Valérie Plante was sublime at the Ball of the Foundation of the Museum of Fine Arts

In the caption of her publication, Valérie Plante wrote: « At the Ball of the Fondation du Musée des beaux-arts with the fabulous Laurence Nerbonne, multidisciplinary artist. Thank you to the Museum of Fine Arts, which showcases art from here and elsewhere so well, including the art of Françoise Sullivan, with whom I had the … Read more

The FCV University Foundation opens its first technical training programs in Santander

The teaching staff is made up of professionals from the FCV ecosystem who have training in education and extensive experience in the institution. The FCV University Foundation Registration has already opened for its first two academic programs: labor technician of administrative assistant in health y nursing assistant labor technicianwhich will begin to be studied from … Read more

Veronika Arichteva revealed how it will be with the series O me se neboj | For women

When we were already standing in that special little room, Veronika said a little more about it. “The endowment fund financed the house with the help of McDonald’s franchises and mainly people who contributed to the house as part of events in the branches, such as the handouts, Christmas trees were also bought, part of … Read more

The Three Cultures Foundation offers the show Ya Wely on the occasion of International Flamenco Day | Atalayar

Flamenco. Present, past and future. Tradition and avant-garde united in one of the richest and most complex cultural manifestations in the world. On the occasion of the International Day of Flamenco, recognized on this date by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the Three Cultures Foundation offers a concert of fusions between Mediterranean music and … Read more

The Cancer Foundation brings together world-leading researchers in ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is often detected too late and the mortality rate is high. It is therefore necessary for early detection and to find new treatment strategies. Ovarian cancer, also known as ovarian cancer, is the second most common gynecological cancer after uterine cancer. – All our speakers, from all over the world, are working so … Read more

Co-founder of Raspberry Foundation reveals that he will try to improve the price of development boards due to shortage of chips

In response to the recent shortage of chips, resulting in insufficient production capacity of development boards such as Raspberry Pi 4, and even price increases for some development boards, co-founder of Raspberry FoundationJust UptonIn a recent interview, he said that the current plan is to try to reduce the price of development boards by launching … Read more

About SEK 350 million to KI from the Cancer Foundation

In total, the Cancer Foundation distributes SEK 900 million to over 230 research projects. In the selection process, the Cancer Foundation allows all research projects to compete with each other, regardless of cancer type and research method. The Norwegian Cancer Fund’s research committee then assesses which projects have the greatest chance of achieving successful results. … Read more

Record distribution from the Cancer Foundation – over 230 projects are awarded grants

The Cancer Foundation has decided to distribute an additional SEK 815 million to a large number of projects. The largest allocation goes to cancer research at the Karolinska Institutet. The decision on the distribution was made by the fund’s research committee on Tuesday, and means that the Cancer Fund distributed a total of over SEK … Read more