Today’s Gold Price at Pawnshops Dropped Sharply, Here’s the Full Details – Price of gold bullion Antam’s 1 gram denomination at PT Pegadaian (Persero) today, Sunday (4/12/2022), is priced at IDR 1,019,000 or decreased by IDR 15,000 compared to last Saturday. Then for gold bullion price the 0.5 gram denomination is priced at IDR 562,000 and the price for a 2 gram Antam gold bar … Read more

Chevrolet Montana LTZ: the differences between this base version and the full Premier

Chevrolet released the first photos of the new Montana 2023 in LTZ version; that is, the one that will be positioned at the entrance of the range. Days ago they had already made themselves known all the details of the full Premier. Visually it stands out for the chrome details on the body, instead of … Read more

Genius Li Yinan’s dream of building a car is broken. Ziyoujia issued an official announcement: Cannot deliver the car, full refund–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

Genius Li Yinan broke his dream of building a car, and made an official announcement from Youjia: Unable to deliver the car, full refund Suddenly, the self-guided car built by the genius Li Yinan was about to withdraw from this track. On December 7th, NIUTRON Auto released a “Letter to NV Users”, with the accompanying … Read more

Don’t send Aunt Keet for urgent surgery. a large lump full of stomach collapsed heavily, unable to breathe

Recently, Khun Khao Somkid Hongsakul, the only son of Aunt Kiet, has updated the illness to the Thai Rath online entertainment channel. “Last Saturday (December 3, 2022), Aunt Kiet had abdominal distension, chest tightness, pain in the right ribcage. make it difficult to breathe therefore had to be taken to Pak Chong Nana Hospital, but … Read more

Mars Opposition Meets Full Moon Thursday, Its Glare Outperforms All Stars

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Planet Mars will be in the opposite position to the full moon or opposition on December 8, 2022. Here’s how to watch celestial phenomenon tonight. This phenomenon is a configuration when the Sun-Earth-Mars are in a straight line. Mars is on the opposite side of the Sun, so it is known as … Read more

“Lietkabel’s” opponent is an Italian mid-range team full of veterans

Panevėžys “7bet-Lietkabelis” already on December 7. (Wednesday) will complete a marathon of four consecutive home games. This time, Panevėžys will host guests from Italy, the Germani team from Brescia, in the European Cup tournament. The club, which returned to the second largest European tournament after a season break, was founded in 2009, and the highest … Read more

Become the god of an open world full of dinosaurs, prehistoric world revealed

▲ Screenshot of Prehistoric World (Photo source: Steam official page) An open-world strategy game that explores a planet that reproduces the earth 66 million years ago full of dinosaurs has been released. ‘Prehistoric World: A New Beginning’, which is being developed by Imperion Online, opened its Steam page on the 4th and started preparations for … Read more

Official! The match for the Indonesian National Team in the 2022 AFF Cup will be broadcast on RCTI, check the full schedule

Denpasar Sound – Indonesian National team under the tutelage of Shin Tae Yong, it was recorded that he had held a training camp (TC) at the Bali United Training Center, Purnama Beach, Gianyar since November 28, 2022. This was done to prepare the Indonesian National Team for matches in the event AFF Cup 2022 future. … Read more