He lived in an ancient era.. A fossil of the “giant thief” dinosaur was found

Paleontological researchers discovered the remains of four dinosaurs in the valley of “Las Chinas” in Chile, amid estimates that one of them belonged to the genus known as “Megaraptor” or “giant thief” with a huge and massive body. The “giant thief” is being called a genus of dinosaurs that has large legs. Its fossils were … Read more

Lucy’s story: why is it considered the fossil that rewrote human evolution? | Fossil Lucy | human evolution | Answers

The fossil named Lucy It was discovered in 1974 and from the beginning it changed the knowledge that was had up to that moment about the human evolution. But why is it considered the most famous Australopithecus afarensis in the world? Coming up next, we tell you. The australopithecus afarensis Lucy lived on Earth 3.2 … Read more

Demonstrators want an end to fossil fuel subsidies, that’s how it is in the Netherlands

ANP NOS News•Friday, 7:30 PM•Amended yesterday, 12:18 Heleen Ekker editor Climate and Energy Heleen Ekker editor Climate and Energy The A12 in The Hague is occupied again by climate activists from Extinction Rebellion. The aim of the action is to force an end to subsidies for fossil fuels. The Netherlands still spends billions of euros … Read more

New Species of Duckbill Dinosaur Fossil Found in Texas – All Pages

David Breguet Reconstruction of the duck-billed dinosaur Aquilarhinus palimentus, a hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Aguja Formation. Nationalgeographic.co.id—Fossil new species duck beak dinosaur reported to have been found in Texas, USA. Paleontologists have described it as a previously unknown genus and species of hadrosaurid dinosaurs. The new species is scientifically named Maleficent decker you. The findings … Read more

Fossil Discovery of 256 Dinosaur Eggs in India Reveals Shocking Facts

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Some paleontologists discovered the fossilized 256 eggs from 92 nests they thought belonged to dinosaur herbivore, Titanosaur. The eggs measuring 15 cm to 17 cm were found in India middle part. Titanosaurus was a large, long-necked, sauropod dinosaur. They lived around 66 million years ago in what is now central India. … Read more

Fossil Flowers Trapped in Sap for 40 Million Years, Experts Reveal Amazing Facts

Middle Indo Pos,Jakarta – The largest flower fossil is nearly 40 million years old trapped in sap. Researchers say this flora is a new species. A study published on January 12, 2023 in Scientific Reports says this flower can provide clues about climates and ecosystems in the past. Although it was discovered 150 years ago, … Read more

Feathered dinosaurs and megaraptors were unexpectedly found in southern Chile

According to paleontologists, there was no information about theropods in such latitudes until now. These particular fossils of megaraptors, carnivorous dinosaurs that inhabited parts of present-day South America during the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago, measured up to 10 meters in length, according to the Journal of South American Earth Sciences. “We were … Read more

They discover the fossil of a strange bird with a dinosaur head

A fossilized skeleton of a bird that lived in present-day China some 120 million years ago could help clarify key steps in the transformation process that led dinosaurs to become contemporary birds, which science has established are their direct descendants. The found fossil is a mysterious hybrid, which seems to integrate the characteristics of both … Read more

This animal looks like a bird, but has a strange dinosaur bone

loading… Illustration of Cratonavis zhui showing the physiology of dinosaurs and birds. Photo: ist JAKARTA – Scientist just analyzed the specimen unique fossil . Its age is 120 million years. Physically, the fossil animal is shaped like a bird. But, have dinosaur skulls and bones. The research was revealed in the latest journal Nature Ecology … Read more