Ukraine detains ‘traitor’ who freed Kherson prisoners

Ukrainian investigators said on Tuesday that a prison guard in the recently liberated city of Kherson is suspected of committing treason for releasing prisoners before the Russian army’s withdrawal. On November 11, the Russian army withdrew its forces from the southern city of Kherson, in a major setback in one of the regions that President … Read more

The residents of Kherson, freed from Russian occupation, are preparing for a harsh winter / Article

Freed from occupation, Kherson is now forced to overcome new obstacles. The invaders have left behind devastation. Many live without heat, water and electricity. But they are forced to stand in long queues for food and medicine. The distribution of food in the city is currently provided by the charity organization “World Central Kitchen”. “Here … Read more

The new CEO of the cryptocurrency FTX bankruptcy case revealed a shocking inside story | Fried | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, November 18, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Takasugi compiled report) Earlier on Thursday (November 17), FTX CEO Ray submitted a document to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court in the United States.Which revealed that as the world’s largestcryptocurrencySo many amazing inside stories about this company, one of the exchanges. cryptocurrencyThe exchange FTX officially filed for bankruptcy … Read more

Shelley Duvall returns to the cinema in a horror film

Shelley Duvall returns to service in an independent horror film titled The Forest Hills. Her name may not mean anything to you, but you’ve probably seen her on screen, whether in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, or Woodie Allen’s Annie Hall. Her face having remained etched in the memory of an entire generation thanks to Stanley … Read more

The Municipal Equipment Fund achieves a GNP up 4% at the end of September

The net banking income of the Communal Equipment Fund (FEC) reached 489 million dirhams at the end of September 2022, the bank indicates in a press release published recently. Compared to the 471 million dirhams achieved in the same period of the previous year (2021), the NBI increased by 4%. This development is due to … Read more

The Israeli musical “El Boustane Sepharadi” at the Mohammed V National Theater

The Mohammed V National Theater in Rabat will host, on November 30 and December 1, the musical “El Boustane Sepharadi” by Yitzhak Navon, the director general of Israel’s National Theater “Habima”, Noam Semel, announced on Thursday. This is the first time that this musical has been performed in an Arab-Muslim country, Semel told a press … Read more

New edition of the Documentary Film Festival on Hassani Saharawi culture, history and space in Laâyoune

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) is organising, from December 19 to 25 in Laayoune, the sixth edition of the Documentary Film Festival on Hassani Saharawi culture, history and space. In a press release, the CCM indicates that the objective of this festival dedicated to documentary film production which is interested in culture, history and the … Read more

Top-notch selection for the 29th edition of European Film Weeks

The 29th edition of the European Film Weeks is being held in Morocco from December 7 to 21, 2022 in four cities of the Kingdom, with a selection of the greatest European auteur films of the year, with the Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival opening. This unmissable meeting of European cinema in Morocco … Read more

Moroccan cultural diversity celebrated at the Poetry Festival

The House of Poetry of Marrakech (Dar Chiir of Marrakech) organizes from November 11 to 13, the 4th edition of the Moroccan Poetry Festival. Placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, this event will pay tribute to the poet and researcher Ahmed Belhaj Ait Ouarham, the Hassani poetess Khadija Laabidi Naha and … Read more

Vulnerable, seniors called to immunize

Like every year, flu season is coming and infections are resurfacing. Although the flu spares no age, seniors, the main victims of the flu, suffer more serious complications. Some people mistakenly believe that this epidemic can only be benign and overshadow the preventive measures and the usefulness of the vaccine. However, virulent as it is, … Read more