Frightening accident on the highway, two twenty-year-olds from Augusta lose their lives –

More blood on the Syracusan roads. Two boys aged 19 and 22 lost their lives in a dramatic road accident that took place overnight on the Syracuse-Catania road, near the Augusta junction. They were aboard a BMW driven by a 30-year-old friend who was injured in the terrifying accident. The car, according to an initial … Read more

The frightening outbursts of Diego Reinhold against Silvia Fernández Barrio after a controversial question from the journalist

On these days, Silvia Fernandez Barrio was the target of much criticism after a controversial question he asked in Moment D (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 5:15 p.m.), the cycle that leads Fabian Doman. In that framework, Diego Reinhold was dispatched with a series of outbursts against her a Twitter. The sequence of what … Read more

Jessica Alves wanted eyes like Bella Hadid. However, the re-operated Barbie is frightening!

First she wanted to be Ken, then Barbie again. Plastic surgery lover Jessica Alves shocks again. The busty blonde decided she wanted to have eyes like the famous model Bella Hadid. She has already caused a stir several times with her cat eyes, and many claimed that she had several plastic surgeries, but Bella denied … Read more

Signs of the hour appear in Jordan: A Jordanian man hears loud, frightening sounds coming out of his wife’s grave… And when the police came and opened the grave, it was a shocking surprise.!!

Several news sites, including Yemen Voice, circulated a story that was said to be of a Jordanian man whose wife died In detail, a Jordanian husband submitted a request to the Jordanian security services to exhume his wife’s grave because of his suspicions. According to Jordanian media, regarding the incident that occurred last year, the … Read more

A frightening tragedy and painful fate for the famous singer Nancy Ajram… and sadness sweeps the Lebanese masses.!!

The interrogation of Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, against the background of the murder of the Syrian youth, Muhammad Al-Mousa, inside the villa, revealed a surprise of great caliber. According to Lebanese media, the first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, interrogated Al-Hashem for three hours, and then … Read more

Signs of the hour began to appear.. A Jordanian man hears terrifying and frightening sounds coming out of his wife’s grave, and when the police came and the grave was opened, the shocking surprise was!

A Jordanian husband submitted a request to the Jordanian security services on Tuesday, to exhume his wife’s grave due to his suspicions. According to Jordanian media, the security services opened the grave of a woman who died last Friday. This was after her husband suspected that she was alive, in the Ramtha Brigade, in northern … Read more

A frightening phenomenon in the sky. The locals felt like they were in a horror movie – o2

People in the US state of South Dakota could not believe what they saw in the sky on Wednesday, July 6. During a violent storm, the initially normal blue sky suddenly turned green. Witnesses published numerous photos and videos on social media. USA: Green skies over South Dakota However, meteorologists argue that such a phenomenon … Read more

The famous blind astronomer predicts 7 shocking and imminent events that will shake the world these days..Here are its frightening details! !

Many different predictions are made by many in the new year 2022, and there are many famous clairvoyants around the world, including the famous blind clairvoyant “Baba Vanga”, who made their contribution. The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant or “Baba Vanga”, her real name is Angelia Gushterova, became famous in the world because of her strange and … Read more

New and terrifying predictions by the famous astronomer Michel Hayek refer to frightening events in which the hair of the head will turn gray.. predictions that are the first of their kind for this Arab country!

In new predictions for the famous fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, she heads about what is happening in an Arab country, the pioneers of the communication sites re-published and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast carried by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2021. Hayek saw “a retreat … Read more