Index – Culture – Netflix Brings Us the Wildest Garbage Cowboy in the Wild West

There has been no shortage of special westerns on Netflix lately. There was Tom Hanks, a pacifist cowboy whose job it was to tour the cities and read the daily news to the illiterate. Idris Elba first a Urban cowboyintroduced a traditional clan in, and then appeared in a loud “blaxploitation” film focused exclusively on … Read more

The terrible side effects of COVID-19 make food taste and smell like garbage.

At this point in the epidemic, it is known that Loss of sense of taste and smell It is a common symptom of COVID-19. But there’s a much rarer and more frightening side effect that happens to some: when the taste and smell are finally restored, the food doesn’t taste as good as they remember. … Read more

Earth Could Have Saturn’s Rings But It’s Garbage

Jakarta – For millions of years, Earth it looks ordinary when compared to neighboring planets such as Saturn which has rings. But scientists predict that could change. Jake Abbott, a lecturer at the University of Utah, predicts Earth could have rings like Saturn. But if the rings of other planets were made of rock, dust, … Read more

Earth is looking for scavengers: cosmic garbage as big as a grain of salt can kill a person – World

© Screenshot, YouTube The animation of the first space debris removal mission assigned to a private company. A day after the world discussed the risks of human activity to Earth at a climate conference in Glasgow, another disaster, also related to humans, took place far above their heads, in space. Space debris has been talked … Read more

This is the figure of Yudha, a student who is at odds with Dedi Mulyadi over garbage

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Dedi Mulyadi, former Regent of Purwakarta, has an argument with Yudha about rubbish. Yudha criticized the actions of Dedi Mulyadi who is also a member of the DPR when cleaning up rubbish in the market. Dedi Mulyadi was furious when a student named Yudha criticized Dedi Mulyadi’s actions for collecting rubbish at the … Read more

Waste, strike by garbage collectors. Alia: “Don’t take out the trash”

Tomorrow, Monday 8 November, a strike by garbage collectors in Tuscany: “severe delays in waste collection are announced, which, depending on the territories concerned, could take several days to bring the situation back to normal”. “Alia – explains a company note – invites users to deliver the least possible quantity of waste to the services … Read more

Thanks to the returnable cups from Brno, the floods of garbage disappeared not only at festivals

In recent years, returnable cups have spread practically everywhere where the customer used to receive drinks in disposable cups. The owners, brothers Michal and Martin Hanák, managed to achieve their goal. Nevertheless, they did not stagnate and the company developed returnable cups for hot drinks and is cooperating with another Brno company REkrabička, which launched … Read more

Foresters sound the alarm: We find piles of garbage. Higher penalties necessary

Foresters find car parts, tires and sometimes even invoices with company data – In many cases, a fine of PLN 500 does not make any impression on the punished person, especially if by throwing waste into the forest it “saves” several thousand landfill fees – says one of the forest rangers Some hauliers specialize in … Read more

Agus Garbage Can: A place in Like House in an embrace with a garbage can

When Prima TV announced that it was a model Agáta Hanychová (36) will live locked up in a villa for three months, she did not hide her motivation. “Yes, I do it to support my children. It’s a job like any other, “she said. She took care of her daughter Miu (3) and son Kryšpín … Read more

Heaps of garbage and rats. Glasgow is tackling a problem ahead of the climate summit

At the beginning of October the weekly “Spectator” in a wider article about the growing in Glasgow the problem with the removal of death wrote that since the beginning of this year, there have been at least four cases of rats attacking city clean-up workers. Rat jumping out of the container The case gained publicity … Read more