Trot prodigy Kim Tae-yeon, how much is the cost of appearing? “I will build an apartment in Gangnam”

Screen capture of BS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’ © News 1 Everyone admired Kim Tae-yeon’s confession of a different economic goal than her peers. 11-year-old ‘trot prodigy’ Kim Tae-yeon appeared on KBS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’, which was broadcast on the 26th. On this day, Hyun Joo-yeop and Hyun-young asked Kim Tae-yeon, who had earned … Read more

10-year-old Kim Tae-yeon’s huge income… Gangnam apartment/department store target capitalist school

Kim Tae-yeon, a 10-year-old Trotsin-dong, first appeared in ‘Capitalism School’, drawing attention by revealing her bold ambition to build an apartment and a department store in Gangnam with the highest profit in her life. KBS2TV’s ‘Capitalism School’ (directed by Choi Seung-beom) is an entertainment program that contains realistic economic studies of children from teenagers to … Read more

Don Spike, angered by Gangnam, who agreed to take care of the wedding ceremony but didn’t see it as “garbage”

YouTube ‘Nami Kang Nami’ [인사이트] Reporter Kwon Gil-yeo = The new groom, Don Spike, was angry with his close friend, Gangnam. On the 13th, on the YouTube channel of Gangnam, a video was uploaded with the title, ‘Ganghwamo: Gathering of Friends Angry at Gangnam’. Before Don Spike appeared, Gangnam said, “Actually, I decided to attend … Read more

Xbox Opens Pop-up PC Room for Best PC Game Pass Experience

Operating a pop-up space where you can enjoy PC Game Pass at the ‘Portal PC Room’ located in Gangnam, Seoul until the 26th Photo provided = Xbox Microsoft Xbox announced that it will open a pop-up PC room where you can experience PC Game Pass for free in an optimal gaming environment. This pop-up, which … Read more

New pod of the type of ‘Gangnam Style’ (10 years later) | Beet

Psy is a South Korean singer and rapper known for the hits ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’. He was absent in the world of music for 10 years, but after so long without submitting any proposal, he surprised with the song That That together with SUGA of BTS. The song was posted on Psy’s YouTube channel. … Read more

Goon Park, ♥ Hanyoung Gangnam office remodeling marriage and business at the same time (‘House Daejeokjeon’)[MD리뷰]

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Trot singer Park Gun revealed the office remodeled for his wife Han Young. On the 29th, SBS ‘Transformation of My House – The Battle of the House’ aired on the 29th, and Park Goon completed office remodeling for Han Young, who is preparing for a business, and went out to surprise. … Read more

When the Dongtan apartment loses 100 million won, it rises by 1.5 billion… Gangnam undefeated

A view of ‘Dogok Rexel’ in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Photo = Hankyung DB In the Gangnam area, where house prices in the metropolitan area have fallen for 13 consecutive weeks and have rebounded, there are reports of transactions that jumped hundreds of billions of won at a time. Analysts say that the government’s regulations for … Read more

Gangnam “♥I can’t keep up with Lee Sang-hwa’s earnings.. One more ‘0’ is attached (‘Radio Show’)

[스포츠서울 | 남서영기자]Gangnam spoke frankly about profits. Singer and broadcaster Gangnam appeared on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ broadcast on the 18th. Gangnam married former speed skater Lee Sang-hwa in 2019. Gangnam said, “I’ve been married for three years. “She’s done before the wedding,” she said, “living well,” shivering teasingly. Then, Park Myung-soo … Read more

Gangnam, a gift worth 10 million won to a friend on the subway… From luxury watches to subway advertisements

Capture of ‘Neighborhood Friend Kang Nami’ © News 1 Singer Gangnam gave a gift worth 10 million won to his non-celebrity friend Choi Seung-ri, known as a ‘subway friend’. On the 28th of last month, Gangnam uploaded a video titled ‘Give a subway friend a gift worth 10 million won and become a filming site … Read more

Mysterious Russian radio began to win Gangnam style instead of codes and ciphers

The radio transmitter has been transmitting the signal at a frequency of 4625 kHz continuously since 1982. It fascinates radio amateurs, various enthusiasts and mystics. The transmission contains a single tone that accompanies the machine beep every few seconds. About once or twice a week, a male or female voice sounds and says a few … Read more