Penitentiary Police celebrating the 206th Anniversary of the Foundation

The regional party of the penitentiary police. This morning at the Educational Institute of the Penitentiary Police Corps, the regional ceremony was held to celebrate the 206th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Penitentiary Police Corps. The event was attended by the highest institutional offices of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Prison Managers and Penitentiary … Read more

Shutterstock partners with NVIDIA to build AI foundation for generative 3D art tool that converts text into 3D content

American image material and editing tool provider Shutterstock announced today (22) that it has cooperated with NVIDIA (Hui Da) to establish an artificial intelligence foundation for generative 3D art tools.Users will be able to NVIDIA Picasso Generative AI Cloud Serviceusing assets from Shutterstock to train 3D models and turn text into 3D content for industrial … Read more

Cinema professionals visit the studio of the Hiba Foundation in Casablanca

Cinema professionals visited, on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the recording and production studio of the Hiba Foundation and Uzine in Casablanca to immerse themselves in innovations and glimpse partnerships. The visit concerned the recording and rehearsal studios, the artists’ residences, the meeting rooms and the administrative offices of the production house of the Hiba Foundation … Read more

Your favorite stars pose for the Véro et Louis Foundation!

For a sixth consecutive year, the Vero & Louis Foundation launches fabulous sweaters for the campaign different like you! For the 2023 edition, Veronique Cloutier, Louis Morissette and Guylaine Guay present four models of unisex sweaters to celebrate the difference. As every year, the profits from sales go directly to the Véro & Louis Foundation, … Read more

The National Museums Foundation mobilizes 6 MDH to promote the artistic scene – Today Morocco

The National Museums Foundation has launched a call for competition for the acquisition of works of art and heritage objects. The objective is to promote the artistic scene and Moroccan artists by offering them the opportunity to present their works to a wide audience. The National Museums Foundation (FNM) works to enrich the cultural and … Read more

The skin researcher: That’s why you should avoid foundation

Dermatologist Johanna Gillbro knows everything about the skin and has seen it down to the smallest cell.What does her own beauty routine look like with all her knowledge?Here are the skin scientist’s 4 beauty tricks. Johanna Gillbro has researched the skin, written a book about the skin and founded her own skin care brand, Skinome, … Read more

Pelangi Maluku Foundation Institute to Handle 20 HIV Cases in 2023 – The Pelangi Maluku Foundation admitted that from January to February 2023, it had handled 20 cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / AIDS in Ambon City. “In our institution, we have our own clinic specifically for handling HIV problems, and the data at the clinic, from January to February this year, we found … Read more

Blur pores with the new powder foundation from IPSA.

IPSA (IPSA) Prioritize the needs of each skin type. to be inspired to create various products including the latest products Powder Foundation e For target customers who have “oily skin” or are concerned about excess oil on the face And choose to use powder foundation to cover skin concerns about oiliness on the face. and … Read more

Just Two Months, Pelangi Maluku Foundation Handles 20 HIV Cases in Ambon – HIV transmission in Ambon City is rife. In just two months in 2023, the Pelangi Maluku Foundation has handled 20 HIV cases in Ambon. Program staff at the Pelangi Maluku Foundation, Alfin Siahaya, admitted that the 20 cases handled were from January to February 2023. “In our institution, we have our own clinic … Read more

Activities of general practitioners increasingly digitized, but watch out for sanctions – Enpam Foundation

(Foto: ©GettyImages/metamorworks) From May 2024, sanctions have been imposed for general practitioners who use electronic medical records and prescription systems that are not validated and certified by notified third parties, complying with the European criteria of the Ce-Mdr regulation in class 2x. These are the effects of the European legislation adopted on 5 August 2022 … Read more