Ann and Nathalie are forced to look for a buyer for the Den Confession chair: “Obviously we will miss the case. Couples have even formed at our bar” | Meulebeke

MeulebekeAnn Vandenberghe (54) and Nathalie Vanderbeke (42) are looking for a new manager for cafe Den Biechtstoel. Their cozy brown bar in Veldstraat quickly became a household name in Meulebeke, but now the women have to throw in the towel for health reasons. Sometimes you are ready for something new in life and that is … Read more

Could wood and pellet prices return to pre-war levels? A “bottleneck” has formed in the logging industry

Illustrative image Foto: Alex Nicol/SHUTTERSTOCK 15:46 on September 27, 2022 Ingrīda Mičāne, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read PHOTO. Not a single tear rolled down her cheeks: why was Kate Middleton so “unshakable” at the Queen’s funeral? PHOTO. “Everything is fine with us, we are happy”: artist Elina Maligina married for the third time … Read more

Coalition with Nasdem and PKS in Early 2023 Has Been Formed

loading… The Democrat Party estimates that its coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. Photo/SINDOnews JAKARTA – Deputy Bappilu DPP Democratic party Kamhar Lakumani estimates that his party’s coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. The political communication built between the … Read more

The Earth’s First Continent Was Sink Before It Was Formed Again

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 15:51 WIB LIVE Techno – A new examination of some of the world’s oldest rocks shows that continent first in Earth unstable and sink back into the mantle before coming back out and re-forming. This could explain some of the puzzling characteristics of cratons, where very old and stable parts … Read more

The study concluded that the fire ant raft was formed due to the Cheerios effect

Jakarta – A new material discovered on the Moon prompted China to announce plans to launch three unmanned missions over the next 10 years in a bid to rival the United States’ presence on Earth. Moon. This new material found is very valuable, because it has the potential to become a future energy source thanks … Read more

The study concluded that the fire ant raft was formed due to the Cheerios effect

Zoom in / Georgia Tech scientists have discovered that the so-called “Cherios effect” is the mechanism by which fire ants flock together to form rafts. Until Koh Fire ants may be the scourge of southern states like Georgia and Texas, but scientifically they are Fantastic to infinity Examples of group behavior. Some well-distanced fire ants … Read more

Types of Clouds, Characteristics and How They Are Formed

Bandung – Although it looks similar, it turns out that there are very many types of clouds, you know. In fact, these types of clouds can be divided into three distinct categories. Reporting from detikEdu, clouds are made of water droplets or ice crystals that are very small and light so they can survive in … Read more

Nanodiamonds can be formed by applying ultra-high pressure to PET bottles

Research results have shown that nanodiamonds can be made by applying heat of thousands of degrees to plastic bottles and ultra-high pressure up to one million times the atmospheric pressure of the earth. An international research team led by Dr. Dominique Krauss, a professor of physics at the University of Rostock in Germany, irradiated a … Read more

Real estate price bubbles formed in Europe may soon burst: recession will reduce prices

A recession will lower prices Luminor Chief Economist Žygimantas Mauric said that good news awaits those planning to purchase real estate in other countries. According to him, the coming recession may lower real estate prices. “I think there is a very high probability that the recession will reduce real estate prices, especially in certain countries … Read more

What is an Aurora and How Are These Light Phenomena Formed? page all – Have you ever seen photos of colorful lights in the sky at Earth’s poles? It is the aurora or polar light. According to National Geographic, aurora is a natural phenomenon in which blue, red, yellow, green and orange light shines and changes in the sky. There are two types of aurora, namely: Aurora … Read more