Freedom and loans

The sage of the book of Proverbs warned us many years ago of a problem that exists today: “The rich rule over the poor, the borrower is the slave of the lender.” (Prov 22.7). Borrowing takes away freedom, it forces you to follow the dictates of the one who has financed you. If our economic … Read more

Roadkill, the political series in which Hugh Laurie hunts … and they hunt him – Digital Freedom

Without falling into clichés either, there are a number of things that one expects from an English series. In the same way that there are others that you expect from an HBO, or from Netflix, or from a Disney product. Roadkill, which has just been released by Movistar +, is an English miniseries of 4 … Read more

Is freedom a universal value?

John bakator Unsplash America was founded on the premise that freedom is a universal value. Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, was unequivocal: “We regard as self-evident truths that all men are created equal; that are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … Read more

With Silvio Trucco Colón arbitration, he plays a key duel in Zone 2

Tucco comes from directing Unión and will now referee another team from Santa Fe. The Argentine Football Association reported on Monday all the programming including the referees of the second date of the Professional Football League Cup. Rafael’s Silvio Trucco, who this Sunday led the goalless draw between Unión de Santa Fe and Arsenal, will … Read more

“Preserve freedom and support the faith, the family”: Trump offers his “American Dream” plan in Spanish

Donald Trump announced the plan on his personal Twitter account in Spanish (Photo: Twitter @ realDonaldTrump)In the middle of the elections that will define the next occupant of the White House, in Washington DC, Donald Trump, United States’s president, shared the American Dream Plan. Through your personal Twitter account released a document in which he … Read more

“Freedom!”: Europe raises its voice against new restrictions due to coronavirus

MADRID, (Spain) .- This Sunday, November 1, Spain lived a second night of riots in several cities in protest against the confinement measures, an example of the growing fatigue and exasperation of the population in a Europe that imposes increasing restrictions to combat the second wave of the pandemic of coronavirus. In the European continent, … Read more

This is how mothers can create more freedom – BZ Berlin

Anja Opitz According to a survey by the commercial health insurance company, almost 40 percent of mothers are very often or frequently under stress. A new guide gives affected women helpful tips. Three quarters of the women surveyed think that they would be less stressed if they had enough space for themselves. Mothers are often … Read more