From Xbox they share their opinion of GameCube with these effusive messages – Nintenderos

We bring a curious message from the official Twitter account of Xbox. Apparently, from the company they have once again shown their complicity with Nintendo by praising the mythical GameCube. In response to some comments from several fans after publishing a title about the coexistence of consoles in the market, the official account pointed out … Read more

Deux RPG Taiko no Tatsujin percutent la Switch

Percussion lovers can already enjoy their tatakon and ruin the tranquility of the neighborhood by playing Taiko no Tatsujin on Switch. Their investment in these drums will soon be even more profitable as a pack containing two Taiko no Tatsujin RPGs will be released this end of the year, for a most impactful Christmas. Taiko … Read more

A beta fish surprises playing Pokmon Rub on a GameCube and already won two gym medals!

Video game The feat is made possible by movement technology in your fish tank Maurice the fish is an internet phenomenon by demonstrating his video game skills. En the last times, the social networks have witnessed how many pets develop impressive sports skills, such as ftball volleyball, however, something that is rare, even practically impossible, … Read more