Changzhou investigates and prosecutes malicious registration of “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge” trademarks_ 东方

News from this newspaper (Xinshi Supervisor Zhuang Yi) The reporter learned yesterday that the New North District Market Supervision Bureau recently investigated and dealt with enterprises and trademark agencies that illegally registered the trademarks “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge”. This was the first case of malicious intent in Changzhou. Application for trademark registration of “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge”. … Read more

TFEX summarizes the trading volumes of Currency Futures at the end of Nov. 18.

Futures Exchange (TFEX) reports a summary of trading volumes of Currency Futures by type of investor on November 18, 2021 as follows: (Unit: Number of Contracts) นักลงทุน ซื้อ ขาย สุทธิ สถาบัน 816 4,213 -3,397 ต่างชาติ – – – ในประเทศ 10,389 6,992 3,397 .

The analyst called the factors restraining the growth of bitcoin :: RBC.Crypto

According to Willie Wu, the first cryptocurrency is currently not ready for a rapid rise in price and renewal of the historical maximum. Chinese crypto journalist and analyst Willie Wu approvesthat at the moment Bitcoin does not look ready for impulse growth and renewal of historical highs. Wu identified three factors that are holding back … Read more

CCP intervenes in coal prices, thermal coal futures prices fall below 1,000 yuan | Coal futures | Coal prices | Development and Reform Commission

[Epoch Times October 30, 2021](Comprehensive report by The Epoch Times reporter Liu Yi) October 29, the Chinese Communist PartyDevelopment and Reform CommissionRepost interventionCoal price,mainlandCoal futuresFell again, where,Thermal coalThe price has fallen by 1,000 yuan per ton. Chinese Communist countryDevelopment and Reform CommissionOn the 29th, it posted a document on its Weibo and WeChat public account, … Read more

Crude oil futures continue to fall, more than expected US inventories fall more than $ 2 | Reuters

Crude oil futures on the 28th continued to fall. North Sea Brent crude oil futures hit a two-week low. The photo was taken in October 2014 in Bakersfield, California, USA (2021 Reuters / Lucy Nicholson) [Tokyo 28th Reuters]–The crude oil futures on the 28th continued to fall. North Sea Brent crude oil futures hit a … Read more

Daily SET50 Futures (October 14, 2021)

SET50 Index Futures Price Trend Swings following the appreciation of the baht/US. Factors affecting SET50 yesterdayDow Jones Indexclosed down -0.5 points to close at 34,377 points, if a total of 2 business days, minus about 119 points after the consumer price index (CPI) The US for the month of September rose 5.4%.YoY higher than the … Read more

US stocks pre-market: non-agricultural upset stock index futures jumped up and down, gold prices soared by 20 US dollars Provided by

© Reuters., US stock index futures jumped up and down, fluctuating sharply. Previously, the non-agricultural employment report was upset, and the number of new jobs was far less than expected, but the unemployment rate was higher than expected, causing uncertainty about the Fed’s policy path. After the data was released, stock index futures fell … Read more

Dow futures do not stop flowing. Recently collapsed more than 500 points, poisoning “Evergrande”

Dow Jones futures continued to fall today. Most recently, it sank more than 500 points, slipping 34,000 amid concerns about China’s default. Evergrande Group, China’s second largest real estate company The Evergrande crisis also dragged the MSCI All Country World Index to a negative 0.5% today, near a one-month low after hitting a record high … Read more

WTI Crude Oil Futures Price – uk

Disclaimer: Fusion Media accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of your money as a result of your reliance on the information contained on this site, including forex data, quotes, charts and signals. Operations in the international foreign exchange market Forex contain a high level of risk. Forex trading may not be suitable for all … Read more

DYDX token immediately gained 1,100% after listing :: RBC.Crypto

Trading in the digital coin on a number of trading floors started on the evening of September 8. Altcoin will be listed on Binance crypto exchange tomorrow The price of the DYDX token instantly surged 1,100% to over $ 30 after the altcoin began trading on a number of crypto exchanges, including MEXC Global, OKEx, … Read more