Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake for PC review, adding evolutionary visuals to the acclaimed smooth system #PlayStation 5 (181055)

The popular action game Marvel Spider-Man, originally exclusive to the PlayStation platform, announced its launch on the PC platform in June this year. At the same time, it appeared as a remake of the new generation of PC. The Marvel Spider-Man on the PC platform not only has the smooth and dazzling action of the … Read more

Microsoft brings dictation function to Onenote

8. August 2022 – Anyone who is tired of typing their notes should be happy about the latest update for Onenote. The application now allows texts to be dictated – at least in the beta version of the application. Microsoft is beefing up Onenote: customers will now be able to dictate their notes instead of … Read more

the probe will continue to function

Lucy is equipped with a pair of solar panels of 7 meters wide.Image: NASA a few hours to start a 12 year trip towards Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, the Lucy spacecraft ran into a problem. One of their solar panels was refusing to open fully and mission controllers have been working on it since then. However, … Read more

Twitter will notify you when an embedded tweet has been edited and this is what the function looks like

The promise of being able to edit tweets was announced by Twitter last April and since then we have seen little progress in this regard. We know that this function will arrive, in principle, exclusively for Twitter Blue subscribers (membership that, by the way, has gone up in price), although until now the real way … Read more

Apple’s official software leaks: Confirmation of iPhone 14’s display of the function of the screen includes the removal of details in the Widget

Xcode is Apple’s own software, mainly for system adaptation for developers, but it also reveals some new features in advance. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will be equipped with the Always-On Display feature, and traces of the Always-On Display have appeared again in the latest Xcode 14 Beta version. According to the information shared by … Read more

Twitter tests a function that allows you to add statuses in the publications

Twitter has started testing a new feature where users can provide additional information to their followers through posts, by moods or descriptions. It is a tool that, for the time being, only a select group of users of the social network from both the United States and Australia. As confirmed by a Twitter spokesperson to … Read more

PS5 releases new firmware beta, finally supports 2K screen and folder function | 4Gamers

For some gamers using 2K resolution (1440p) computer monitors to play PS5, the update has finally arrived. It has been discovered in the beta firmware released by SIE today (28), and it supports 1440P resolution. PS5 has only supported 1080P (Full HD) and 2160P (4K) since its launch, which has made many users using PC … Read more