Elden Ring: A composer imagines the main theme in 15 different genres

Elden Ringthe successful open world of Hidetaka Miyazaki that has already managed to sell more than 13 million units all over the world, receive 15 variations on its main theme by composer and producer Alex Moukala (va PC Gamer). Moukala, who declares himself a big fan of the main musical piece of the new FromSoftware, … Read more

Foreplay: Elden Ring is a sexless game about sex | column

Try finger, but whole Written by Erwin Vogelaar on Wednesday 13 April 2022 14:00 Whether you play Elden Ring or not, you’ve probably heard a lot about the difficulty, the freedom, and the bosses. But what about sex? Sex doesn’t play any role in this game and yet it’s all about it. (Warning: This article … Read more

The success of Elden Ring on Twitch: more than 200 million hours viewed in a month

The success of Elden Ring can be accounted for in different ways. For example, with its release on Steam, which placed it as the fifth best opening game on Valve’s platform. Or with the units distributed and sold around the world, which exceeded 12 million in less than a month between the PC, PS5, Xbox … Read more

Elden Ring: Tunic, Zelda Breath of the Wild… 8 games you’ll love after the latest FromSoftware

Game News Elden Ring: Tunic, Zelda Breath of the Wild… 8 games you’ll love after the latest FromSoftware Published on 03/26/2022 at 09:35 A month has already passed since the release of Elden Ring and more than one player is beginning to see the end of FromSoftware’s new nugget. And even if the adventure was … Read more

Elden Ring bosses react more to player actions than previous FromSoftware games

© FromSoftware developers are known for their difficult bosses in games. The player generally must have the patience to learn how to properly parry or roll at the right moment between his own strikes, and use all other resources available to him to even the odds. In this regard, Elden Ring is no different from … Read more

Well-known analysts disclosed that the original target of “Ayrdon Circle” was to sell 4 million sets by the end of March | 4Gamers

Yesterday (16), Bandai Namco, the publisher of “Aerdon Circle”, and developer FromSoftware announced that the shipment of “Ayrdon Circle” has exceeded 12 million units, and its sales performance is amazing. However, according to Daniel Ahmad, a well-known game industry analyst working for Niko Partners on Twitter, FromSoftware did not expect that “Ayrden’s Circle” would sell … Read more

Elden Ring: PETA’s Fun Tips for Enjoying the Game Without Harming Animals

MAP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization that has been crusading for several years with certain video games that include violence against animals; more recently, the company lashed out at cockfighting on Far Cry 6 and hunting titles like Hunting Simulator 2. On March 7, the same company shared a video … Read more

They have already managed to finish Elden Ring without dying once and in just two and a half hours

While there are still many players who are trying to understand how to beat Magrit, the Fallen Omena speedrunner has managed to finish Elden Ring in just two and a half hours without dying even once. It seems completely crazy considering that the games of FromSoftware they have the difficulty built into its designalthough this … Read more

Elden Ring: Guerrilla and Ubisoft developers criticize its interface and mission design

Elden Ringthe new title from the creators of Dark Soulsis enjoying a unprecedented success and, as we discussed in our full analysis, is a firm candidate to win the GOTY award at the next The Game Awards. However, despite its quality, FromSoftware’s game has received some criticism, mostly focused on the lack of optimization of … Read more

Horizon and Ubisoft Players Destroyed Due to Elden Ring Criticism

It has become another issue. When two developersgamefrom two camps, both from Guerilla Games (creator of Horizon Forbidden West) and from Ubisoft, both of whom had to lock Twitter. because both of them criticizedgame Elden Ring which is being discussed at the moment The Ubisoft team has talked about the scores ofgame Elden Ring, for … Read more