WhatsApp reintroduced an old function that had been removed and nobody noticed

WhatsApp recovered an old tool that had been disabled and that, without a doubt, brings great benefits to users. However, few discovered that the instant messaging company launched this feature once again. According to the website specialized in technology, Android Police, the reincorporation of the function that allows you to activate a direct chat with … Read more

Cell Nucleus: Definition, Function, and Its Parts Page all

KOMPAS.com – Nucleus or inti sel is a highly specialized organelle that functions as the information processing and administration center of the cell. Inti sel has two main functions, namely controlling all activities in the cell and storing the cell’s hereditary material or DNA. Cell activities controlled by the cell nucleus include growth, intermediate metabolism, … Read more

Quick TikTok: what is it and what is the recent function implemented by the video app similar to Snapchat and Instagram | answers

TikTok is one of the app de videos most used shorts today. Thus, in recent months they have been improving their proposal to provide the best experience to their millions of users. In this way, with the desire to continue competing and not be left behind by other social networks, What Instagram The Snapchat, has … Read more

The white plate of the vehicle will be installed with a chip, the police explain its function

Jakarta – The black license plate will be replaced white plate. Not only that, the white plate will also be installed later chip in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID). “Chip It is true that there will be in the future, especially now that it is Revolution 4.0,” said Director General of the National … Read more

Exercise improves brain function in Parkinson’s patients

In Parkinson’s disease, dopamine-producing cells in the brain die. As a result, patients experience various complaints, ranging from slower movement to trembling of an arm or leg. A 2018 study showed that patients who exercised vigorously on a stationary bike three times a week had symptoms stabilized compared to a control group who only performed … Read more

Knowing the Important Overdrive Function in Automatic Car Transmission Lever Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – On a motor vehicle four wheels, there is a feature located on the transmission lever in the form of a button that can be pressed to activate it with the words O/D alias overdrive. At rest or at a moderate speed, it feels like no significant changes have occurred, even when felt … Read more

WhatsApp accounts in danger: the app launches a new “emergency” function

The messaging app WhatsApp now released a new “rule” that everyone must accept in order not to be hacked and not suffer access from an unauthorized third party. This is a new feature that adds more security to an account: it’s called “two-step verification” and requires a six-digit registration code that appears randomly. Here’s what … Read more

German BSI: No censorship function found in smartphones Xiaomi

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) announces that in its audit of Xiaomi smartphone products with a focus on Germany, it has found no irregularities that require further investigation or other measures. The BSI was unable to detect a transfer of filter lists as described in the original report. The investigation was launched … Read more

James Webb Telescope Replaces Hubble, Check Out Its Functions and Missions Here

MEDIA BLITAR – Sempat viral What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday, Teleskop Hubble soon to retire. James Webb which was launched on December 24, 2021 ago, reportedly telescope this is in the process of opening the sunscreen or heat shield from the sun. As the successor of the Telescope Hubble, telescope James Webb have … Read more

Research BSI: No Censorship Function In Xiaomi Smartphones

A few months ago, Lithuania came out with the news that Xiaomi has equipped its smartphones with a censorship function that can block terms that the Chinese government is against. Xiaomi denied this and the German watchdog BSI subsequently conducted an independent investigation. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has been investigating Lithuania’s … Read more