“He blew a hose”: this frantic speech by Francis Lalanne could not go unnoticed … (video)

The 62-year-old singer, who has become a figure in the yellow vests, gave a more than heated speech in front of a crowd of anti -ax protesters. This Saturday, July 17, Francis Lalanne participated in a demonstration of yellow vests in Paris, on the sidelines of that organized against the health pass and the compulsory … Read more

China is creating new classes with frantic construction on the “roof of the world” – World

© Associated Press The photo is archival Construction cranes and tall buildings rise against the backdrop of the Himalayas: there is a construction boom in Lhasa thanks to Chinese investment. However, they are creating a real estate market at two speeds – for officials and others. Economic development as a fight against separatism. Beijing hopes … Read more

Frantic Souls action and dark fantasy are the ingredients of this Korean game to win you over

Project Relic bets on ruthless, high-paced combat in its first gameplay, on the way to PC and consoles. Asian industry of videogames (beyond Japan) has exploded in recent years, with more and more high-level proposals coming from countries such as China and South Korea. This time it’s time to talk about a Korean game, one … Read more

In Auch, a man placed in intensive care… after a frantic consumption of liquorice!

the essential The victim of an extreme case of liquorice intolerance, a 57-year-old patient from the hospital center has come close to the worst. After eight days in intensive care and four weeks of care, he was released. The first symptoms appeared towards the end of the confinement. In a state of extreme fatigue, Louis … Read more

[Innover contre le virus] The frantic race for an anti-Covid-19 vaccine

Moderna Therapeutics, at full speed with messenger RNA First vaccine against Covid-19 to enter phase 1 clinical trial on March 16, the messenger RNA (mRNA) from Moderna Therapeutics is expected to enter phase 3 on July 27. This will involve 30,000 patients. The Cambridge (Massachussetts, United States) company announced it on July 14, when the … Read more