On the van of the funeral home – the inscription “Do not vaccinate”: tried to change the attitude of the antivirals

“Don’t get vaccinated,” it was written on digital billboards on the car’s side and rear panels. The name and website of the company, which resembles a funeral home, as well as a 10-digit telephone number were written in white letters at the bottom. It turned out to be an unconventional coronavirus vaccine advertising campaign that … Read more

Goodbye, legend: A group of basketball celebrities gathered at Ivkovich’s funeral / News

The world of basketball said goodbye to legendary coach Dushan Ivkovich in Belgrade on Tuesday afternoon. The funeral of the former specialist was attended by many other basketball legends, including Željko Obradovičius, Žarkas Paspalji, Dino Radja, Vlade Divac, Predrag Danilovičius and Jure Zdovc. They all carried Ivkovich’s coffin. The ceremony was also attended by Vassilis … Read more

This “funeral home” ad has a harsh message for the unvaccinated

A black truck advertising “Wilmore Funeral Home” had a very harsh message for the unvaccinated that filled the streets of downtown Charlotte on Sunday. (CNN) — The truck bore the name of a funeral home. But instead of a reassuring thought that could serve as a company slogan, the message on the side read: “Don’t … Read more

Speaks during the joint’s funeral, but the unpredictable happens

funeral Jasmine Alvarez made a very atypical speech during the sister’s funeral Aryanna, affectionately referred to by Jasmine as “Nani”. No one expected the girl’s words to degenerate into a veritable sclera towards a woman present during the ceremony. Jasmine, addressing this person, somehow close to Nani, began to rant saying that her sister hated … Read more

A modest funeral for the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts was buried in a simple and modest ceremony in Devon, his manager explained. His former tour manager, Sam Cutler, who has worked with Charlie Watts since the 1960s, detailed the small ceremony, evoking a “great calm” that would have suited the shy musician he was perfectly. “The ceremony reflected the man he was, … Read more

The funeral of Wiesław Gołas in Stare Powązki video

The funeral of Wiesław Gołas was a moving ceremony. The actor was buried on Tuesday, September 14 in Stare Powązki in Warsaw. The artist died on September 9 at the age of 91 after a second stroke. Many important words were said during the funeral of Wiesław Gołas. An important accent was certainly the sermon … Read more

The last farewell to Wiesław Gołas. The cult actor from Kielce rested in Stare Powązki. The funeral was of a state nature [ZDJĘCIA]

On September 9, extremely sad news spread around the world – at the age of 90, an outstanding actor from Kielce, Wiesław Gołas, died. The funeral of the performer of unforgettable roles in such films as “Czterej Pancerni i pies”, “Captain Sowa on the trail”, or “Czter 30-year-old” was of a state character. It began … Read more

Charlie Watts: A funeral without the Rolling Stones musicians?

Charlie Watts he died on Tuesday 24 August in a London hospital, surrounded by his family. In a statement released by Watts’ spokesperson, the musician described the music as “a beloved husband, father and grandfather, and a member of The Rolling Stones and one of the greatest drummers of his generation “. Condolences and memories … Read more

The funeral of Tomasz Knapik, a famous lecturer

Tomasz Knapik died on Monday morning, September 6. “I would like to inform you that my Dad, Tomasz Knapik, died today. As some of you know, he has been struggling with a severe disease crisis for over two months. We all hoped he would succeed. Unfortunately,” wrote the teacher’s son, TVN journalist, on Facebook Maciej … Read more