Two attacks in Funchal at dawn — DNOTICIAS.PT

Two men, aged 30 and 41, were attacked this morning on Avenida do Mar, in Funchal. The first had bruises but ended up refusing hospital treatment. The other victim had injuries in the abdomen and face and was assisted by the Sapadores Firefighters of Funchal who transported her to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital around … Read more

GNR seizes vehicle with false registration in Funchal — DNOTICIAS.PT

On the 16th of January, the National Republican Guard seized a vehicle with false registration in Funchal. It was during an inspection in the fiscal and customs scope that the military noticed a high-capacity vehicle, whose letters and numbering on the registration plates did not correspond to the vehicle in question. For this reason, the … Read more

Woman dies after cardiac arrest at home in Funchal — DNOTICIAS.PT

A 55-year-old woman died this morning following a cardiac arrest suffered while at home, on the Caminho de Santo António, in Funchal. The Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters were called, around 9 am, as well as EMIR. Despite the efforts of the rescue teams, it was not possible to reverse the clinical picture and the lady died. … Read more

Funchal explosion leaves man with burns — DNOTICIAS.PT

A 53-year-old man suffered burns to his body this morning following an explosion in a house in Travessa do Tanque, Funchal. The resident will have lit the stove at 6:30 am, with the gas leaking causing the explosion that also caused some damage to the kitchen. The Madeira Volunteer Firefighters went to the scene with … Read more

Searches for tax fraud, computer falsification and money laundering include Funchal — DNOTICIAS.PT

The Judiciary Police, through the Directorate of the North, with the support of the Criminal Investigation Departments of Braga and Madeira, as well as the Information Technology Expertise Unit, developed a police operation to comply with arrest warrants and house and non-domestic searches , for the alleged practice of crimes of tax fraud, qualified fraud, … Read more

A man who went into cardiac arrest in Funchal died — DNOTICIAS.PT

The individual who went into cardiac arrest this afternoon, in a vehicle located on Rua do Carmo, in Funchal, ended up dying. Madeira Volunteer Firefighters were called to the scene at 7 pm to provide first aid, and the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR) was called shortly afterwards to carry out resuscitation maneuvers, but without … Read more

Sailboat with five crew adrift in Madeira towed to Funchal – News

The note released by the National Maritime Authority said that this operation took place on Friday, and the alert reached the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Subcenter (MRSC Funchal) at 18:55, and the relief action was immediately triggered. The sailboat was adrift due to a malfunction in the engine, and the elements of Sanas, … Read more

Stabbing author arrested in Funchal — DNOTICIAS.PT

The man who stabbed another individual this morning on Avenida do Mar and Madeira Communities was detained by the Public Security Police. It is a 42-year-old unemployed man who with a knife stabbed the other in the abdomen, causing injuries. As reported, the victim was rescued by the Madeira Volunteer Firefighters and transported to the … Read more

Funchal Captaincy extends strong wind warning

Article | 09/30/2021 08:40 The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal once again extended the strong wind warning, until 06:00 tomorrow. According to data released by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, this Thursday, the wind will blow fresh to very fresh, sometimes strong, and visibility will be good to moderate. With regard … Read more