Take-Two clarifies that the development of the new “GTA Grand Theft Auto” series is blocked, but still does not disclose the specific details #Take-Two Interactive (181022)

The reference design city of GTA’s new work will be Miami, and it may even span the United States and South America. The theme is more likely to be related to the “cocaine highway” connecting Miami and Colombia. Therefore, the new work may even cover the topic of drug dealing, and players can go to … Read more

Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Title Canceled, But Crystal Dynamics Continues Production With UE5 Game Engine #Square Enix (181021)

Crystal Dynamics has decided to use the Unreal Engine 5 game engine to develop a new “Tomb Raider” game. The director of the series, Dallas Dickinson, revealed that the new work will add a new story and game experience, and will be presented in a movie-like action-adventure game. Related news allegationsSquare Enix seems to have … Read more

Steam Beta version supports Nintendo Joy-Con controller only with Bluetooth connection and no corresponding somatosensory operation #switch (180940)

Currently, if you want to use the Joy-Con controller in the Steam service, you must switch to the Steam Beta version first. At the same time, the connection method can only be through Bluetooth. Therefore, the device used to execute the Steam service must have a built-in Bluetooth connection function, or connect an additional set … Read more

Microsoft unlocks more memory for Xbox Series S, games run smoother (180944)

In the past, Microsoft has also provided for the Xbox One series models to turn off the Kinect dynamic camera to use resources, thereby freeing up more memory space and allowing the game to run more smoothly. And this application to the Xbox Series S will naturally allow more games to run smoothly on the … Read more

The original plan for Grand Theft Auto 6 included 3 cities and 4 protagonists, but now it seems to have deleted most of them #Rockstar Games (180818)

It has been nearly 9 years since Grand Theft Auto 5, the latest entry in Rockstar Games’ signature open-world game series, was originally released. During this period, the game has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And the PS4 and Xbox Series S/X versions, which weren’t officially released until earlier this year. Even … Read more

SIE brings native 1440p resolution to PS5 Beta Program users with 4K oversampling 1440p capabilities #beta(180578)

Although 1440p is currently one of the mainstream resolutions of PC monitors, it is not so popular in home TVs, perhaps because the PS5 is positioned as the largest user in the living room, and the PS5 currently jumps directly to 4K UHD above 1080p. With a 1440p screen, it cannot correspond to the native … Read more

The mod team is creating an “enhanced” mod for Silent Hill 2 to try and fix a major crash bug #konami (179611) – Cool3c

The modders of Silent Hill 2 recently released a new custom update that fixes a bug that was affecting the game’s performance on the PC platform. The processor may face crashes when playing this game, which has caused trouble for many players over the past 20 years, and Konami has never released a fix for … Read more

Metal Gear Solid 35th Anniversary KONAMI to Relaunch Series #metal gear (179847)

Recently, there have been many rumors that KONAMI may cooperate with Hideo Kojima again to create “Metal Gear Solid”, and even re-create “Silent Hill”, but it has not been confirmed in the end. Konami has announced that, as the Metal Gear series enters its 35th anniversary, it will begin preparations for the relaunch of works … Read more

Affected by the frustration of the GTA trilogy remake, it is rumored that Rockstar gave up many remake plans and concentrated on the development of GTA VI. #Grand Theft Auto(179784)

In recent years, many game companies have started to remake classic games. Many game companies, such as Capcom, have received a lot of praise and profits. However, there are also some companies that have remakes with heavy thunder and little rain, and even have poor experience. There are a lot of bad reviews, and Rockstar’s … Read more