Switch’s Joy-Con handle drift problem can finally be completely solved, but it has nothing to do with Nintendo|

After years of dealing with Joy-Con drift issues and Nintendo not offering a satisfactory answer, we may finally have a solution. A company called Gulikit has created a set of stick replacements for the Switch controller that promises to eliminate the problem of stick drift once and for all. If you’re a Switch owner, you’re … Read more

NZXT launches H9 series case, C1200 power supply and RGB Duo fan |

NZXT today announced the launch of its mid-tower ATX cases—the H9 Flow, H9 Elite, and C1200 Gold power supplies—along with the latest RGB Duo fans. The H9 series consists of two latest ATX cases, this series will be NZXT mid-tower productsThe newest and largest option in the H9, with room for 10 fans and powerfulGraphics … Read more

The archaeological video of the Zelda game that Nintendo didn’t want you to watch, the channel owner actually “recaptured” this video that was removed from the shelves | T Kebang

Where there are people, there will be history, and where there is history, there will be stories. For the game industry, the footprints and works developed by game companies, large and small, always hide some details or secrets that are missed by people. Did You Know Gaming (DYKG for short) is a channel dedicated to … Read more

Noise Canceling Gaming Headphones Recommendation: Active Noise Cancellation × Spatial Surround and Upgrade, 5 Key Points to Pay Attention to | T Kebang

Since the combination of e-sports style and RGB in the past few years, almost all visible peripherals and components have caught up with this craze, not to mention the long-developed keyboard, mouse, even tables, chairs, monitors, and computers. Cases, water-cooling kits, cooling fans, etc., all take the brilliance as their mission. In contrast, gaming headsets … Read more

【CES 2023】Sony releases PS5 Project Leonardo barrier-free controller set, players with limited motion control ability can also play to their heart’s content

At the CES 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced the PlayStation 5 Project Leonardo, a new controller under development. The brainchild of members and game developers, it adopts a highly customizable, out-of-the-box design, with the purpose of helping many players with disabilities to enjoy the game experience more easily, comfortably and for a longer time. … Read more

Philips Hue Play Gradient Full-Color Scene Computer Lighting Strip Unboxing: Ordinary monitors can also add gaming feel! The audio and video synchronization effect upgrades the game experience again!

Philips Hue, a leading brand of smart lighting, has developed more diversified products in recent years, bringing more choices to users who value life taste and space atmosphere, just like audio-visual entertainment people who pursue their own unique style and strong visual effects. “Philips Hue Play gradient full-color ambient light strip” enhances the immersion of … Read more

Supporting tactile feedback and matching touchpad, Microsoft is testing the prototype of the new Xbox game handle |

In the latest episode of “The XboxEra” Podcast, the speaker Shpeshal Nick (Shpeshal Nick) said that he learned from internal channels that,Microsoft is making and developing a prototype of an Xbox novice handle with a trackpad that supports haptic feedback. Nick said that he learned about this information through social media channels, but it is … Read more

It is rumored that Nintendo really wanted to launch Switch Pro, but thought of Wii U and shrunk | T客邦

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been around for a long time, and despite not having any concrete evidence of its existence, Digital Foundry Direct Weekly is now reporting, citing several developers, that Nintendo considered a Switch Pro, but ended up being rejected. cancelled. The medium’s editor John Linneman said: “From what I’ve talked … Read more

SOLIDIGM P44 Pro PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD actual measurement: new brand but with a strong technical foundation, a powerful performer born for gaming players!

The well-known processor manufacturer Intel used to operate multiple computer components businesses at the same time, such as the well-known display processing chips and wireless network chips. In terms of business, although the market generally has good reviews, since October this year, Intel has announced that it will completely withdraw from the SSD and Optane … Read more