Photo: Active Fumigation to Prevent DHF in the Transitional Season – Officers carry out fogging to eradicate the breeding of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) mosquitoes in densely populated settlements, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/5/2022). To deal with the transition season or the transition from the rainy season to the dry season which is the breeding ground for the Aedes Agypty mosquito, the cause of Dengue Hemorrhagic … Read more

Steps for Medical Handling if Bitten by a Rabies Dog – The number of rabid dog bite cases in Jembrana Regency, Bali Province is high compared to last year. This year there were 100 positive cases of rabies. While last year there were 66 cases. Rabies is a disease caused by a deadly virus that is transmitted to humans from the saliva of infected … Read more

Xbox Game Pass: new features for the end of May 2022 unveiled, including several titles added as soon as they are released

Big end of the month in sight for subscribers to the Game Pass ! The service will host several hits, including Jurassic World Evolution 2 et Farming Simulator 22but above all many titles as soon as they are officially launched, such as Umurangi Generation – Special Edition, Floppy Knights, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Pac-Man Museum+ and even … Read more

Removing about 900,000 applications from the Google Play Store… What is the reason?

Tech giant Google is preparing to remove nearly 900,000 apps, abandoned or not updated, from the Play Store, and according to Android Authority, the Google Play Store could see the number of available apps drop by about a third. Both Google and Apple revealed measures to deal with abandoned apps or apps that haven’t been … Read more

This application shares your data more than others.. Beware!

People use social media to entertain and vent. The downside, however, is that your data may be at risk! According to a recent study, published by URL Genius Earlier this year, 2 communication apps could collect a lot of data about you. In detail, YouTube and Tik Tok track users’ personal data more than any … Read more

After the investigation of the homosexuals in disguise, a stern warning from FIFA to Qatar’s hotels

FIFA warned Friday that it would cancel World Cup contracts with any hotel in Qatar or any service provider that discriminates against LGBT people. The move came after investigations revealed that three hotels on the list, which FIFA granted its approval to host visitors in the World Cup, did not allow same-sex couples to receive … Read more

The Governor of South Sulawesi’s Viral Speech: Why Don’t You Get Out of Indonesia – The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, drew the spotlight after the video of his remarks at the anniversary of the East Luwu Regency (Lutim) went viral on social media (medsos). In this video, Andi Sudirman responded to the demands of the residents of Rampi, North Luwu Regency (Lutra) regarding road … Read more

Try this before you take the medicine! As effective as antibiotics

Antibiotics were the strongest weapon against disease. Antibiotics, which have been used extensively for years, have started to show resistance in recent years and even started to do more harm than good. It is very important to use it as carefully as possible to minimize the risk of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, you can protect yourself … Read more

Using Police Attributes to Escort Ambulance, Motorcyclist Arrested at the Peak – A driver with the initials H was arrested in the Puncak area, Bogor Regency because he was caught using the attribute police. Police even that fake has to deal with police at the Bogor Police Headquarters, Thursday (12/5). Head of Traffic at the Bogor Police, AKP Dicky Pranata, explained that H was arrested … Read more

Improve Body Health, Here Are Tips On A Sugar-Free Diet

Thursday, 12 May 2022 21:13 Reporter : Apprenticeship diet illustration. – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. A healthy lifestyle can make the body protected from various diseases that will attack the body. Therefore, adequate nutrition is needed from the food and drinks consumed. Currently, there are many variants of food sold. This … Read more