The most difficult time to study abroad!The doctor recommended a 4-week truce for frequent injuries, which made Li Lei feel tormented – yqqlm

Original title: The most difficult time to study abroad!Doctors suggested a 4-week truce, frequent injuries made Li Lei feel tormented After the nearly 31-year-old Wu Lei ended his three-and-a-half-year experience of studying abroad, Li Lei, who was one year younger than him, was tenaciously carrying the banner of Chinese players studying abroad in Swiss professional … Read more

Frequent Left Chest Pain when Yawning to Sneezing, What are the Signs of Pain Doc?

Jakarta – Question: Allow me to ask Doc… I have pain in the left side of my chest. This pain often occurs when breathing, especially when yawning, sneezing, and coughing. The pain is getting sharper, but the pain sometimes goes away with movement. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT Then, when I sleep on my left … Read more

Frequent Pain in the Chest-Back? Recognize the Symptoms of Lung Cancer According to the Doctor

Solo – August 1 has been observed as World Lung Cancer Day since 2012. What is lung cancer? The following is a series of things about lung cancer, ranging from causes, symptoms, to how to prevent it, according to a lung specialist from Dr. Soeradji Tirtonegoro Hospital in Klaten. 1. About Lung Cancer In his … Read more

The 16th Provincial Games|The good news of the Lincang delegation is frequent

Original title: The 16th Provincial Games|The Lincang delegation made good news frequently In the youth group competition of the 16th Yunnan Games, Lincang athletes fought tenaciously and bravely competed for the first place. At present, the four events of archery, shooting, boxing and judo have been completed. Lincang athletes have won 11 gold medals, 18 … Read more

This woman’s head has holes due to frequent sunbathing, this is the story

Jakarta – A woman in England who has a hobby of sunbathing since she was young, had to let doctors take some tissue from her head due to a skin cancer condition. The woman named Nickie Murtagh (37), was declared to have skin cancer which she got due to excessive sun exposure. Initially, Nickie was … Read more

Frequent mistakes evaporate Ferrari’s dream of a first title since 2007

Posted in: 25/07/2022 – 08:48 Le Castellet (France) (AFP) – If it’s not the car, then the strategy, if not the strategy, then the driver. This is the bitter reality experienced by the Ferrari team during the current season of the Formula One World Championship, and its last chapter on Sunday when its driver, Charles … Read more

What is liver cirrhosis, a disease caused by frequent drinking of alcohol? page all – A tweet about a 29-year-old who frequently consumes alcohol and ends up getting hit liver cirrhosisviral on social media on Wednesday (20/7/2022). “My friend in his 20s works open tables every night at the barAll alcohol is gone, it’s like drinking water Age 29 has liver cirrhosis. Now he’s trying to survive using … Read more

Centralized procurement and frequent floor price pharmaceutical companies are shortlisted and cannot lie down and win_National Organization_Drug_Production

Original title: Centralized procurement frequently finds floor price pharmaceutical companies shortlisted and unable to lie down and win “No matter which region is selected, the procurement volume is not small. After winning the bid, it will be of great significance to pharmaceutical companies.” After the results of the seventh batch of nationally organized centralized drug … Read more

Long Covid, the symptoms: the eight most frequent manifestations that persist over time

The World Health Organization has decided to officially call it “post Covid-19 condition“: Is the condition of persistence of signs and symptoms that continue (or develop) beyond 12 weeks from the end of the acute phase of the disease. A syndrome about which little is yet known, because it takes time to collect enough data … Read more