Louise Latraverse and Denis Gagnon undergo the medicine of Marc Labrèche

This week at This year, Marc Labrèche has fun with actress and director Louise Latraverse and designer Denis Gagnon. The two Quebec personalities comment on the Paralympic Games for myopes. We are treated to some hilarious lines from the two parodies of the week. « When I pass the broom at home and I arrive … Read more

Benoît Gagnon seriously injures his knee while skiing

It’s Thursday, on the homecoming radio show Véronique and the Fantastics, that the host Benoit Gagnon revealed that he was seriously injured while skiing. The accident occurred while he tried to help his son who was losing his balance during a descent. Benoît Gagnon injured his left knee and it looks serious. During the show, … Read more

Chronicle of François Gagnon: The Rangers are progressing, the CH is regressing

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021. 7:30 AM (Update : Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021. 11:56 AM) SUMMARY On February 8, 2018, after investing more than $ 1 billion in renovations to Madison Square Garden, the New York Rangers owner gave the green light to rebuild his hockey team. Of all the players who defended the Blueshirts colors … Read more