A bailiff tries to raise a picket in front of Delhaize in Verviers: the action will continue this Saturday

Since the decision, announced at the beginning of March, of the management of Delhaize to want to franchise 128 supermarkets, including those of Verviers and Heusy, the discontent has not weakened among the staff. This Friday, a picket again took place in front of the store on Boulevard des Gérardchamps. Around 2 p.m., those present … Read more

PREVIEW: Trpišovský and David Jurásek in front of Olomouc

30/03/2023, Editorial Board The international break is over, but the league is back! The celebrants will host the sixth Olomouc at home on Saturday from 19:00. Before the match, Jindřich Trpišovský talked about the current mood of the squad, David Jurásk was waiting for questions from the fans. “We are really looking forward to the … Read more

The people who made Jung Yong-jin’s ‘Atom Boots’… This time, it is a shoe that can be worn without front and back.

‘Sneakers without front and back’ released by MSCHF./MSCHF A group of American artists who created a sensation in the fashion world with the so-called ‘Atom Boots’, red boots that seemed to pop out of cartoons, are attracting attention once again by introducing sneakers with no back and front. According to the fashion industry on the … Read more

She covered up his betrayal. A fierce quarrel between Umm Pique and Shakira in front of the two children

She appeared holding Shakira’s mouth and pointing her fingers at the street, asking the singer to shut her mouth Dubai – Al Arabiya.net Published in: March 30, 2023: 11:05 AM GST Last updated: Mar 30, 2023: 11:54 AM GST The chapters of the family crisis experienced by the famous Colombian singer, Shakira, did not stop … Read more

Like Popular Front hartal, Idukki hartal is also illegal; Police notice to strike committee

Idukki: In protest against the stay of the ‘Mission Arikomban’ to catch Arikomban, who is a threat to people’s lives, the public hartal held today in Idukki under the auspices of LDF is illegal, police said. The police issued a notice to the supporters of the hartal citing the High Court order that those intending … Read more

Modernized T-62 already at the front

T-62M Photo Vitaly V. Kuzmin Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email The Russians are currently in the process of restoring and modernizing 800 T-62 tanks that have long been stored in their military reserves. The first vehicles referred to as T-62M mod. 2022 are already at the front, and more have been captured during … Read more

The tank whisperers of the southern front in Zaporizhia

A Ukrainian unit is repairing its decades-old fighting machines in sooty workshops. Modern war seems far away. But the Ukrainian counter-offensive is getting closer and closer. The workshop of the 128th mountain assault brigade in the Zaporizhia region is in an industrial city, of which there are hundreds in Ukraine. More details must remain secret … Read more

Assassination attempt in Azerbaijan! MP shot in front of his house

In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Great Liberation Party and Deputy Fazil Mustafa was attacked with an armed attack in front of his house. In the statement made by the Azerbaijan Chief Prosecutor’s Office, it was reported that around 21.51 local time, MP Fazıl Mustafa was attacked with automatic weapons by unknown … Read more

“I live the life of asceticism now, and I ride any Arab I have standing in front of my house.”

The beautiful artist, Ghada Abdel Razek, raised a lot of controversy during the past few hours, after she revealed the first wage she received at the beginning of her artistic career, and indicated that she spends her money on the basic things in her life. And the artist confirmed, through her statements with Cairo 24, … Read more

Tanks from Germany have arrived in Ukraine: hundreds of them will go to the front

Germany delivered Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, which it promised to Kyiv in January. This was announced on Monday by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, TASR reports, according to an AFP report. “Yes, we delivered the Leopard tanks as we announced,” said Scholz at a press conference in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. He thus confirmed … Read more