that a total of 946 people live in the village, 189 of whom are children. Residents will be taken to a temporary … Read more

The USA has the highest temperature on Earth

Photo: pixabay.com Abnormal heat in the USA In one of the country’s territories, the thermometer rose to + 54 ° C. Forest fires are spreading in the country. People are being evacuated. On July 11, the USA recorded one of the highest temperatures on the planet. The record was recorded in Death Valley – the … Read more