More complications after fillers: ‘Hard mountains formed under my eyes’

Between 2016 and 2019, the number of filler treatments increased by 17.5 percent. But it also goes wrong more often. This is apparent from the research on which cosmetic doctor Tom Decates is doing his PhD at Erasmus University. Maria can talk about it. “A few years ago, I had fillers put in by a … Read more

Russia stole data on the AstraZeneca vaccine. Then Sputnik was formed, they write in Britain

In recent months, there has been much speculation that Russian-backed hackers have been trying to steal data on covid-19 vaccine research from academic and pharmaceutical institutions around the world. The British security services now allegedly have strong evidence that Russian agents stole important information from AstraZeneca. According to the diary The Sun Moscow has received … Read more

Does Aurora Really Appear on Tumpeng Menoreh? Here’s How All Auroras Are Formed – A viral photo showing a beautiful view of a green light similar to aurora in the sky Tumpeng Menoreh, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, again reaped responses from experts. The Head of the Expert Team for the Regional Hisab and Rukyat Agency (BHRD) of Kebumen, as well as the Indonesian Amateur Astronomer, Marufin Sudibyo, said that … Read more

The fate of the Earth, the face of Mars is formed from the flood of its lakes

THIS Korolev Crater, one of the valleys on Planet Mars—Research reports published in prestigious journals Nature on September 29, 2021 revealed that massive flooding from overflowing crater lakes had a major role in shaping the surface Mars. The flood formed deep ravines and displaced large amounts of sediment. In the research report, the researchers … Read more

New Theory of Planets Forming, Earth Formed from Hit and Run – All Pages—A new study led by researchers at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory offers a new concept of Earth’s formation that challenges conventional planet formation models. By using machine learning and giant impact simulations, the researchers found that the planets in the inner solar system, including Earth, were likely born from repeated hit … Read more

Russian party ‘Young People’ formed on the initiative of Putin’s friends, reports ‘Medusa’

Russian The party “Young People”, which entered the parliament, was formed on the initiative of friends of President Vladimir Putin, citing informed sources, reports the online media “Medusa”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising As a result of the recent elections, for the first time since the 1999 elections, not four but five parties … Read more

In Liepāja, after the vaccine, the queue is already taken at 7 o’clock, queues are formed elsewhere as well

This week, field vaccinations against Covid-19 are taking place in 11 communities. Also in Liepaja. As informs, the interest in vaccination has expanded today. Vaccination started at 9 a.m. and will last until 1 p.m., or until all 350 available Janssen vaccines have run out. Before 9 o’clock, a long line of about 200 … Read more

Civilizations in space formed before they appeared on Earth?

21 – September – 2021 The space In a study, astronomers from the University of Leeds concluded that aliens may be present and scattered throughout the universe. The hypothesis of scientists is that they found large organic molecules that can turn into basic organisms in the Milky Way, as their presence was found in 100 … Read more

Successfully amassed the first space mission formed only by tourists | After orbiting three days at 580 kilometers from Earth

Mission Inspiration 4, the first to take to space tourists without professional crew, landed successfully, in the sea of ​​the Florida, United States, after orbiting for three days at about 580 kilometers from Earth. The ship landed in the sea at 20.10 on Saturday (Argentine time) and could be seen by the transmission who made … Read more