Golkar is furious that PPP elites are involved in the nomination of Airlangga for Presidential Candidate 2024

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Politician Golkar Party Maman Abdurrahman is angry with the Deputy Chairperson of PPP Arsul Sani who interfered in the nomination of Golkar General Chair Airlangga Hartarto in 2024 presidential election. Maman asked Arsul to focus on taking care of his party’s problems rather than Golkar’s internal chicks who had decided to … Read more

God of War game designer furious over failing to launch Dragon Age

© Corey Barlog, best known for 2018’s God of War, is facing a fairly pressing issue in the gaming community. The developer during the flight discovered that many games require a mandatory Internet connection before launching. Because of this, he was unable to launch Dragon Age, after which he issued a sharp criticism towards the … Read more

Kadyrov became furious with Russian generals after the loss of Lyman. Advises the use of nuclear weapons | World news

The Ukrainians took control of the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region on Saturday. The Russian defense ministry said in an official statement that it had withdrawn its troops from the Lyman region because they could be completely encircled by the Ukrainian army. More current information from the country and the world at the … Read more

The moviola of Napoli-Torino 3-1: Juric is furious with Massimi and he is right

A broken reaction costs Juric red. But in this specific case he was right: Mario Rui deserved a foul and yellow Torino falls at Napoli and collects the third consecutive defeat: it hasn’t happened since the time of Giampaolo. Maradona’s match without too many stories, addressed by Anguissa’s brace in the opening and closed by … Read more

Compromising mistakes during mobilization in Russia. Putin furious, regional authorities are reacting in panic

In the Russian republic of Dagestan, the governor literally challenged military recruiting officers who were filmed driving around the streets with loudspeakers that could be heard calling for men to report to the conscription centers. – Who are you fucking idiots? – said clearly nervous governor Sergei Melikov in a recording made available by pro-Kremlin … Read more

Propagandist M. Simonyan is furious and panicking: her own husband may be sent to war

In Russia, the “partial” mobilization has affected Moscow families, including media personalities known throughout the country. TV presenter Olga Kokorekina complained to propagandist Margarita Simonyan about the “violation” during the mobilization. The fact that the summons was sent to her 49-year-old husband Ivan Maksimov. “The Military Registration and Recruitment Service sent him a summons… Three … Read more

Legendary Bulgarian furious with participant in “Get Rich”

© btv Rumen Ivanov The legend of the Bulgarian airwaves and “Minuta e mnogo” Dimo ​​Padalski is furious with a participant in “Get Rich”. The encyclopedia man, who has an answer to every question in the world, talked about a blunder in the show, hosted by the actor Mikhail Bilalov. “I start watching the tape … Read more

After seeing the latest videos from Crimea, his “leader” was furious: get out of here

“Krym.realii” writes that this happened after Aleksandr Talipov, a pro-Russian blogger living in Crimea, published on his own Telegram channel, according to him, on September 10. In the Bakhchisarai restaurant “Arpat” they would put up a wedding video. The video shows the guests having fun and dancing to the Ukrainian song “Chervona kalyna”. A. Talipov … Read more

Funeral of Elizabeth II, Russia furious for failure to invite. From Mattarella to Biden, who will be present (and who will not)

The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharovacondemned the choice of Great Britain not to invite Russian representatives to the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II. ‘We believe this British attempt to use the national tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions around the world to geopolitical purposes to settle accounts with our … Read more

The CONDITIONS that Shakira demanded for the CUSTODY of her children, which made Gerard Piqué FURIOUS

Everything looked to be a decisive meeting to define the future of Milan and Sasha, however the last appearance of Shakira con Gerard Piqué it ended in chaos. After 6:00 p.m., they arrived separately at the lawyer Ramón Tamborero’s office, each accompanied by his legal team, in what was their first face-to-face since their breakup. … Read more