Switch Pro Nintendo will not announce 3 possible reasons for E3, so when can I buy this console? | T Kebang

In this year’s E3 2021 Nintendo face-to-face meeting, there are a bunch of cool things that make people excited, but the absence of Switch Pro is still very regrettable. You can’t blame the fans for this expectation, because the possibility of announcing the new Switch Pro at Nintendo’s 2021 E3 show seems to be better … Read more

E3 21 / “Mario Party Superstar” debut, a collection of 100 mini games is here! | T Kebang

In 2018, Nintendo brought us the family-friendly party game “Super Mario Party”, and at this year’s E3 face-to-face meeting, Nintendo decided to release more content, and even re-enacted the Nintendo 64 version of the level. “Mario Party Superstar”. In “Mario Party Superstars”, Nintendo has selected from the original “Mario Party” game of Nintendo 64 to … Read more

E3 21/More than 200 new mini-games, “Share the Fun!” “Made in Valio” landed on Nintendo Switch

In the past, the “Made in Valio” series, commonly known as “Bad Leo Workshop”, also launched a new work “Share the Fun!” at the Nintendo face-to-face meeting at E3 this year. Made in Valio. There are currently two major series of Valio games, namely “Valio Paradise” and “Made in Valio”, both of which have never … Read more

E3 21/PS5 can’t play! Bethesda’s new masterpiece “Starfield” is only available on Xbox and PC

Bethesda, which has not launched an original IP for at least 25 years, has made players look forward to it after losing the name of the new work “Starfield” two or three years ago. At this year’s E3 show, Bethesda, which was acquired by Microsoft, and Xbox jointly held a game presentation. The first work … Read more