the family and friends of Jason, killed in Chimay, paid tribute to him at his funeral in Momignies

The Saint-Amand de Momignies church was particularly full this Thursday morning for Jason’s funeral. The 16-year-old died a week ago after being stabbed several times while at Chimay station. His very large family, friends and schoolmates had all come to say goodbye. **** ***** ***** ** *********** * ***** ********** *** ** ******* ***** *********** … Read more

“Pao Pao Walee” released Ho, your mother gave you great luck after saying goodbye to the world, winning the lottery for the whole funeral

and latest “Pao Pao phrase” That’s fineRelease Ho after your mother gave you a big fortune after saying goodbye to the world. Winning the lottery for the whole funeralever! because of your mother’s age 80 years old In which she posted a video clip that was happy with tears that “Give everyone a gift before … Read more

The funeral of Kálmán Mészöly will take place one day earlier than planned

According to the family, they will say goodbye to the legendary football player, who died at the age of 81, on December 12. The legendary footballer, who recently passed away at the age of 81, Kálmán Mészöly his final farewell was originally supposed to be on December 13, but the date was brought forward, writes … Read more

“My funeral has already been arranged and paid for”: Koen Crucke almost unrecognizable as a terminally ill man in new short film | BV

BVIn the new short film ‘Passé’, an almost unrecognizable Koen Crucke (70) appears, playing a terminally ill man. “So nice to get into the skin of such a serious character,” says the actor in ‘Primo’. The role also made him think about his own end of life and how he deals with death. “I am … Read more

a kitty launched to help the family pay for the funeral and the legal costs

Since Thursday evening, the Chimaciens have all had in mind the tragic events that led to the death of Jason, aged 16. While at the Chimay bus station, he was stabbed several times by another 15-year-old. According to the Charleroi prosecutor’s office, everything stems from a previous altercation between the two individuals. This Friday, we … Read more

Scandal after Połomski’s funeral. The musician’s family is hurt

Jerzy Połomski died November 14 shortly after knee surgery. Although at first it seemed that the procedure was successful and everything went according to plan, soon the artist’s condition worsened. The musician was hospitalized with an infection. Scandal after Połomski’s funeral. The musician’s family is hurt There were serious complications after the operation Doctors were … Read more

The embrace of the Basilica of Varese, which brought warmth to the state funeral of Roberto Maroni

<!– –> Before pronouncing the last moving message from the pulpitRoberto Maroni’s son Filippo wanted to thank all those who organized the mass in the basilica of San Vittore, from the choristers to the celebrants, to friends of music: because, also thanks to them, that state funeral, so strict in the protocols that limited the … Read more

“The indelible memory of Maroni?”, at the funeral Borghezio recounts the police raid on the headquarters of the League: “We resisted, then they beat us”

On the day of the funeral of Robert Maroni, Mario Borghezio remember an episode from 1996, when i policemen raided the headquarters of the Northern League as part of an investigation into the “green shirts”. He also attended Maroni’s funeral Gianluca Savoini, protagonist of the investigations into the alleged Russian funds of the League. When … Read more