What was behind the unexpected success of Puskarčíková? Secret tricks and new love?

Temperatures in the first destination of this year’s World Cup dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius during the race days. Definitely nothing pleasant for athletes. The great cold usually causes problems for the Czech biathlete Eva Puskarčíková, who, according to her, did not want to get out of the hotel at all. In the end, … Read more

5 gadgets to help you keep track of your finances

Arnoldas Lukošius, expert of Tele2 Innovation Bureau explains that consistent monitoring of expenditure and revenue is the first and one of the most important steps in improving financial literacy and saving. According to the expert, smart gadgets allow everyone to easily track spending habits and be responsible for their finances. Black Friday is considered to … Read more

Recommended items to please girls! HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick headphones and luxury smart watch design Secret gadgets to welcome the end of the year

HUAWEI Introducing two cool items for girls. to wear to shine at work Can answer both to enhance the outstanding look with smooth and uninterrupted use Plus, the two items work together and match their looks perfectly. that is wireless headphones HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick and smart watch HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 model 42 mm. Stylish … Read more

Lazada responds to the “Work from anywhere” trend, leverages the “Gadgets Corner” campaign with full IT equipment, you can work wherever you are.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, IT products have quickly become a hot trend. Almost every family has to adjust to studying or working from home. and must be prepared in terms of equipment and internet signal to support meetings with customers or study online with classmates After the measures to … Read more

Realme smartphone came to Russia cheaper than 9 thousand rubles – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The realme company starts selling smartphones of the Narzo 50 line in the Russian market. It includes two models, one of which is sold at a price of 8,990 rubles. The novelties are aimed at the lower price segment and will compete with budget models from Xiaomi and Samsung. The youngest model, realme Narzo 50i, … Read more

Fortnite video game leaves China

Epic Games announced earlier this month that it was going to stop the Chinese version of its game, which never earned it a penny for lack of official permissions. Fortnite and China are over. As he had announced in early November, the American publisher Epic Games on Monday cut the Chinese servers for its online … Read more

Cool Xiaomi gadgets, which are a shame not to buy at a discount

11.11 is not just a beautiful inscription on the screen of your smartphone, but a day of various sales, when you can buy even the most desirable item with a pleasant discount. Don’t trust the skeptics and theory buffs that 11.11 discounts are just a marketing gimmick. After all, even those who did not plan … Read more

the industry of chips that carry your gadgets is in crisis and has a problem with climate change

Chips or semiconductors They are present in all technological devices that are used today. From computers and tablets to vehicles, mobile phones or consoles. Its demand after the pandemic is so great that manufacturers cannot cope with production and the shortage of these essential materials for gadgets threatens to perpetuate over time and stock out … Read more

The government wants to adapt the Consumer Purchase Act for digital content

The government has submitted a proposal for amendments to the Consumer Purchase Act in order to modernize and adapt it to today’s digitalised world. Perhaps the most striking change in the law is that it is no longer the customer’s responsibility to show that a defect in a physical product arises from the manufacture after … Read more