Play with FUN and start school! ASUS launches exclusive discounts for teachers and students on Intel Evo laptops

Buy a machine before the end of September, log in, send a gift, and then draw a GoPro travel group. To welcome the wave of computer purchases at the beginning of the school year, Asustek launched a preferential education plan for laptops. Before the end of September, students above high school will be[1]or faculty[2]apply for … Read more

The artist (Bossi) after she caught her husband sleeping with the belly dance star in her bedroom.. She didn’t make him stop and when he finished his fun to the end, this was her shocking reaction! !

Many actresses and screen beauties did not escape their husbands’ betrayal of them, despite their beauty and interest in their elegance, including the artist Bossi. The artist, Bossi, suffered from her husband’s betrayal of her, and after the problems persisted between them, Bossi separated from her husband, Fatin Saeed, and “Bossi” spoke in more than … Read more

The beautiful summer Magálova came to have fun at Polnišová’s movie! And she was not the only one, the premiere was full of stars – On the red carpet – Cocktail

At the premiere of the news Welcome to home, brother! it did not lack stars – Petra Polnišová, Róbert Jakab or Martin Hofmann. Photo: Profimedia Petra Polnišová and Kamila Magálová at the premiere of the news Welcome home, brother!. A summer comedy from the Slovak Balkans called Welcome home, brother! is heading to our cinemas. … Read more

A young man practices vice online with a very beautiful Jordanian girl.. and after he completed his fun, the end was disastrous and the unthinkable happened!

A Jordanian court has issued a 7-year prison sentence against a young man in his twenties, after he was charged with the felony of indecent assault, repeated 5 times. In the details of the case reported by the local “Roya” website, the young man published explicit photos and videos of a 14-year-old girl; What prompted … Read more

You look like Sparta, they make fun of you in Slovakia. It is not an intention, the club is defending itself

It is true that the retro jerseys of Spišská Nové Ves from the 80s of the last century were strikingly similar to the Spartan ones. They were not red or white, which the Prague club uses, but yellow, but the capital letter “S” dominated the chest. “There was certainly no intention to create Sparta-like jerseys. … Read more

The rate of vaccination of children against various viruses has historically collapsed PUBLIC .MD

With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, the rate of vaccination of children against various viruses has historically collapsed. In the period 2020-2021, 10 thousand children out of the more than 60 thousand missed vaccination against the most widespread infections. Authorities say the rate also began to fall with the massive distribution of fake news … Read more

Razer unveils DeathAdder V3 Pro, lighter, more responsive and accurate – mashdigi – Tech, New Products, Fun Facts, Trends

Razer earlier announced the launch of the new DeathAdder V3 Pro gaming mouse, which also adopts an ergonomic design and is more than 25% lighter than the previous generation.HyperPolling wireless transmission technologywhich corresponds to a wireless polling rate of up to 4000Hz, corresponding to a faster operation response speed. In addition, the new DeathAdder V3 … Read more

Menna Shalaby takes off the dress of shame and confesses to the most powerful hot scene for her and at the time she could not control her instinct and continued her fun until the end!! (fireworks details)

2022/08/07 It’s 05:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Despite the passage of 19 years since the presentation of the movie The Magician, it is still one of the distinguishing signs in cinema, and in it was the first appearance of the brilliant artist Menna Shalaby and her most daring roles ever. The young artist, … Read more

Review of Prey, the most fun action movie. Awaken the legend of Predator. A good movie that should not be missed.

In this sector, action continues to be fun and fun. Naru’s signature weapons are axes and bows. I like the character Naru that even if the weapon has will be very inferior to the Predator But she always comes up with ingenious and ingenious plans to fight, unpredictable, fond of the harmonious love of siblings. … Read more

Festivities on the occasion of the Power Engineer’s Day. The inhabitants of Bełchatów had fun at the concert of Anna Wyszkoni [FOTO]

Events The star of this year’s festival organized on the occasion of the Power Industry Day was Anna Wyszkoni. Residents gathered in the city center to have fun together during the concert. On Saturday, August 6, at MCK PGE Power Giants held fete organized on the occasion of the upcoming Energy Day. Many attractions awaited … Read more