Poverty, Caritas 2021 Report: more marked growth in the Northern regions. “The future is linked to the functioning of the Citizenship Income, improve access criteria”

“The future of policies against poverty in our country it is, today more than ever, linked to the good functioning of the Basic income. It is, therefore, from here that we must start to draw increasingly adequate interventions to an evolving poverty ”. This is the conclusion reached by the 2021 Report on Poverty and … Read more

Ruslan Stefanov: Kristalina Georgieva may lose her position in the IMF

Ruslan Stefanov Bulgaria will not feel a serious shaking of its reputation due to the scandal with it “Serious mistrust in the functioning of the World Bank. A sign of the growing confrontation between the United States and China.” These are the conclusions about the scandal with the ranking Doing Business, according to economist Ruslan … Read more

The fall in the birth rate in Brussels has an impact on the functioning of nursery schools

Fewer and fewer babies are being born in Brussels. After a significant boom in the birth rate between 2000 and 2014, the trend has reversed. And this is not without consequences, especially in the operation of nursery schools where the population is necessarily also decreasing. In 15 years at the head of the Saint Dominic … Read more

Research into the functioning of the artificial pancreas – ICT&health

To the research Twelve Dutch hospitals are participating in the functioning of the artificial pancreas, led by the UMC Utrecht. A total of 240 type 1 diabetes patients were selected for the study who did not achieve their treatment goal(s). These are patients whose blood glucose is within the target range of 3.9 and 10 … Read more

Healthy intestinal flora ensures a functioning defense

In everyday life we ​​are constantly surrounded by viruses, bacteria and fungi. But they usually don’t make us sick because our immune system successfully combats the pathogens. Especially in times of the Corona, many people ask themselves how they can keep their defenses fit so that they can continue to perform their tasks optimally. New … Read more