“The cycles are closed”: Galilea Montijo, is he saying goodbye to TODAY’s production? | VIDEOS

After several days of uncertainty, Galilea Montijo He shared a couple of stories on his Instagram account to talk about his possible exit from the Today program, a place that has catapulted her among the most popular and beloved celebrities in the entertainment world. For a few weeks, different media of the show handled the … Read more

Galilea Montijo cries in Hoy and moves Andrea Legarreta

“It lands us in seconds. Because at home our only intention, the people who dedicate ourselves to the entertainment world, is to take them a moment of distraction regardless of the problems we have every day, because we are like you: humans, we bathe, laugh, cry and have problems. So thank you for this moment … Read more

Dear driver of Hoy surprises everyone by confirming that OnlyFans will open | VIDEO

The drivers of the Today Program are some of the most recognized Mexican television personalities in Mexico, so every time they give a news they raise controversy or emotion among viewers and fans. This time Galilea Montijo was the one in charge of taking the glances, since it gave a news that few expected. Cuauhtémoc … Read more

Galilea Montijo meets with the winner of Pequeños Gigantes after 9 years of the program

It all happened on the Hoy program, where the now 21-year-old also met with Arath de la Torre By: Valeria Contreras N. Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add In 2012 the second season of Little gigants, broadcast of which the ‘Mega Estrellas’ squad, made up of Rogelio, Gretchen, … Read more

“And you shut up!”: Invited to the Hoy program HUMILATES Galilea Montijo and puts her in her place | VIDEO

Written in SHOWS the 2021/7/31 · 09:41 hs What a scandal broke out in the Today program after one of the guests on the broadcast put in her place neither more nor less than the star host, Galilea Montijo, who could not hide his face of surprise at the statements. As you know, this week … Read more

Galilea Montijo joins the Tie Dye trend with a colorful dress and Gucci sneakers

Always at the forefront in everything that has to do with fashion trends, the cheerleader Galilea Montijo He could not be left behind with the new style that all the famous ones are wearing, the Tie Dye. Although its origin dates back to well before the 20th century, This print has once again positioned itself … Read more

Andrea Legarreta dazzled in a pink top and mini short pajamas and a delicate lace dress this weekend

Andrea Legarreta He spent this Sunday like many of his 4 million followers on Instagram: resting at home and taking care of himself in times of pandemic. But the host of Hoy, who just turned 49, wasted beauty and sensuality in your weekend outfit. Andrea Legarreta’s sexy pajamas In her Instagram gallery, she posed very … Read more

Andrea Legarreta gives lessons on how to dress “las chaparritas”

The headline of the magazine program Today, Andrea Legarreta, she became a fashion guru by giving her short female followers some advice and looking better when it comes to dressing. It may interest you Through her social networks, the also actress shared some images with some do’s and don’ts so that women take advantage of … Read more

I betrayal in Televisa! Exhibit Pepillo Origel for humiliate Galilea Montijo: “it Was teibolera”

Mexico city.-The alleged former spouse ofPepillo Origel,Paul Alderete, continues with his accusations against the presenter ofTelevisaand on this occasion revealed that he has criticized several personalities of the medium. As stated Alderete toGossip Does Not Likethe driver ofWith Permission he called it “male prostitute” and has denied their relationship to the hilt, although they have … Read more

Galilea Montijo was blackmailed by alleged intimate photographs

Galilea Montijo was blackmailed by alleged intimate photographs | Instagram The driver of the program Today, Galilea Montijo, was the shock of his life but also the biggest annoyance, having been blackmailed with intimate photographs that allegedly turn out to be fake. It was as well as the Galilee, decided to report this morning in … Read more