Effect and function, insulin resistance and diabetes therapies

How does insulin work and why do diabetics inject it? What does insulin resistance mean and what diabetes therapies are there? You can read everything about insulin here. Quite a few people associate insulin with injections and associate it with something pathological like Diabetes, a disease that is known to severely restrict the diet and … Read more

Apple’s AirDrop airdrop “open to everyone for 10 minutes” function launched globally

[摘要]Apple today launched the iOS 16.2 RC version, which brings some new features, including iCloud end-to-end encryption upgrade, Apple Music Sing and more. This update also expands an AirDrop (air drop) function previously limited to China to the global market, which is “open to everyone for 10 minutes.” IT House News on December 8, Apple … Read more

Apple Music launches singing karaoke function to sing popular Cantonese songs

Apple announced the launch of the “Apple Music Instant Sing” feature, which allows users to sing along to real-time lyrics as if they were in a K room. In addition to choosing the lead singer, duet and accompaniment, you can also adjust the vocals. Since Apple Music includes many popular Cantonese pop songs, Hong Kong … Read more

AirTag support, Apple macOS update further enhances Find My function | XFastest News

In the latest version update of macOS Ventura 13.1 Beta, Apple has further enhanced the FindMy function to support finding AirTag. Previously, users could only find AirTags in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch versions of FindMy, and Apple has now introduced this feature for Mac devices. IT Home learned that in the previous macOS … Read more

Apple Music’s instant singing function allows you to sing genuine K anytime, anywhere – Engadget 中文版

Apple Music Instant During the severe epidemic earlier, singing K at home was a way for many people to relieve boredom. For a while, the “Singing K Artifact” was out of stock. Although many entertainment venues have reopened today, Apple Music has finally added a karaoke mode, with a new “Sing function“, so that everyone … Read more

Google unveils December software update for ‘Pixel Watch’… Adds fall function in 2023

On the 5th (local time), Google released the December software update for the Pixel Watch. This Pixel Watch update focused on fixing bugs that have been reported so far instead of introducing new features. First, fixes and improvements were made to hands-free profile (HFP) calling, and single-tap support for enabling/disabling battery saver was added. Also … Read more

Cholinesterase inhibitors helped patients with Alzheimer’s disease preserve kidney function

“In this observational study, we show that the use of cholinesterase inhibitors is linked to preservation of kidney function,” says Hong Xu, MD PhD, assistant professor and first author of the article. Cholinesterase inhibitors are a group of drugs recommended for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Although the target organ of this group of drugs … Read more

Rescuers find a man stranded in Alaska thanks to his iPhone’s satellite function

A man who became stranded in a snowmobile while traveling between two Alaskan towns Thursday morning was able to be rescued by authorities thanks to a feature on his iPhone 14 that works with satellite technology. The phone did not have cell service, but the man, who was traveling between the towns of Noorvik to … Read more