The Spartan legend holds a stake in the famous French club. Does he invest in football in the Czech Republic?

He gained experience all over the world as a player, and fifty-nine-year-old Ivan Hašek is the same world traveler as a coach. He made a good name for Czech football right on the green page, and he also has a great reputation as a coach. He has a warm relationship with a number of clubs. … Read more

Talent Ševčík: Sparta, Slavia, best scorer? I got used to the noise. There is always time for friends

Zbrojovce and you personally are doing very well so far this autumn. How are you enjoying the last few weeks? Full steam, I didn’t expect such a start, but of course I don’t mind. I had no expectations and goals of how many goals to score. Rather, I wanted to adapt to the first league … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Leten’s torment continues! Will Sparta ask Dočkal for help?

Everyone was looking forward to the champion’s win against Slavia, they had some ideas of how it might look. But after a few seconds came a penalty kick and a red card that changed everything. I speak for myself, it was a penalty. The red card seems harsh to me, it is a double penalty, … Read more

Sparta’s problem? Captain! Pavelka is a good player, but not a leader, according to legend

He still cares about Sparta, no one needs to doubt that, even though he is currently leading Viktoria Žižkov’s reserve in the regional championship. Letenský’s rock supporters go to the matches of the young Victorians and cheer the former icon enthusiastically. They often ask what he says about current events in Sparta. The studio … Read more

A kitchen in the national team? In Sparta, he does not have the same service as in Slavia, the nomination can help him

Jan Kuchta. A big name that resonated in the football Czech Republic during the summer. Those who expected that in the red jersey he would unleash the same goalscoring maneuvers as in the past with his rival in Eden, must be disappointed. Kanonýr is at zero in championship matches, he got into the media mainly … Read more

Slovácko got tired in the match with Jablonec. We should have squeezed out more, claims Svědík

“Jablonec deservedly won. We performed poorly, especially defensively. We offered the opponent a lot of chances with imprecise passing or perhaps a poorly thrown drive,” annoyed Slovácko coach Martin Svědík. Nevertheless, his team could have won if substitute Mihálik had converted in the 72nd minute while the score was still goalless. However, he was not … Read more

ROUNDUP: Mosquera the key hitter, veteran hit like a joker

Having a power play the whole match, that’s how it’s played. The key man of the hit was from Pilsen John Mosquera, who went for the penalty and was fouled by Santos, then added the second goal himself. The hero was not alone, they also confirmed the form Vaclav Jemelka, Lukáš Kalvach whether Tomas Sick. … Read more

They are raging in Liberec. I don’t understand the referee, it was a bright red, reports Kozel

The 48th minute had just started, the North Bohemians were leading 1:0. After a long kick, visiting David Šimek lost the fight with Jan Matoušek and the ball fell into the free space. Goalkeeper Jan Šeda immediately ran out of the penalty area. However, Matoušek was at the ball earlier and pushed it past the … Read more

The flashes of the Pilsen star are repeated. Will Bílek find the courage and put her in a match with Slavia?

Bucha missed Tuesday’s Champions League duel with Inter Milan due to a red card. There, the referee ruled out the Pilsen support based on communication with an expert at the VAR system. Mareš claims that in real life the referee does not have to see the intervention properly and the video assistance is a welcome … Read more

Liberec was knocked down by a penalty after a small home run. Skalák has a slight concussion, Hoftych said

The sixty-fourth minute was unlucky for North Bohemia. Liberec’s goalkeeper Olivier Vliegen did not succeed in kicking home against Mladá Boleslav. The ball rose high in the penalty area. He headed him to safety in front of the onrushing Jiří Skalák, but hit his hand in the head when the opponent jumped. VAR immediately sanctioned … Read more