Comments on: Prince William can’t forgive Harry for his behaviour, royal biographer claims

Rumor has it that William will blame the queen’s health problems because he is unable to forgive his brother’s choice. It is so foolish not to let the other live, that he wants to live. Hopefully, Charles has at least understood that, because so many wrong decisions are rarely made, except that there is no … Read more

This is the end of “Women at the End of the World”. “Forgive me” – writes Martyna Wojciechowska

The cult documentary program led by Martyna Wojciechowska disappears from the air. The journalist published a statement. “Forgive me this” – she asks widows, among whom she found many loyal fans – some of them have followed her travels since September 20, 2009, when “Woman at the End of the World” debuted on TVN. Why … Read more

59-year-old Demi Moore posed in a BIKINI: Willis’ younger wife did not forgive the comment!

We have already informed you that the actress Demi Moore is experiencing a favorable period. His 13-year-younger lover, Daniel Humm, who comes from Switzerland and makes a living as a chef, has his share of it. Looking at the satisfied and eternally smiling artist, there is no doubt that this relationship benefits her. Demi is … Read more

The drama of Donatella, the 27-year-old suicide in prison with a stove: Forgive me

The story of Donatella, who committed suicide in the Montorio prison, in the Veronese area, inhaling gas from a stove. In a letter to her boyfriend she wrote: “I’m sorry. You are the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me ”. She committed suicide by inhaling gas from a small stove. Drama in … Read more

The Sun: Ronaldo shrugged and questioned when Ten Hag arranged his tactics!Manchester United choose to forgive again

Original title: The Sun: Ronaldo shrugged and questioned when Ten Hag arranged his tactics!Manchester United choose to forgive again The Sun: Ronaldo shrugged and questioned when Ten Hag arranged his tactics!Manchester United choose to forgive again In Manchester United’s friendly against Vallecano, Cristiano Ronaldo started, but was substituted after only half-time. The British media “The … Read more

Asked by the judge whether to forgive the Defendant’s beating, Ade Armando: If I apologize now, I need time… Page all

JAKARTA, – Social media activist as well as academic Goodbye Armando reluctant to answer the judge’s question when the six defendants who beat him were given the opportunity to apologize directly. This question was asked by the presiding judge Dewa Ketut Kartana in a trial with the agenda of proving the public prosecutor at … Read more

Ade Armando’s Answer when Asked by Judge to Forgive Persecutors

Thursday, 28 July 2022 – 10:29 WIB National VIVA – Social media activist Goodbye Armando present as a witness in the trial case persecution what he experienced during a demonstration in front of the Indonesian Parliament building, April 11, 2022. The trial with the six defendants was held at the Central Jakarta District Court, Wednesday, … Read more

Milan, in addition to the defeat, the fans do not forgive Maldini a choice

The second seasonal release of the Milan closes with the defeat against the Hungarians of Zalaegerszegi (ZTE). a 3-2 which does no damage, but which obviously does not leave the Devil fans indifferent who, in the first part of the game, are forced to collect the three goals in 27 minutes scored by the ZTE. … Read more

Bahlil Forgive Holywings about Promotion of Alcohol to Muhammad-Maria Name

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister Investation/Head of BKPM Bahlil Lahadalia say Holywings has admitted his guilt, either by establishing a business without a permit or by excessively promoting. The admission of guilt, he said, had been conveyed to him by Holywings management last week. “They admit that there was a mistake, the permit has not … Read more

Estelita Muñoz acknowledged that she still could not forgive Luis Ventura

Estelita Muñoz He recalled that with Luis Ventura they ended their marriage of more than 20 years because the journalist was unfaithful to him with the former vedette, Fabiana Liuzzi, with whom he also has a son named Antonio. READ MORE: Estelita Muñoz uncovered the secret plot of the reconciliation between Jorge Rial and Luis … Read more