Good News for PSIS Semarang in League 1, Carlos Fortes’ partner on the front line Mahesa Jenar is ready to fight

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM – News BRI League 1 2022 latest from PSIS Semarang who continues to train even though the competition is still stopped This time PSIS Semarang got good news with comrade recovering Carlos Fortes from front line Mahesa Jenar The player in question is attacker time PSIS Semarang Farrell Arya Trisandika Previously known, Farrell Arya … Read more

heavy showers are expected before even heavier precipitation tomorrow

Published on Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 09:29 Par Sudinfo with Belga Saturday morning, the rains will leave the south-east of the country and the weather will become drier in all regions with sunny spells from the west. Nevertheless, over the hours, and especially in the afternoon, more showers will develop, especially in upper Belgium, … Read more

I’M WELL! Carlos Fortes returns soon, PSIS Semarang has additional strength ahead of Jamu Bhayangkara FC I’M WELL! Carlos Fortes Back soon, PSIS Semarang Have Additional Strength Ahead of Jamu Bhyangkara FC. In the BRI competition Liga 1 2022/2023, PSIS Semarang only able to collect 11 points until the 10th week. These 11 points resulted from 3 wins, two draws and 10 defeats. Read Also: The same fate as the … Read more

The Current Condition of Carlos Fortes and His Contract with PSIS Semarang

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG – Striker PSIS Semarang origin Portugal Carlos Fortes reveals his current condition. The injury that smothered him forced him to undergo treatment in Portugal. He conveyed the latest injury conditions through his social media, not forgetting that he also revealed his contract at PSIS Semarang. Also read: Caught breaking into a barber shop, … Read more

Returning to Portugal, Carlos Fortes confides his current condition and alludes to contract issues with PSIS Semarang

PSIS Semarang striker, Carlos Fortes. BOLASPORT.COM – Strikers PSIS Semarang, Carlos Fortesreported his condition after undergoing treatment in Portugal. As is known, Fortes suffered a hamstring injury during the first leg of the 2022 President’s Cup semifinal. However, the injury is said to be getting worse. In fact, the Portuguese player until the 10th week … Read more

HOT! PSIS Semarang has lost 5 times, Yoyok Sukawi has withdrawn regularly? Taisei Marukawa Fragile Without Carlos Fortes – HOT! PSIS Semarang 5 Loses, Yoyok Sukawi Retreat? Taisei Marukawa Fragile Without Carlos Fortes PSIS Semarang again failed to add points after losing 1-0 to Tangerang at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Wednesday, September 14, 2022. The defeat brought PSIS Semarang dropped to 10th place in the Liga 1 standings, until the last … Read more

Two PSIS Players with the same fate as Fortes, Just Prepare to Replace Foreign Striker Rodriguez in the Central Java Derbi

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Central Java derby coloring week 8 Liga 1 2022/2023, between Persis Solo vs PSIS Semarang. League 1 Schedule Exactly vs PSIS is on Saturday (3/9/2022) at 16.00 WIB broadcast via live broadcasts and Indosiar Live Streaming. Ahead of this match, both teams were limping. In the PSIS camp who were guests at the Manahan Stadium, … Read more

FIX! PSIS loses Carlos Fortes for the next 3 games, Sergio Alexandre reveals the part that will be boosted – FIX! PSIS Loss Carlos Fortes Up to 3 Games Ahead, Sergio Alexander Reveal the Part to be Boost PSIS Semarang officially did not lower its flagship striker, Carlos Fortes in the fight against Peach Kediri. However, PSIS Semarang succeeded in conquering its guests, Peach Kediri in the fifth game BRI League 1Thursday 18 … Read more

Switch: faced with the rise in summer temperatures, Nintendo recalls the safety instructions in the event of high temperatures: GamerGen news comments

Forum Rules If you notice a post that may go against the recommendations that some or all of the content should not be there, report it to the moderating team by clicking . ________________ The whole team welcomes you! If you spot any errors that have crept into our content, do not hesitate to point … Read more

UPDATE LIST Top Scorers for 2022 President’s Cup: Fortes’ goal stops, Borneo FC Bomber is unstoppable

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Here’s the top score list update President’s Cup 2022 where the coffers of Fortes’ goals are certain to stop, while the bombers Borneo FC unstoppable. Apart from helping Borneo FC advance to the final President’s Cup 2022, Matheus Pato also successfully led the temporary top score list and was only picked up Stefano … Read more