“Very positive ratings.” Released the furious pixel action movie Eldest Souls

Interesting feature Eldest Souls – boss fights. This means that our character fights only with bosses, and between battles he explores the world, finds information and things, but does not face small opponents. Each boss encounter, if won, guarantees access to new abilities and encounters with various NPCs. As in the Souls series, they ask … Read more

Donald Trump furious after the candidate he supported lost elections in Texas

The article continues below the ad Donald Trump has long had a solid grip on the Republican Party, and he likes to say that none of the party’s candidates will win an election without his recommendation, which explains why hopeful candidates make a pilgrimage to Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. But on Wednesday, Trump’s recommended … Read more

The Fast and the Furious: When Paul Walker fought for Tyrese Gibson to return as Roman Pearce to the Fast and Furious movies | FAME

After the premiere of “Fast and furious 9“(” F9 “or” Fast and Furious 9 “in its original language), more than one has started to evoke and connect each event reported by the franchise so far. After all, it’s 20 years of Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, Letty, Mia and company. And there are still more titles … Read more

Olympics Bullying of Czech ones in Tokyo. They make fun of us, favorites are furious

Kateřina Siniaková (left) and Barbora Krejčíková during the eight-final match at the Tokyo Games. Piroschka Of The Wouw, Reuters “They’re making fun of us,” Barbora Krejčíková said when she learned indirectly from the tournament’s decision to open Wednesday’s program with partner Siniak thirty minutes after noon Japanese time on court number six. “We close the … Read more

Fast and furious 9: the explanation of the most important scenes of the film | Fast and Furious | OFF SIDE

Fast & Furious 9, translated into Spanish as ” Fast and Furious 9 ”, is a successful action movie saga that contains many shots and speed behind the wheel. It stars Vin Diesel, who plays the iconic Dominic Toretto and also participates in the production of it. MORE INFORMATION: How much did the most expensive … Read more

Dwayne Johnson mocks Vin Diesel, announces he is quitting the Fast & Furious saga

The conflict between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel has reached a point of no return. With for consequence the departure of The Rock of the saga “Fast and Furious”. The disagreement between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel does not date from yesterday but that had not prevented the two actors from collaborating until now. On … Read more

Furious residents of destroyed cities threaten to sue: “Reservation reservoir overflow caused tsunami, even the fire service says so” | Exclusively for subscribers

Frustration grows on the banks of the Vesder. More and more witnesses are emerging who claim that the devastation in Verviers, Pepinster, Trooz and Chaudfontaine is largely due to the decision to completely open the locks of a reservoir at night. Fifty residents have united in an action group. And their anger is great, says … Read more

Dwayne Johnson abandons Fast and Furious 9, says “I wish the film good luck” – Marseille News

Dwayne Johnson (Photo: IE) Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has finally cleared his fans out of the Fast and Furious movies in the future. The actor, who played Luke Hobbs in the film, reportedly had an argument with lead star Vin Diesel while filming The Fate of the Furious in 2017, due to which the actor … Read more

Furious Beijing sends red signals over ties with Taiwan: threatens even nuclear strikes

After the Chinese Foreign Ministry diplomatically warned Lithuania on Tuesday that Taiwan’s decision to open a representative office in Lithuania would be a “wrong signal”, China, as usual after such diplomatic statements, soon received a tougher reaction from the country’s mouthpieces. . “We urge Lithuania to adhere to the principle of” one China “as a … Read more