Tamara Paganini spoke of her life after Big Brother: “I had to take food out of the garbage to eat”

Within the framework of controversies that arose within The Hotel of the famousand after Telefe began advertising a new edition of Big Brother, Intruders in the Show from América TV, aired a fragment of the note that Tamara Paganini gave the program We are on timeby Mariano Yezze. In addition, the program hosted by Florencia … Read more

Unexpectedly, there is also garbage on Mars, astronauts try to clean it up

INDOZONE.ID – If trash is scattered in every corner in front Earththe taste is not surprising because it is human nature to leave garbage when they die. However, it turns out that something unexpected appears from the planet Mars. Where the planet that is only visited by the astronauts turns out to also have rubbish. … Read more

Human garbage discovered on Mars, but NASA explanation leaves questions unanswered

EFE Funky Videos The Mexican embassy in Rome celebrates its centenary in style Rome, June 22 (EFE).- The headquarters of the Embassy of Mexico in Italy, an elegant villa from the beginning of the 20th century located in the northeast of Rome, turns one hundred years old, an event that will be celebrated with exhibitions, … Read more

Human contamination reached Mars: a NASA robot found garbage during its journey

The NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars it found debris for the first time since its arrival on the Red Planet in February 2021, two kilometers from where it landed. the find It happened last Tuesday. “My team detected something unexpected”he pointed the official account of Perseverance on Twitter. “It is a piece of thermal blanket”, … Read more

Don Spike, angered by Gangnam, who agreed to take care of the wedding ceremony but didn’t see it as “garbage”

YouTube ‘Nami Kang Nami’ [인사이트] Reporter Kwon Gil-yeo = The new groom, Don Spike, was angry with his close friend, Gangnam. On the 13th, on the YouTube channel of Gangnam, a video was uploaded with the title, ‘Ganghwamo: Gathering of Friends Angry at Gangnam’. Before Don Spike appeared, Gangnam said, “Actually, I decided to attend … Read more

Analysis of Garbage Reveals Pompeii Residents Are Recycling

Nareeta Martin / Unsplash Garbage or used materials are collected and sorted. Then it is used as a building material. Nationalgeographic.co.id—Recycling stuff rubbish not something that is done in modern times alone. Before the Mountain Vesuvius envelop Pompeii with volcanic ash, the waste is used as building material. Archaeologists have found evidence that the inhabitants … Read more

Garbage cans with dirty language attract attention

In Malmö, various measures have been taken to encourage the inhabitants to keep the city clean and throw their rubbish. Already in 2017, the city bought 18 new rubbish bins equipped with speakers, two of which have been in use. During the pandemic, these residents applauded for keeping their distance, but now the city has … Read more

Kathmandu residents and tourists annoyed by smelly garbage heaps

To the great dissatisfaction of residents of Kathmandu and tourists, the smelly garbage is piling up in the capital of Nepal. The trash has to be taken to a dump north of town, but villagers stop the trucks. “We have been forced to live like pigs for years,” says a resident of Banchare village, where … Read more

Burning Garbage Prohibited in Jakarta, Fines and Criminal Sanctions Await All

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – Inhabitant Jakarta It is forbidden to burn waste because it can cause pollution and environmental pollution. Threats of fines to criminals await those who violate. Unfortunately, there are still a number of residents of the capital who violate these rules. Evidently, recently, a resident of Kebagusan, South Jakarta, had to be fined Rp. … Read more